1. Aaron, brother to Moses, 512.31; 515.2.
  2. Abnegate, whoever had learned to, self and labor for the good of others, was already above grade fifty, and his ascension should be perpetual thereafter, 418.9. to, one's own self. This is the most difficult law, 707.15.
  3. Abnegation, without, of one's self, no man shall have peace of soul either on earth or in heaven, 498.13; 419.13.
  4. Abortion, some very young, slain by their mothers and fathers, 207.9.
  5. Abram, birth of, prepared for by Jehovih, 301. chap. xiii. was an I'huan, appearance of, 328.7. grade ninety-five, 326.11. a maker of baskets, 327.3. could see without eyes and hear without ears, 328.8. servant in a king's family, 328.10. inspired by the God Vishnu, 328. U.B.9. name changed to Abra-Ham, made chief rab'bah, 327.1 to 3. Cpenta-armij spends twelve days with 348.8.
  6. Abraham visits Sodom and Gomorrah, 329.5 to 330.9. commanded by an angel to offer up his son Isaac, 330.10 to 331.20. declares even the chosen of God can be deceived by evil angels, 331.1 to 332.10. to be a father to many peoples, 333.3. 's wife Sarai and her maid Hagar, 333.5 to 335.18. accused of being father to Ishmael, and of attempting to burn his son Isaac as a sacrifice to his God, 336.25 to .32. inquires of God (Vishnu) concerning the people of the kings and the Faithists, also of marriage, gifts, government, learning, servitude, products of labor, the lazy and they that shirk, and of lands, 337. chap. xii. 's son Isaac takes Rebecca to wife, 340.1 to 342.16. establishes his people in families, 342.17. 's record cleared up in regard to him and Ishmael and Isaac, 343.19 to .21.
  7. Absolve, thou shalt, them that are depressed because of their sins, 209.16.
  8. Absolved, and thou shalt be, and forgiven thy sins, 778.23.
  9. Accomplish, rather is it wise to, whatever work Jehovih hath put in thy way, than to desert it for sake of personal comfort, 160.29; 211.9 to 10.
  10. Actinic force, 585.34; 594.15 to 595.16.
  11. Adam, the Par'si'ean word, adopted instead of the Vedic Asu (which see), 450.11.
  12. Adavaysit. See under Ship.
  13. Adept, at eighteen he (Thothma) was admitted as an, in life and death, 450.15. college students, who had attained, 454.13.
  14. Adeptism in the Father's kingdom, 815.15; 838.21.
  15. Adepts, Chamber of 659. during Thothma's reign, 456.30.
  16. Adeptship attained to, so that the angels could carry him up and down within the pillar, which was fifty lengths of a man, 446.11.
  17. Adonya, the earth Gods, that is the Lords were now called, 56.17; 73.69.
  18. Adult, ye shall persuade any, to come into the Father's kingdom 852.2. neither shalt thou strive to teach any, man or woman who is without faith in Me, 827.14; 51.6.
  19. Advise, neither shall one man, another without becoming bound to him that followeth his, 750.20.
  20. Aejin, Ahura and his emissaries discovered that by pressing down the front brain of infants they could be made capable of Su'is, 297.19 to 22. the person so communing with the spirits was called in the Egyptian language, and ranked next to the Sun King, 335.21; 368.26; 373.24; 632.45; 639.9.
  21. Affiliative, making thyself, 797.29; 710.17; 749.37; 798.7.
  22. Afflicted, when the wealth of the rich man is stolen, do not mortals say, Poor man, Jehovih hath, him, 483.3; 521.30.
  23. Ahaoma, earth food, 475.30.
  24. Ahura (Ctusk, a former Lord of Jehovih's host), renounces Jehovih and founds a kingdom for himself in heaven, 293.1 to 3. history of, and his kingdom, 293.1 to 301.36; 303.4, 5; 305.1 to 311.30. takes the name Ahura'Mazda, the All Sufficient High God, 294.7. takes the name Ahura'Mazda, the Holy Begotten Son of All Created Creations, 296.7. receives messages from God, and replies thereto, 293.4 to 294.15. is interpreted to God by Jehovih, 294.16, 17. finds a way to raise up prophets and seers, 297.18 to 298.24. claims to have been the inspirer of Zarathustra, 298.7. 's kingdoms disturbed by the lack of advancement of his Sub-Gods 298.8 to 299.15. 's Sub-Gods send an address to God in Mouru, 299.16 to 300.29. issues a proclamation, but with little effect, 301.34 to 36. has 30,000 parade ships built, and cruises in atmospherea, 306.13 to 307.20.
  25. Ahura, while, is cruising, his throne is plundered by Ootgowski, 307.21 to 308.30. cast into hell, delivered out of hell, sentenced to take his kingdom and people and deliver them into righteousness 309.1 to 311.30. before Cpenta-armij, 334.1 to 335.8. spoken to by the voice of Jehovih, 335.9 to 336.15. removes his plateaux away from the earth, 336.16 to 343.14. prays to Jehovih as to what he shall say or do in the matter of Anuhasaj, 390.1 to .3. sends word to Anuhasaj in his own way, 390.4 to 392.35. and God unite their kingdoms, 433.1 to 434.10. prays to Jehovih that he may go to Osiris and Te-in and Sudga and plead His cause, 436.6 to .8. visits Te-in, and the interview between them, 436.9 to 439.32. visits Sudga, and the interview between them, 439.5 to 441.17. visits Osiris, and the interview between them, 441.5 to 443.26. invited by Lika to visit him, 488.1. speaks before Lika and his Holy Council, 488.2 to 493.34. delivers Anuhasaj from a knot in hell, 499.6 to 500.9. and other Gods and Goddesses make the sacred circle, and after many days they restore Anuhasaj to reason, 500.10 to 502.30. after the same manner delivers Anubi (Chesota), 502.1 to .2. takes Anuhasaj and Chesota before Lika, and they are judged, 502.3 to 504.22. sends his Brides and Bridegrooms to etherea 504.1 to 506.22. removes the remainder of Vara-pishanaha to Hao-yusta, the kingdom of Anuhasaj, 507.1. speaks at the time of the judgment and sentence of Osiris and Te-in and Sudga, 512.38 to 514.11. goes to etherea with Lika and his hosts 531.9.
  26. Airavagna. See under Ship.
  27. A'ji, first degree of density of an atmospherean world, 6.8. the earth in, 800 years, 94.7. what, is. Drujas delight therein, 305.9 to 306.10. great power of, 302.16 to .18. mortals must have sufficient, that the race become not extinct, 264.16. the earth of this region (Jaffeth) hath been in, 1300 years, 265.8. when, cometh near a dawn of dan, loo'is shall fly swiftly, 303.1 to 3. earth in, 557 plate 32. remarks under, 564 plate 39. earth passing through, aggregateth and groweth, 616.56. of 400 years, will fall upon the earth, 687.7, 9, 12. See 308.2, 3; 602.9; 689.4.
  28. A'ji'an fields, 174.9; 178.11. forests, most rich in adamantine substances, 479.3; 471.4; 487.11; 687.3; 689.1. habitations, how, are made, 135.12; a throne of A'ji, 135.11. swamps, 466.10. vortices, 177.4.
  29. Alexandrian Library destroyed by Looeamong, 736.21.
  30. Algonquin, See under O-pah-e-go-quim.
  31. All Highest, he who liveth the, he can, 202.9; is not this the, man should aim at? 204.19; 224.7. because of unbelief in the Great Spirit man has set himself up as the, 217.17; 78.7; 179.4; 200.12; 201.13. I will show them that without an, Person there is no resurrection for angels or men., 389.7; 100.25; 240.9; 201.14 to .16; 65.5; 84.35; 151.23; 187.14; 237.14; 283.36; 534.3; 697.34; 916.3, 4.
