(Asenean, Essenes or Essenean)

  1. True Israelites who lived by the direction of the angels of Jehovih. Dwelt in communities and families of tens and twenties and hundreds. They held communion with the angels of heaven every night before they went to sleep.

  2. They were slandered by the world's people on every side. Gafonaya (chief of the loo'is) rose up an heir to the Voice of Jehovih. Joshu, an iesu child of Mara and Joseph, was raised up by the Es'eans of Nazareth.

  3. The Es'seans practiced peace and non-resistance, after the manner of the doctrines in the es'sean worlds. They did not eat fish or flesh.

  4. Under Joshu they were gathered in groups (families) after the ancient Order of Moses. They isolated themselves from the world's people, having signs and pass-words, whereby they knew one another.

  5. They were persecuted, scourged, and put to death, whenever found. The word es'seans signifies "having separated from corporeal desire."


  1. (God's Book of Eskra 42:5-6)         And these angels inspired seven hundred Israelites to separate themselves from all other people, and to go and live by direction of the angels of Jehovih. Moreover, the angels inspired these people to call themselves Es'eans, as commanded by Moses in heaven.
    6. These Es'eans were, therefore, a separate people, pledged to Jehovih, to have no king nor earth-ruler, save their rab'bahs. And they dwelt in communities and families of tens and twenties and hundreds, holding all things in common. But in marriage, they were monagamic; neither would they have more than one suit of clothes each; and they lived on fruit and herbs only; nor ate they fish nor flesh of anything that had ever breathed the breath of life. And they bathed every morning at sunrise, and worshipped before the altar of Jehovih, doing, in all things, after the manner of the ancient Faithists. By virtue of the angel hosts, who were with them, did they these things. And they held communion with the angels of heaven, every night before going to sleep.
  2. (God's Book of Eskra 42:8-14)      And Illaes and his angel hosts made the camps of the Es'eans their dwelling places, watching over these few Israelites, day and night for hundreds of years. Yea, without leaving them, these faithful angels guarded them from all the warring hosts of angels, belonging to the armies of Baal and Ashtaroth, and to the Triune God, Looeamong, and his hosts.
    9. And, though the Es'eans lived in great purity of body and soul, yet they were evilly slandered by the world's people around about them on every side.
    10. But Jehovih prospered the seed of the Es'eans, in holiness and love, for many generations.
    11. Then came Gafonaya, chief of the loo'is, according to the command of God, to raise up an heir to the Voice of Jehovih. And, in four generations more, an heir was born, and named, Joshu, and he was the child of Joseph and his wife, Mara, devout worshippers of Jehovih, who stood aloof from all other people, save the Es'eans.
    12. And, because of the extreme youth of Mara, the child was of doubtful sex, whereupon the rab'bahs said, the child was an iesu, signifying neutral.
    13. The time of the birth of the child, was three days after the descent of a heavenly ship from the throne of God. And many of the Es'eans looked up and beheld the star, and they felt the cold wind of the higher heavens fall upon the place and around about the tent, where the child was born. And they said, one to another: Jehovih, remembers us.
    14. Gafonaya, the chief angel of the loo'is, knew beforehand what the birth would be, and he sent out around about the Es'ean encampments extra guardian angels; and these notified the descending hosts of heaven of what was near at hand.
  3. (God's Book of Eskra 16:42-46)  For Israel hath fallen from communities, and hath taken to kings, after the manner of the heathen and idolater. Her people are divided and broken up, and many of them have become worshipers of the false Gods, Baal and Ashtaroth.
    41. Yea, they are forgetful of my commandment of peace and love, and have taken to war and to earthly aggrandizement.
    42. And thou shalt take with thee ten thousand angels of exalted grades, and go down to the earth, to the habitations of the Israelites; and, by inspiration, thou and thy hosts shall select and inspire such of the Israelites as are within reach of inspiration, and thou shalt take them away from all other of their people, and from the heathen and idolatrous tribes, that are around about them.
    43. And thou and thy hosts shall abide with these mortals hundreds of years; re-establishing them in peace and non-resistance, after the manner of the doctrines in the es'sean worlds. And thou shalt call them, Es'seans, that they may be distinguished from all other peoples.
    44. Nu-ghan said: Thy decree is most just, O Moses, and I know of a truth thy words are Jehovih's. I pray thee, how long shall this labor be for me and my hosts?
    45. Moses said: Some hundreds of years! Until thou hast raised a light sufficient unto Jehovih, that peace and love and the doctrine of good for evil be again re-established from the blood of the Israelites, even as by the blood of the lamb, I delivered Jehovih's people out of Egupt.
    46. And when thou hast perfected the generations of the Es'seans, thou shalt have sent to thee from the throne of God certain loo'is, and they will labor with thee until an Israelite is born into the mortal world capable of the Father's Voice.
  4. (God's Book of Eskra 44:29-31)    For three years, Joshu traveled amongst the Israelites, preaching, and restoring the ancient doctrines.
    30. And there were gathered in groups, of tens and twenties and fifties, more than two thousand Israelites, of the ancient Order of Moses, who became steadfast followers of the teachings of Joshu.
    31. But, because of persecution, by the apostate Jews, they kept themselves aloof from the world, having signs and pass-words, whereby they knew one another.
  5. (God's Book of Eskra 44:33-40)         And they proved them by commanding them to eat flesh, even swine's flesh, the which, if they refused, was testimony sufficient before the laws, to convict them of being enemies against the Gods.
    34. So, they were scourged, and put to death, whenever found.
    35. Now, it came to pass, that Joshu went into Jerusalem to preach, and in not many days thereafter, he was accused of preaching Jehovih.
    36. And he was arrested, and whilst being carried to prison, he said:
    37. Ye are hypocrites and blasphemers! Ye practice none of the commandments, but all the evils of satan.
    38. Behold, the temple shall be rent in twain, and ye shall become vagabonds on the earth.
    39. At that, the multitude cast stones upon him, and killed him!
    40. And Jehovih sent a chariot of fire, and bore his soul to Paradise.
    (Book of Aph 9:3) And to my marshals, messengers and asaphs: Hear ye the word of your God, which is that ye proceed throughout atmospherea, selecting and appropriating all suitable places for the spirits of the dead; and that ye apportion builders and workmen, and erect factories, and schools, and hospitals, and nurseries, and all other suitable places, adapted to receiving those of the first resurrection, as is done in all atmospherean heavens, and all who are thus received shall be called es'yans for the first five years; but after that they shall be called es'seans, signifying having separated from corporeal desire, being full residents of the es world. But those who will not become es'seans, being the spirits of druk-mortals and hard bound to the earth, shall be called druj, signifying wandering spirits of darkness and of evil; and those who engraft themselves on mortals shall be called fetals, signifying sucklings, and these names shall continue in heaven and on earth to the end of the world.