  32. All Highest, worshippers or the spirits instead of the, 912.24.
  33. All Highest, is thy neighbor, 916.3 to 4.
  34. All Light, incomprehensible, 120.14; 207.3; 352.6. answereth everything in heaven and earth after its own manner, 251.28. to the summit of, even Gods have not attained, 551.22.
  35. All Person, a man without perception of the, 52.3; 242.30, 31. thou, O E-o-ih! incomprehensible, 104.12; 240.17 to 241.22. many who perceive the, and many who deny Him, 111.12; 144.16. he who hath attained to understand that all things are but one harmonious whole hath also attained to know what is meant by the term, 546.21; 777.25 to .29.
  36. Almighty, shall a man lose sight of the, 82.4. the Unapproachable, 93.17. never attain to the, 282.21; 683.2, 3. none can stay the hand of the, 796.35.
  37. Almighty, look back to mortals and call them to the exalted heavens of the, 911.3.
  38. Almighty, but they have built not an edifice of unity and glory to the, 912.9.
  39. Alms-bowl, to be carried one year by every king in the Kingdom of the Sun, 202.10. to be carried one year by Asha, 203.11, 12; 207.7; 209.1. carried three years by Sakaya, 704.9; 195.35; 380.7.
  40. Ammonites, who were of the Foneceans, 333.2.
  41. An All Higher, forever and forever do I keep before them the testimony of, 61.12.
  42. Ancients, wherein every cycle asserteth itself wise and the, fools, 110.1 to 3. were for the past era, and not for the present, 568.3 to 6; 747.15. man nowadays is not so foolish as the, 557.20 to 24. doctrine of the, 713.12 to 714.25; 715.20.
  43. Angels, the, who are good labor for those beneath them. This is their work day and night. They go not away to idleness forever, 117.17. who sayest thou the, are, 492.8 to 10; 653.24 to 27; 914.19 to 32.
  44. Angels of God, the rank of all such, 912.22.
  45. Angels of heaven, the Lord brought the, to man, 43.2. commanded by the Lord to give up their forms, 43.8.
  46. Angels of Jehovih, the rank of all such, 912.22.
  47. Animals, no desire for spiritual life, nor with capacity to accumulate spiritually, 231.14 to 232.18. are completed in the place of their dwelling. It has no aspiration to make itself better or wiser, that it may contribute to the creation, 241.5. how they were first created, 596.8; also 819.16, 2 to 7, 20; 821.19, 395.14. spirits of, survive in heaven for a season, 785.8 to 786.12. talking, man and woman were the only, created in all the created worlds, 193.3.
  48. Anra'mainyus, my everlasting enemy, 139.3.
  49. Anubi, the, Sub-God of the heavenly kingdom of Me-de, 378.4 to 6. 's labor on earth. 380.1.
  50. Anubi, rites and degrees of, 380.2 to 381.12.
  51. Anubi (Chesota), master of the scales of heaven, savior of men, son of De'yus, 386.7.
  52. Anubi's city Aubi and his duties under De'yus, 387.22 to 388.24;407.10. gives up his place in fear of the drujas, 435.13 to 16. cast in to hell, 436.12. after 400 years (436.3) is delivered out of hell, but is in chaos, knowing nothing, wild, screaming, I am not the Savior, I am not, I am plain Chesota (his real name), 502.1,2. restored to reason (502.2), taken before Lika for judgment, and judges himself, 503.13 to 504.18.
  53. Anubis, Rites of, and plate 82, 640, 642.
  54. Anuhasaj, a one time mortal, 393.18; a former Sub-God, comes before Ahura, 337.4 to 339.15. shatters the line at the time of raising Ailkin, 341.2 to .5; 342.9. told by Satan (self) how the whole earth and her heavens may become his, 381.4 to 382.13. attains to be Lord God, and is crowned by God Son of Jehovih, 382.14, 15. receives more advice from Satan, and follows it, 382.16 to .21. invites to a festival those whom he knew would willingly do his bidding, and speaks before them, 382.22 to 26. replied to by his Lords and Lordesses, 382.27 to 384.46. again speaks, and then declares the assembly dissolved, 384.1 to .9. and his Lords and Lordesses all receive advice from Satan, 385.1 to .4. resigns the Lorddom, and sends for his Lords and Lordesses, 385.9 to .12. crowned, our God of the earth and her heavens, the Very Lord God in Jehovih. Thus became a false God, 385.13, 14. manner of crowning, 386.15 to 19. declares the establishment of a De'yus, 386.1 to 6. appoints his rulers, and they resign the Diva, 386.7 to 387.18. and his host go to Hored and found his two capital cities, 387.19 to 388.26. assumes the name De'yus (Dyaus), and declareth himself against Jehovih, 388. chap. xii. and his Gods entreated by God of Craoshivi to return, 390.15, 16. makes the laws of the Lord God, and they are ratified, 392. chap. xv. orders the destruction of all vessels plying to the upper plateaux, the locking up of all libraries, and surrounds his kingdom with a standing army, 394.3 to 11. gives a feast, and makes a speech, 394.12 to 396.27. officers his army to go down and subdue the earth, 396.28 to 35. had had 2700 years' experience, and was not a dull God, 398.1. addresses his five chief friends, and they reply, 398.4 to 399.10. assigns his army of three thousand million angels, one-third to Te-in for Jaffeth, one-third to Sudga for Vind'yu, and one-third to Osiris for Arabin'ya and the regions west and north, with Baal and Ashtaroth as his earth managers, 399.11 to 400.17. invites his five warrior Gods to Sanctu to a feast, 412.10, and each of them speaks of his exploits, 412.4 to 7.
  55. Anuhasaj declares before them his doctrines and creation, to be given to mortals, and they are so given, but are not deemed sufficient by the learned men, 412.11 to 414.3. 's three Gods, by advice of Satan, consult with one another, 414.4 to 415.17. 's three Gods make a bible (Osirian) in their own way, and give it to mortals, 415. chap. xxix. Acquiesces in all his three Gods had given to mortals, 418.1,2. and his false Gods prosper in heaven 900 years, but in 950 years begin to quarrel and fight among themselves, 418.5, 6. now has twenty-eight thousand million spirits in his kingdom, vast cities with streets paved with heavenly diamonds, and yet each and every God begins to see coming danger, 418.8 to 10. Satan again visits, and his Gods, first praising and then chiding them, 419.12 to 420.21. calls a meeting of his Gods in Hored. Osiris and Sudga come, but not Te-in, 420.1 to 421.12. receives Osiris and Sudga in great magnificence, 420.2 to 421.13. sweetly tells his tale, even as Satan had taught him, 421.14 to 18. and his two Gods find fault with one another, and the conference breaks up "amidst a most disgusting quarrel," 421.19 to 423.37; 431.1. left alone, soliloquizes, and is presently informed that Te-in had seceded, then Sudga, then Osiris with Baal and Ashtaroth, and then Uropa and Guatama,431.2 to 6. then is silent for a long while considering, 431.6. decides to lower Hored nearer to the earth, but his highest grades begin to leave him, 431.7 to 432.10. danger is already staring, in the face; his heart begins to fail him, and he has no time for war against his seceding Gods, 432.10 to 12. receives a message from God, and returns an insulting answer, 432.1 to 5. is besought by God to heed the coming danger, 432.6 to 433.14. under the names God, and Lord, and Lord God, and De'yus had now, for a thousand years, become fixed in mortals' minds as the Creator, a large man sitting on a throne, guarded by his Son Anubi, 435.4 to 7. established the names Lord God and De'yus (Dyaus) (Deity) as worshipful on the earth. Before that time man worshipped Me under the term Great Spirit. Remarks under Plate 19,493. 's hosts on every side are deserting him, and ji'ay comes pressing downward, slowly and surely, 435.8. and his officers try by music to hold the forty thousand million to peace and order, but at last Hored touches the earth, and then alas, all order died. The doors of hell were opened, 435.9 to 11. and Anubi and more than a million officers are swallowed up in measureless darkness, 436.12,13. and Anubi and his host to stay in hell for 400 years, 436.1 to 3. locked up in hell; even high-raised Gods would not find it safe to go to him, 436.6; 482.13. and Anubi delivered out of hell, restored to sound reason, judged, their kingdoms restored to them, and "when thou hast raised up thy whole kingdom, then wilt thou also be raised up," 498.5 to 504.22; 487.12.
  56. Anuhasaj, Bondage upon, Whilst the name of God or Lord or Savior is worshipped upon the earth, I shall labor with the drujas of heaven and the Druks of earth, 501.17,18. Behold thy God is in the image of a man, and he sitteth on a throne in heaven; he shall be bound while this belief survived on the earth, 483.17. said: Whilst I am in hell or in heaven, in hada or on the earth, will I pursue all peoples, mortals and angels, till I cast out the worship of a God and a Lord and of a Savior, 501.18; 685.2.
  57. Aoasu, signifying land and sky world for the first spirit life after mortal death, 188.20; 225.9.
  58. Aph, son of Jehovih, high dwelling in the etherean worlds, and oft trained in the change and tumult of corporeal worlds, 69.1. Orion Chief, mighty above all the countless millions of Gods and Goddesses assembled, had he attained in the play and management of worlds, 92.7. See under the Submersion of the Continent of (Pan) Whaga. is addressed by the God of the earth, Neph, and replies, 81.1 to 82.10. speaks before God (Neph) and his Lords and host, 83.22 to 84.33. departs, going on a journey farther than 10,000 suns, 85.6. returns at the end of 200 years, and takes Neph and his host to etherea, 91. chap, xvi.
  59. Apollo, son of Jehovih, brevet Orion Chief (121.6), once a mortal, earth-born, of the continent of Pan, dweller in etherea 50,000 years, 108.2; 110.1; 114.18. 's mission to the earth, 112.1 to 4; 114.12, 13. Jehovih changed the forms of the earth-born; but they became worshippers of, 125.13; and mortals took to destroying ill-formed children and cripples, thus casting the ills of mortality into heaven, 125.7. 926.
  60. Aqueducts and Great Canals of Vind'yu destroyed, 448.20; 764.6 to 8.
  61. Arabin'ya (Africa), so named by Fragapatti, 142.4; 331.28. description of, and her people, 405.7 to 10.
  62. Arc of Bon, time of the, shall be 400 years, Remarks, Plate 21, 449.
  63. Arcs of the earth, and also of the sun, defined, 10.2; 59.1 to 4.
  64. Airiata. See under Ship.
  65. Arieune, Goddess, tells Fragapatti the location of a knot of a thousand million, 250.3 to 6. shows Hoab the way to the knot, 252.6 to 10.
  66. Around About, a child, a man, a God, a Lord learn from that which is round about; neither can they acquire anything more forever, 117.1.
  67. Asaphs, their office and duties, 12.31; 16.22 to 17.25; 287.7; 332.38.
  68. Ascetic, God judgeth the, 800 chap. xxvi.
  69. Asha (a mortal), learned in many things, 174.6 to 175.15. before So-qi, King of Oas, 175.2 to 180.12. made King of the Sun, 181 chap. v. 's interview with Zarathustra, 185.17 to 188.17. says: Alas, my kindred are dead; my friends are fools! I have none to tell these wonders to, 188.15.
  70. Asha receives the book written by Zarathustra, interview with him and with I'hua'Mazda, 196.11 to 204.20. 's proclamation of the Ormazdian law, 204 chap. xiv. councils with Zarathustra as to abdicating his throne, 206.1 to 207.7. questions in regard to prayer, 208.8 to 15. gave up all he had on earth, carrying the alms-bowl, 209.1. arrested and brought before the king, Hi'ya'tseing, 211.9 to 10. bound upon the wheel of uh'ga, 210.11 to 212.18. delivered down from the wheel by I'hua'Mazda, 212.19 to 20. again before the king, 212.21 to 213.29. is told by Pon'yah, King of Oas, "Thou art an old fool. Go thy way," 246.17. speaks to the learned men, who say, "Pity old, a knave hath dethroned his reason!" 249.18,19. writes down the substance of the words of the spirit Zarathustra, 255.22. oratory. Power of reciting with effect. Basis of Vede, 665.52.
  71. Ashars (guardian angels over mortals), their office and duties, 11.24 to 12.30; 32- 17.23. four generations, 133 years, shall he serve as an, 287.5. appointed to mortals (at time of corporeal birth, and every, shall have 100 changes of labor with 100 different mortals, to learn all the varieties of men and women, 332.37. the kind of mortals over whom, are weak to protect them, 403.14 to 16. nor shall ye ever make yourselves known to him through his corporeal senses, for your labor is with the spirit, 680.4, 7; 681.8. also, 379.3; 402.8; 467.10, 11; 684.20, 2U 913.25,29.
  72. Ashtaroth, goddess, virgin daughter of Osiris (the false), 441.2. 's speech before Anuhasaj, 384.43 to 45. made ruler by Anuhasaj over Parsa and its heavenly kingdom, 387.12. the most vengeful goddess, 689.9 to 12; 698.9. sends millions of her warring angels down to Xerxes, 699.16 to 23. causes her chief orator to make a speech to her army, 699.24 to 30. overcome by Baal, and cast into hell, 700.10 to 12. delivered out of hell, and brought before God for judgment, 766.14. See also under Baal.
  73. Aspiration, Self, to abnegate, for it is at the expense of others, 160.24.
  74. Aspireth, For know ye all that whoever, to Me shall come to Me; but the nearest way for many is round about, 325.4.
  75. Association, I provided them that they could not escape, 478.8.
  76. Astoreth, Yima's kingdom, so named because the number of females exceeded the males in the heavens over Shem, 262.1.
  77. Asu (Vedic), Adam (Par'si'ean, 450.11), how made, 9.10,11. was not created to everlasting life, 20.2. the time of the habitation of, was 8000 years. And, disappeared off the face of the earth, 43.1, 2. a picture of, the first race. Plate, page 58. 927
  78. Asu, the false Osiris makes up a history of, to answer the questions of mortals, 415.1 to 416.21. (panic), a man in aboriginal state, 622.1.
  79. Assyrian Race, 170.7.
  80. Atmosphere, density and pressure of the, 594.9 to 13.
  81. Atmospherea, spheres or plateaux surrounding the whole earth, some 10, some 1000, some 100,000 or more miles high, and these spheres that rotate with the earth are called, Remarks under Plate 43, 567. many plateaux larger than the earth, and they are adapted to the abode of angels, even as the earth is for mortals, 786.20, 21. the heavens which travel with the earth around the sun, called the lower heavens, also the intermediate world, hada, 681.3 to 683.3. Man saw that, turned the earth, and that the earth turned not, Remarks, Plate 45,568. this great hemispherical lens, 590.7. See also, 7.8 to 11; 18.27; 57.24 to 25; 160.20 to 22; 182 Plate 10; 263.9; 358.23; 552.27.
  82. Atmospherean, by that which springeth out of the earth is the, fed and clothed, 39.34.
  83. Atmospherean Heavens, these are the dominions given into the keeping of thy God, 786.21. are yet even as if scarcely inhabited; thousands of plateaux with no angels to dwell thereon, 789.5.
  84. Atmospherean Ocean, as mortals sail corporeal ships across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the, 24.1. the heavens of the earth are separated by, 786.16 to 22.; Plate, page 64.
  85. Atmospherean Worlds, I created shapeless and void of fixed form, 6.8 to 10.4.
  86. Attractive Force, no, from one planet to another, or to its own satellite, 587.56. planetary disturbances not caused by planets, but by their vortices, 592.18.
  87. Autocrat shall not learn sympathy till the liveth with a beggar, 181.12.
  88. Avalanza. See under Ship.
  89. Agents appointed by God, 698.5 to 7




  1. Baal, a young Lord, under God, of great promise, speaks before Anuhasaj, 383.40. appointed by Anuhasaj, his ruler over Heleste and her heavens, 387.11. says he has been 2000 years trying to put himself in good position first, so he could help others, 430.10. by order of Osiris, takes the spirit of Thothma to many places in Osiris' heavenly kingdom. 453.6 to 454.13. sends hundreds of millions of his warring angels down to the earth, inspiring mortals against the dominions of Ashtaroth, 698.10. God of the Argos'yans, sends two thousand million angel warriors to the earth to obsess the Argos'yans (Greeks) against the Par'si'eans who are coming against them, 700.1 to 7. 's hosts cast Ashtaroth and her Lords and Gods into hell, 700.10 to 12. establishes heavenly kingdoms over Jerusalem and off from Roma, 724.14. said: Mine is an easy doctrine to understand; all mortals who worship not, shall be put to death, 724.6.
  2. Baal, routed, but not captured by Looeamong, 725.23 to 25. the craft and wisdom of, baffle Looeamong (Kriste), 728.3. for space of 300 years gradually gained upon by Looeamong, 730.10. still maintains himself in Roma as God of the Roman Empire, 730.14. finally captured by Looeamong, through Gabriel (Thoth), and walled around with fire and noxious gases in hell, 732.21, 22. such was the end of the earthly dominion of, who had ruled over mortals for evil for upwards of 3000 years, 732.23. delivered out of hell, and brought before God for judgment, 766.45.
  3. Baal and Ashtaroth secede from Osiris, taking their kingdoms with them, 462.8 to 10. escaped being cast into hell (with Osiris, Te-in and Sudga), and flee for a more opportune season to carry out their wicked schemes, 463.22.
  4. Babel, a tower of words. Ye strove to reach heaven with a multitude of words, 143.6 to 8. Tower of, not in Chinese version of scriptures, why, 146.8 note to 8
  5. Bad Husband and Good Wife and the reverse. I'hua'Mazda said; Who knoweth, what is good and what is bad? 234.18 to 235.22; 160.29.
  6. Bad Men, three kinds of, found by Osiris (the false), 448.2; 294.16
  7. Balance of Power, ye have also persuaded mortal kingdoms to divide the earth into sections and regions, and to clamor for a, between different kingdoms, 742.32, 33; 737.1 to 3.
  8. Baptism, origin of, 283.10, 11; 291.11 to 13; 839.10. Infant, an abomination before Jehovih, 810.15, 16.
  9. Babao Root, I'hins made drunk with, by the Druks, 141.19 to 142.21.
  10. Barbarian shall drive away and destroy all evil beasts and serpents, 88.3; 272.3.
  11. Barometer, 156.2; 594.12.
  12. Battles of a thousand years, 398, heading to chap, xviii.
  13. Battle, to, against others, it to gain the lower by sacrificing the higher, 508.14.
  14. Baugh-ghan-ghad, Rites of, 643.1 to 648.54. This is the flesh of my body, eat ye of it in remembrance of me and of, drink ye of it (the blood) in remembrance of me and of, 645.13. God's judgment against this custom with abhorrence, 810.23 to 811.25.
  15. Beast (Self), 1.6 to 19; 562 chap, viii; 591.16; 602.7; 603.3; 604.5. the, figure, the person, which is called individual, 192.5.
  16. Beelzebub, origin of the word, 496.16, 17.
  17. Beggar, who hath reformed a, by giving to him? 124.3; 51.5.
  18. Belief, all corporeal worlds pass through an age of too much, 137.3 to 5.
  19. Belief and Unbelief, two conditions belong to all men, 200.32.
  20. Bible, the First Chinese, being of Po, an I-e-su, 315 to 327. Constantine. In the old Eguptian libraries are books and tablets and manuscripts that will show the perversity of the, 735.22; see also Kriste'yan Bible.
  21. Bible, EZRA (Jewish, 811.1O), being of Looeamong, through Thoth (Gabriel), Ezra being the chief scribe 725.28 to 32. the foundation of the Book of Genesis, 412.11 to 413.9;415.1 to 417.44. how and by whom the Book of Genesis and the first Book of Exodus were written 531.17,18. Eguptian records so voluminous that the scribes of Ezra could make neither head nor tail of them, 532.21. Ezra's scribes shall translate from these records with all their errors and falsehoods, 336.30; see 167 note to 1. shown to be false in regard to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac, and the burnt offering, 343.20. the basis of the, 659.1 to 662.59. the, not from the time of Moses (3400 B.K.), but was compiled and established by Ezra in Jerusalem, and completed, 2344 B.K., 662.47, 48; 662.59. FONECEAN, THE FIRST, being of Abram, a man chosen of God for the children of Arabin'ya, 327 to 343. GUATAMA (America), THE FIRST, being of Ea-wah-tah, a man chosen of God for the children of Guatama, 367 to 375. HINDOO SCRIPTURES, 139, chap, i; 811.10. MOUND-BUILDERS', 643.1 to 14; Plate No. 83. KRISTE'YAN, being of Looeamong (731.30 to 38), through Hatuas (Constantine) and the Council of Nice, Kriste (Looeamong) declared God and Lord of all the nations of the earth. Mortal representative chosen by the Council, THE MAN, I-E-SU, 732.26 to 733.53. OSIRIAN, being of Osiris (the false), with interpolations from Te-in and Sudga, and given to mortals in Arabin'ya (Egypt), Jaffeth (China) and Shem (Vind'yu) (India), 415.1 to 417.44. SCRIPTURES OF THAT DAY, being time of Aph, 24,000 years B.K., 76 chap. iii. VIND'YU (India), THE FIRST, being of Brahma, who became an i-e-su. A man chosen of God for the children of Vind'yu, 343 to 367. ZARATHUSTRIAN, THE, being God's Word, 188.1. the book of GOD'S WORD is so called because it is of the first descent of God (whose name was Samati) to the earth, to establish his word with man. Through Zarathustra (Zoa-raaster, Zoraaster), an i-e-su, a man of Par'si'e, came God to this end, 8900 years B.K., 171 to 256. The Zarathustrian Laws; the I'hua'Mazdian Laws; transcribed from the libraries of heaven, 188.1 to 196.8. THE NEW, O-AH-SPE, the one now before you. Thou hast tried on all my people to convert them, but hast failed utterly. Behold, I come now with a new book, and they will accept it from my hand, 375.9, 10. See 2.23 to 26; heading of Book of Jehovih, 5;13.14, 15;228.3.
  22. Birth-"blankets", certain angels whose labor shall be to receive new-born spirits on, 100.32; 76.4; 79.9; 365.6.
  23. Blasphemer, God saith who is a 777.9 to 15; 778.21 to 23.
  24. Blood, I make not flesh out of, but out of that that the, carrieth, 136.14.
  25. Blue Hats with earflaps, after the manner of the daughters of Zarathustra, 487.3.
  26. Body and Blood, eat ye of it, for it is the very, of Ormazd, our Father in heaven, 203.11.
  27. Bondage, the sixth generation of the seed of the fallen angels was now delivered and this was the fullness of earth for them, 32.8. to him that begetteth children gave I, to them and to him conjointly, 160.26. the greater the possession, the greater the, 512.35. be wise, O Man, and tie not thyself to things that progress not, lest they become a, to thee in the next world, 233.19. a, men know not of, the begetting of selfish offspring in this world. For whilst their heirs are in darkness they themselves cannot rise in heaven, 538.5. by indulgence in begetting shall man be bound after death; by not begetting how shall he know all the earth? 624.15. the, of kings and queens and emperors and rich men and leaders of men, 749.36; 767.12 to 14. the, upon whomsoever attaineth dominion by the sword or maintaineth dominion by standing armies, 767.15 to 17; 743.13. the, upon whomsoever hath great riches and many servants, or no servants, but liveth for himself, 767.19 to 768.20. upon false Gods and Goddesses, until they have raised up all they have led astray, 768.28 to 44. the, upon thee in heaven shall be according to the avoidance of the trust imposed, 784.9 to 11. the, upon those who cause war, or engage in it, and upon those who cause the death by law of any person. 806.13 to 807.24. thou shalt be bound in heaven till thou shalt accomplish what thou mightst have done, but failed to do; and thou shalt accomplish without money what thou couldst have done with money, 805.5 to 8. of the mind, 739.24; 801.10; 258.3; 340.21; 483.17; 738.23; 780.19; 789.15; 804.17 to 24.
  28. Books of the Ancients, My wise angels suffer mortals to burn up the, 522.7 to 9. the destruction of the, for upwards of 20,000 years, 723.22 to 29; 560.7.
  29. Borealis, the vortexya manifested in the north pole of the vortex in flames of fire, which are called, 584.20; 590.3. See also Remarks under Plate 45, 568.
  30. Born, yesterday thou wert; today thou livest; tomorrow thou diest; the next day thou wilt be forgotten, 656.103. some are, of the beast and some are, of the spirit, which is the interpretation of all the poverty and crime and war and licentiousness there is in the world. 789.12 to 21.
  31. Born of Woman, and man will turn against Great Jehovih, preferring idols of stone, and metal, and spirits, 27.15. ye shall not worship any man, nor call him sacred, 225.6. who can shake their faith, or feed them with thy story of a Savior, 375.4. man of himself never inventeth a God in figure of a man, 405.11.
  32. Born of Woman, God said: I teach both angels and mortals they shall not worship any one, 740.13; 228.2; 294.13; 374.42; 389.5;401.8, 14; 463.8; 564.21; 624.12; 650.46; 743.8; 780.24.
  33. Bound, let no man say I will not sow on the earth lest I be, 622.2. he that casteth away all things can never be, 491.22.
  34. Brahma, Jehovih prepares a way for the birth of, 301 chap. xiii. an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-nine, 326.11. a large man, of great strength, a hewer of wood, 347.38. so called because of his great wisdom, 344.9. not considered a God, but a man through whom God spake, 345.13. inspired by the God Div (Ha'chue). Heading to First Book of God, 314. has a star above his forehead, and questions it, 345.14 to 346.23. is told by God to take a wife, and asks, Can a married man serve Ormazd, 346.25 to 32. meets Yu-tiv, who becomes his wife, 347.33 to 350.4. has six sons born unto him, 350.5 to 7. 's wife loses faith in the Father, and both adopt the name Eolin, 350.8 to 9. while this state of unbelief is upon, and Yu-tiv, another child, Hog (Fact) was born unto them, 351.10. is told by God to be faithful eighteen years, 351.11,12,1. again the voice and light come to, 351.2. Ormazd speaks through, 353.11 to 356.4; 358.1 to 4. used as a sar'gis to show the angels of the intermediate world, 359.16 to 362.29. the Veda given through, and Vede, his son, writes down the words, 362.1. goes and preaches to whomsoever will hear, taking his wife and sons with him 362.2 to 364.9. converts King Syaythaha, and brings to life a man whom the king had slain, 362.9 to 363.22. visited by Cpenta-armij, 348.8. death of, 366.12, 13. and Yu-tiv appear in sar'gis, convincing Hog that the spirit survives the corporeal body, 367.5 to 10. and Yu-tiv rise up in a sea of fire, 367.13. and Yu-tiv raised up by Cpenta-armij, 353.10 to 12; 354.4 to 356.13. said: To find the Father; to know Him; to reveal Him; these are all and for His glory only, 359.14. said: To practice the highest light a man hath; this is all that is required of any man, 366.8. said: Have ye faith in the Creator; with Him are all things possible, 366.6.
  35. Brahma (the false). See under Ennochissa. Also, 722.8; 829.36 to 41; 543.23 to 545.36.
  36. Brahma, the brotherhood of, 916.13.
  37. Brotherhoods on earth founded on any of the idols in heaven shall not stand, 780.26 to 30. thou wouldst not give up thyself and live in a 791.25. if thou do not live in a, on earth, thou shalt not soon find one in heaven 791.37. if ye cannot live in a, in peace and love on earth, neither shall ye find a, a peace and love in heaven, 658.119.
  38. Budha (the false). See under Kabalactes, 721.19 to 26; and note; 829.42 to 830.51. the brotherhood of 916.13.
  39. Bull, wherefore the decrees of the prophet were called Tau, 605.13; 143.7 note.
  40. Bull, Tau (panic). His edicts are Tau, bulls, opposite from Cow (receptivity), Tau i.e., Osiris, 615.54; 396.29. Jahi, taurus, the Taughad, spiritual meaning, force or energy to do, or decree with authority. The pope issueth a, of which the foregoing was the original, 663.16. I (Kabalactes) will re-establish the tau, as the sign of my power. And because my heavens are the All Pure, the tau shall be white, 702.25. my (Looeamong) signs shall be a sword, a skull and crossbones and a; my edicts shall be bulls, 731.35,36. remembering it is easier to walk beside a, and turn him in his course, than to come against him for the same purpose (Sakaya), 708.15.
  41. Butter, the first, made in the world, 148.24.
  42. Buying nor Selling, in which families there shall be neither, 705.18; 853.21; 828.11.




  1. Cain, 416.21 to 29; 730.8. See under Druk.
  2. Canals and the Making of, 369.9; 370.11, 12; 448.20.
  3. Cannibals, the Par'si'eans became, 148.18; 130.16; 132.14;63.16. they that are slain in battle, cut up and put in vessels with salt, 302.12. one who hoardeth and keepeth things in his own possession is as a, 539.18.
  4. Capillary Attraction, erroneously so-called, 584.28.
  5. Capilya, raised up by the angels at the command of God, 465.5 to 7. 's mother guarded night and day during gestation, by the angels, 467.9. at birth put into the arms of the queen, in the dark chamber, by the angels, 468.22. a natural born i-e-su, and also a natural born su'is and sar'gis, 466.4. taught by the angels from the time of his birth, 467.11. sprinkled with the blood of a lamb, and called Yokovrana's son, 469.2 to 4. having attained maturity, asks the king's leave to travel, 469.6 to 470.13. travels nine years, returns, and relates to the king what he has seen of Vind'yu, 471.14, 15. the word of Jehovih comes to, and is told he is of the race of Faithists, and to ask his nurse, and does so, 471.1 to 473.17. travels three years, visiting the Faithists, 473.18 to 476.1. and his people given an abundance of Ahaoma, 475.28 to 31. teaches and helps the people, bequeathing lands to them, 476.1 to 477.7. asks what is the first and then the second poison, best and most dangerous things, and answers, 478.17 to 479.22. summoned to the capital to answer charges against him, 479.2. before the king and Royal Council, 479.3 to 482.15. speech before the king and his Royal Council, 482 chap. vii. questioned by the king and members of the Council, and answers them, 484 chap. viii. acquitted, and declared to be above the dominion of mortals, 486.9. establishes the Faithists in rites and ceremonies, 486.1 to 491.41.
  6. Capilya, told by God to visit his foster-father, the king, who is at death's door, 491.2. 's interview with Yokovrana, and the king's death, 491.3 to 497.37. becomes king, ratifies the laws, and abdicates the throne, 497.1 to 4. travels over Vind'yu, teaching the Faithists, 497.6. 's collection of twelve virtues, 497.7 to 499.20. some of the wise sayings of, 499 chap. xii.
  7. Capstan, used in building the great pyramid, 452.9, 11 to 13. to find the power of the, before it is made, 381.10.
  8. Castes, three I'hins, I'huans and Druks, 195.1 to 196.2. a thousand, I created amongst the I'huans, 196.3. the effect of a'ji upon, 302.16; 303.1. seven, have I made for my chosen, 323.13 to 14. Sakaya's people sworn against, 710.21. in the Kosmon Era there shall be no, amongst my people, 772.34.
  9. Casting Spells, 519.12.
  10. Catarrh, they became rotten in the head with, 69.29. because thou gavest us flesh we are rotten with, 822.26.
  11. Cause and Creator, an All-Seeing Eye is the, of the whole universe, which is His Person, 596.10.
  12. Cause of things, philosophers seek first to find the, in the sun, or if failing therein, turn to the moon, or if failing here, they turn to the stars, 586.44; 170.7; 219.33.
  13. C'Chiefs (see 589.26 note 5) records of the, of the Father's Kingdom, 853 chap, xxiv; 855 chap. xxv. manner of selecting the, 835.31 to 33.
  14. Celibacy, with all thy preaching that the highest life is, there will be plenty left who will marry, 253.12. shut not thyself in, but multiply and adorn the earth, 321.20. by, a man's soul is not bound after death to linger about the earth, 321.23 to 322.26; 317.3. to, I am sworn, for he who begetteth a child is bound in spirit after death unto his own offspring, 637.39. Ka'yu (Confucius) discourseth thereon, 715.28 to 716.31. God's remarks on, 788.2 to 4.
  15. Celibates, if all people become, then will the race of man terminate. Fear not, there will be plenty left who are full of passion, 252.3,4. teachers in public shall be, 322.28; 324.1, 2. let the nurses and teachers in their youngest infancy be, 839.14 to 840.27.
  16. Changed, I want to be, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and rise and sit on the right hand of God, 779.16.
  17. Chaos. See under Hell.
  18. Charity, who is the mocker of, more than they that give to such as can help themselves, but will not, 51.6. by, alone ye cannot raise man up, 19.29. De'yus' remarks on, 422.23. Sakaya discourseth thereon, 706.8 to 20. God judgeth, also showeth how to do, 801 chap, xxvii, 802 chap, xxviii. let thy, be to the sick and helpless. All, tendeth to lower the self-respect of the receiver, and casteth him lower in the grades in heaven, 783.24 to 27; 851.10, 11.
  19. Charming and Sacred Hand Power, 404.3; 405.10.
  20. Che-muts, a king, who was the slayer of Hab-bak, 269.16 to 270.2; 271.11, 12.
  21. Cherubims and Seraphims, having flaming swords, 393.22.
  22. Child, better is it to labor with a, from infancy, and thence to maturity to teach it aright, than to strive with a score of conceited adults and fail to redeem one, 51.6.
  23. Children, such is the rule pertaining to all, begotten on the earth, 404.4. the three, of the arc of Noe, 130.18; 131.20.
  24. Chine, father and mother of, 532.4. was copper color, very large, hair red like a fox, and an i-e-su, 532.4 to 533.5. 's father, Ah Sho'e, tells of, birth, childhood, and after he became a man 533.5 to 20. speaks: I am a man only, I am the All Light, 533 chap. xxii. speaks Jehovih's words, saying, 535.1 to 14. 's covenant unto Jehovih, 535.15 to 536.29. gathers up many converts, establishes them and teaches them good philosophy, 536.4 to 537.14. said: Jehovih saith: Why will man be vain of himself? 537.17 to 19. said: One man saith: I am normal; neither angels nor mortals rule over me, 537.20. said: I saw a great mathematician one day, 537.21. said: All things come from an All Highest, 537.23. on begetting children and the discipline of the Household, 538.5 to 539.20. is told by God that he shall perform many wonders, 539.1 to 12. 's doctrines pronounced untrue by the spirits in the oracles, 540.14 to 16. before King Te-zee, first and second resurrections and the angels thereof, 545.5 to 546.25. the king asks, what is the origin and destiny of man, and is answered, 546.26 to 547.33. the king asks, as to commanding all his people to accept his doctrines, 547.1 to 7. the king asks, how long a man should serve Jehovih to reach great wisdom, 547.8, 9. visits the kings of the other provinces, and returns to Te-zee to die, 547.10. heals the sick, brings the dead to life and shows power to accomplish anything whatsoever, 548.3. dies, his body, on the sixth day, burned to ashes, which are scattered this way and that, 548.5 to 10. on the seventh day after his death, appears to the king and to many people, and walks about on the earth for seven days, 548.11 to 14. speaks to the king and his people for the last time, then rises up in an exceeding great light and is seen no more, 548.1 to 549.32. 's spirit taken by Lika to Yogannaqactra, and thence to etherea, 529 chap. xxv.
  25. Chinese Wall, etherean angels inspire the people to build the, Remarks, Plate 35, 560. to keep outside barbarians from coming amongst them, 549.6 to 8. a testimony as to what the people were willing to do rather than engage in war, 723.23 to 28.
  26. Chine'ya, 545.7; 548.12; 548.2 to 549.4; 723.20;772.36.
  27. Chinvat, a supposed line between the rotating atmosphere of a corporeal world, and the ether that lieth beyond the vortex, 621.121;321.23;637.43,44.
  28. Chinvat, the bridge on the boundary of the earth's vortex, beyond the orbit of the moon, 480.9. if a child cannot reach manhood but by growth, how hope ye to reach, suddenly? (Algonquin.) No man shall reach, but by perfecting himself, either on the earth or in the lower heavens (Abraham), 621.121.
  29. Chosen of Jehovih, in the Kosmon era, shall be of the amalgamated races who choose Him, 772.38; 88.3; 750.10. whoso practiced peace, love and liberty unto others are My, 461.10.
  30. Christ, Looeamong, the false God, now changed his name, and falsely called himself, which is the Ahamic word for knowledge, 662.57. neither understood any man in those days that the word, had any reference to a man or person, 662.58. See 373.41; 620.89; 656.86 to 92; 4.30. See under Kriste.
  31. Christians, and he (Looeamong) raised up tribes of mortal warriors, who called themselves, who are warriors to this day, 662.S7,.58; 4.30, 603.17.
  32. Circumcision of the male I'hins, old and young, 43.20, 69.Z8. of the Ghans by the I'hin priest, 115.22. the mark of, restored by Asha, 209.2. the Zarathustrian law in regard to, 230.16. prohibited by Ahura, 297.15. whoso putteth the mark of, upon a male child shall be put to death, 393.14. hath fulfilled its time, and I (God) put the law aside in practice, 810.14. see 406.4; 506.15; 538.7; 789.22.
  33. Cities, neither shall ye build large; they are a curse on the face of the earth, 222.13 build not large, for there is sin, 257.41; 23.13, 14; 27.12 to 14;60.21. not to exceed 2000 souls, 324.1; 231.4; 409.12.
  34. City, no, shall contain more than 3000 people, 849.4 to 6. Chine allowed 4000 people to dwell in one, 537.14.
  35. Civilization, the first period of, on the earth, 60.21; 62.14.
  36. Civilized, are these, and war abounding, 110.7.
  37. Clamor, the, of the tongue maketh speedy converts, but it changeth not the blood, 499.2.
  38. Clear Day and Cloudy Day, the cause of a, 594.15.
  39. Coal, formation of, 9.6; 602.4; Remarks, Plate 39, 564; 819.15.
  40. Coaxing with effect is greater than dictation unobeyed, 716.38.
  41. Cold, so that mortals could not possibly measure it, 590.4. the greatest, region of the earth, 593.29.
  42. Colors, Eolin showed Himself in three,—yellow, blue and red, 140.5. the three primary, the sign of Jehovih's name, 98.12. golden yellow, the most sacred, 213.4. how all kinds of, are produced, 595.1 to 596.6. are not substances, but records of currents of vortexya, 603.2.
  43. Color of Men, according to their respective places, and to the light upon se'mu, 8.9. according to the vortexian lights, 596.11 to 13.
  44. Columbo (Columbus), 755.3 to 7;757.7 to 11; 811.11.
  45. Comets are atmospherean worlds having light, 6.8,9. a, came within the earth's vortex, 309.2. See 468.23; 479.4; 598,4; 588.5 to 19; 589.25.
  46. Commandment, a new given to man to slay every beast of prey and every serpent that cometh before him, 115.18; 78. chap. iii. love thy neighbor as thy self, 4.32. 's waste not your time in discoursing with those who, having heard, will not practice My, 658.119. Moses gave ten, 660.5 to 15. thou shalt keep the ten, of Moses (Joshu), 727.2. the ten, of Zarathustra, 668.11. God giveth, that must be fulfilled, 797.17 to 33; 44.1 to 4; 58.6 to 20.
  47. Communal, no people in all the world are, 798.9.
  48. Commune, it was easy for Fragapatti to, with her at a distance, and without messengers, 212.6; 237.12.
  49. Community, Sakaya discourseth thereon, 708.15 to 709.25; 241.21.
  50. Compact, I created progress to be in, 160.24.
  51. Compact day, 825 chap. xv.
  52. Company, for, thou shalt pray to thy Creator and make songs of praise unto Him, 204.17; 254.16.
  53. Compass, 156.2; 453.15; 612.32; 742.22.
  54. Complain, for the loss of my earthly goods will I, not; nor for imprisonment nor toil, nor sickness nor death 652.32; 510.26.
  55. Conceited, what is so, as man? So also do My Gods and Lords of the lower heavens become, of their power and wisdom, 50.18; 103.20.
  56. Confederacy of Selfs, established by Anuhasaj and his Gods, 393.1. of the Holy Ghost founded, 690.9 to 16; 696.26. Triune, 696.28; 697.37.
  57. Confess, no one shall, man of his sins by words or signs or ceremonies, but every man shall, his sins unto Me for forgiveness, 748.17, 18. ye profess to, the sins of your angels in your heavens, exacting servitude of them as a purchase of your excuse, and your ashars inspire mortal priests to do the same thing for their mortal followers for stipulated prices in money, 740.20,21; 740.6.
  58. Confession, shall be made in the name of Jehovih and forgiveness likewise. 919.11.
  59. Confucius. See Ka'yu.
  60. Connecting Rods, so that all the thousands of millions, being united, could hear the voice of Jehovih, 352.4.
  61. Consecrate, to: what is that? 230.16 to 20; 282.10.
  62. Constantine. See Hatuas.
  63. Constitutionally, man has spells of clearness far in advance of his growth, the which he having realized, he returned to his normal condition to prepare himself, 246.2;915.1 to 7, 15.
  64. Conscience must depend on the education it hath received, 493.17 to 494.19; 746.41; See also 160.18; 489.19; 758.7. liberty to the, or mortals is founded on earth, 763.38.
  65. Contend not with any man for opinion's sake, nor for any earthly thing, 728.25. I, with no one for anything, or principle, or knowledge of my own, 659.4 to 6.
  66. Cooked Food, the first, since the days of the flood, 112.6.
  67. Copper, to soften, like dough, and make it hard like flint-rock, 370.12; 273.4; 108.6 to 109.8.
  68. Corpor signifieth whatever hath length, breadth and thickness, 550.
  69. Corpor, as such, hath no power in any direction whatever, and is of itself inert in all particulars, 584.27. remaineth so by no power of its own, but by vortexya external thereto, 584.30, 31. See 5.7, 5, 1, 3; 136.13; 186.5; 588.12; 592.20.
  70. Corporeal Body, a glorious anchorage for a young, or a weak, or a deranged spirit, 258.6; 109.7, 8; 263.8. mold thyself well whilst thy soul hath a good anchor, 501.12, 13. no stronger to control himself by the loss of his, 520.23,24. what strength shalt thou gain by the loss of thy, 787.32, 33.
  71. Corporeal Surroundings. Think not that spirits and Gods rule men as if they were slaves or toys, for another power also lieth over man which is neither spirits nor Gods, nor stars nor moon nor sun, but the, that feed his earthly desire, 198.20.
  72. Corporean Man, as the, accumulateth corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulateth the spirit of any man, 159.13.
  73. Council of Nice, called together by Hatuas (Constantine) by the inspiration of Looeamong, 732.26 to 733.52. of Ts'Sin'Ne, 711.6 to 712.10; 714, 7 to 715.13;718.25.
  74. Council of Yeshuah, manner of proceeding in the, 51.1,2.
  75. Covenant of the blood of the lamb against Egupt, 517.12, 13; 650.46; 705.22.
  76. Cow, to be negative is to be a 192.6 to 193.7; 167.1 and note. (Panic) receptivity, 618.70; 664.20.
  77. Cows, the much learned man hath erected bars to keep off the. Being wise in their own conceit, they will not receive, 618.70.
  78. Cpenta-armaiti, that which within man maketh him compatible to others, 664.31.
  79. Cpenta-armij, Nirvanian Goddess, of 364,000 years (314.1) makes her appointments for the earth during dawn, 330.19 to 334.60.
  80. Craoshivi, an atmospherean heaven of God founded by Jehovih, 303.7 to 9.
  81. Creation, College of, 289.9.
  82. Creation, a, or a created world, 592.20.
  83. Creator, all good must have a name, 190.13 to 191.14, 194.15, 16; 323.16. thou shalt love the, with all thy heart and soul. How can I love that which I cannot comprehend? 554.30 to 32; 549.11. no man knoweth the, unless he hath proven the communion of spirits, 358.21; 777.26. the, whose worlds have run thousands of millions of years, 391.23. whence came the idea of a. 817.8 to 818.18. in the image of a man, 506.14; 739.29. could the, of thousands of millions of worlds, which have stood for thousands of millions of years, be so young as any of these pretended Gods? and descend to the earth, and do a work so imperfectly that only one small kingdom heard of him? 743.12.
  84. Creator, or blasphemy against our, 912.19. honor of thy, 917.21.
  85. Creator, 921.3.
  86. Criticize, no more will I, my brethren nor my neighbors, for they are Thine, O Jehovih, 105.41; 524.47; 833.26. I will not, any person, nor censure them or find fault with them, 918.10.
  87. Crown, Sethantes makes one for Ha'jah, 22.26, 27; 54.17 to 55.20; 83.21, 22; 120.12, 13; 244.44; 276.32.
  88. Crusaders inspired by Looeamong, 741.10.
  89. Ctu. See chap, xvii, 219.
  90. Cycle, during the time of a, the earth is under the control of, 59.1 to 4.
  91. Cycles, places in the line of the orbit of the sun at distances of about 3000 years, 10.1, 2. of the sun and of the sun's sun, 431.7. atmospherean, 54.7. lesser, 11.18. of Dan, 56.16.
  92. Cyclic Coil. Plate 47,570; 569.9.
  93. Cyclone, vortexian overlapping descend to the earth, 588.13; 593.3; 595.3.
  94. Cut off, I cut them not off, but they cut themselves off from Me, 462.9; 241.20; 489, 490. 15, 16, 20; 491.26.




  1. DamayaDamaya, one of the eleven parts of the Kingdom of God, 685.3 to 5, 13. Biwawotha shall be commander for my (Ennochissa's) heavenly kingdom over Guatama, 722.5,6.
  2. Damons, origin of the name, 496, 497.9, 18, 19.
  3. Dan, regions of light. Lesser cycles, 11.14, 18, 19. the light of falls on, 89.4. the opposite of a'ji, 347.5; 261.16. time of spirituality amongst mortals, 602.6 to 10. Dawn of, what, is, 604.2. length of a, 48.3 to 5; 54.8. at the time of Fragapatti, 171.6. of Cpenta-armij, 314.2. of Lika, 466.6.
  4. Dan'ha, in the firmament of heavens, 10.1 to 4. time from one dawn of dan to the succeeding one, 48.6. seven times and one-half time, 160.21. the highest place in the etherean worlds, 616.58.
  5. Dark, why the ancient prophets caused the worshippers to sit in the, 605.13.
  6. Darkness, when there is no direct manifestation of the earth's vortexian currents, 585.35. the moon shone not, and the sun only as a red coal of fire, and the stars stood in the firmament as well in the day as at night, 46.16; 463.4; 292.2; 481.8; 135.24; 137.13; 302.16; 309.2; 390.10: 602.11; 596.7; 597.15. think not that, belongeth only to the earth and the lowest heavens, 240.14. the time of a thousand years of, 62. chap. iii. (Ha'k), ignorance is, may be corporeal or spiritual, 550. whatsoever giveth sorrow to thy fellow or discouragement to others shall be called, 916, chap, vi; 917.22 to 34, 918.13. Temples of, dedicated to the spirits of the dead, 447.14. discouragement to others shall be called, 916.4 to 14; 5 to 10.
  7. Das, such as have attained to power with the rod with water, and the rod with fire, 204, 205.18 to 22.
  8. Daveas, a false God in atmospherea overthrown by Osire, 154.16 to 157.13.
  9. Daylight is the condition of things polarized in the master vortex, 585.35.
  10. Dead, The, sing anthems and pray for, 251.25, 26. not knowing they are, as to earth life, 12.6; 223.18. there are hundreds of millions who, being, know not anything; but through belief in a judgment day went to sleep, and are waiting for the trumpet of Gabriel to call them forth, 779.17, 18; 830.56, 57.
  11. Death, with, all would be ended to every man, 114.1. with the mortal, there is the end, 175.20; 17.6.
  12. Death Cast, Thothma cast himself in death, 453.5 to 454.12,14;456.30. Loo Sin swallows his tongue, 541.30; 542.4; 543.22. Sakaya has given to him the power of the, 709.6.
  13. Death Penalty, 806.20, 21.
  14. Death, Temple of, 446.13.
  15. Declension, to one or the other resurrection or, belong all men on the earth, and to one or the other belong all the spirits of the dead, 684.7, 8; 839.5, 6.
  16. Decree, Zarathustrian law in regard to making a, 232.6 to 10; 324.3 ; 835.36, 37. by Fragapatti in the House of Mouru, 192.1.
  17. Delight, this, to be delighted groweth within us, 438.24 to 28. in the Light should be the, of all men, 114.1; 510.25.
  18. Deliverance, what is the, of man? 316, 317.20, 21.
  19. Deluge. See Submersion of the Continent of (Pan) Whaga.
  20. Desired, have I not, from the lowest to the highest, given unto all men that which they, 294.16.
  21. Destroy, rather than, that which is given in the name of Jehovih, go ye and fall to work in like manner to build up His light in your own way, 67.16.
  22. Devil, with a, and a horrid fire to torture their souls, 435.4; 911.4.
  23. De'yus. See Anuhasaj.
  24. Diet, the spirit man takes his place in the first heaven according to his, desires and behavior while on earth, 7.8 to 12; 17, chap, iii; 1.16; 75.13. all things of flesh and blood wherein is life forbidden, 58.11, 12;69.26. Ormazdian law in regard to, 220.5, also 232.18. of Po and his people, 318.2; 321.22; 323.15. of Brahma and his people, 346.27; 364.1. De'yus' law in regard to, 413.9. every living thing that liveth shall be meat for man (Osiris Bible), and the result, 417.40,43;419.15-,421.20. the feeders on flesh and blood; they stink as a carcass; their flesh is congested and puffed up, 539.19. herb food cultivateth the negative, flesh food the positive, 604.10. to attain to prophecy, eat not fish, flesh, nor any food that cometh from an animal, 604.6; 654.48, note, and 49. Chine's, 533.14. Sakaya in regard to, 707.2. See also 618.70. Ka'yu (Confucius) on, 714.27; 715.19. of the Esseneans, 726.6, and of Joshu, 727.4. God's remarks upon, 774.16; 775.36; 784.4; 787.24 to 33;814.14, 15;918.25. covenant in regard to, in Shalam, 834.43 to 45; 836.6 to 8, 837.14. whether flesh or milk or cheese that man useth for food in the herbs and plants and trees Jehovih gave the same things, 841.34;822.1 to 823.16; 756.32.
  25. Disbelief, I will show the wisdom of, and its necessity, on the earth, 358.16.
  26. Disbelievers, begotten in inharmony, 115.3.
  27. Discretion, especially in words. Consider well, and then speak. Without, man is like a tangled thread, 499.15.
  28. Discussion, of what profit under the sun is? 690.3. there are two modes of: one is to impart light, and the other is to abuse the opponent, 708.8, 10.
  29. Disputation, books of, philosophers inspired to write, 144.17.
  30. Diva and Div, founded by Fragapatti, 278, 279.7 to 21.
  31. Divan Acts, 290.9 to 12.
  32. Divan Laws, made by the Divan Congress, 281.13 ; 283.2; 289, 290.10 to 12. foundation of the, 289.2 to 11. the Holy Eleven to make the, 376.4. the Supplemental, 291. 292.10 to 16. sections of the, 377. chap, iii; 377, 379.7 to 19.
  33. Divorce, manner of obtaining a, in Shalam, 852.8 to 10. themselves, 815.4 Ka'yu on, 715.26,27.
  34. Doctrine, to deny one's self and labor for others with all our wisdom and strength this is the highest, 717.66; 777.29.
  35. Doctrines, it is easy to plan out high, but not so easy to give an efficient doctrine. He who is midway is the most potent, 717.62.
  36. Do, to, not to any man that which they desire not to be done unto themselves, 209.2; 714.29.
  37. Dog, as thou mayest say to the, the most knowing of animals: Jehovih! Jehovih!, 821.10.
  38. Doorways, the eye, ear, and power of touch are the corporeal, I gave unto thee, O man. Through these thou art constantly impregnated, 817.1 to 5.
  39. Doubles, 265.7.
  40. Dress, whatever attracted the least thought to sex is the most modest, 837.13.
  41. Driftwood, as, on a surging sea, 139.3.
  42. Drouth, regions of, on the earth which man must learn to overcome by causing rain to fall, 602.13; 603.3,
  43. Druj—Drujas, so called because they desire not resurrection, 42.15, 16. wandering spirits of darkness and evil, 84.3. spirits who have not fulfilled either a spiritual or a corporeal life, 230.6. engageth in sensualism and quarrels amongst mortals, 252.5, in time of a'ji, 306.10. Ahura's, 340.20. the lowest druj in heaven. None of the Gods can bind him forever, 437.18. Lika gives new grades, 495,496.8 to 11. all angels below the first resurrection, save infants, 517.1 to 524.56. spirits that have not left the earth and are bound to mortals, 779.12. a spirit who is below the grades, who seeks to do evil, who seeks to make others unhappy, who delights in crime and pollution, 781.10.
  44. Druks (Cain), I'hins, dwell with the Asuans, 43.13 to 17. dwell with the Asuans and with one another, 43.21 to 24, 3,4. ground people called, 73.75. taught by I'hin prophets, 76.16. incapable of inspiration save for their stomach's sake, 296.13. black, which spake not, dumb like the black mud of the earth where they burrowed, 367.5; 348.6; 518.2. who are below the grades, 781.10. See under Ground People.




  1. Earnings, every one takes the, of another; the profit of one is the injury of another, 260.4. housing themselves about with the, of others, 86.15.
  2. Earth, formation of the, 6.3 to 8; 584.26. the first starting forth of the, 480.5. where first the red star's vortex gathered up its nebulae millions of years agone, 70.8. See Plates (of vortex) 25, 26. 553; 27, 28. 554;23.551. the growth, the change, and the travail of the, 7.13 to 20; 10.5. made from that which was unseen, 553.15. floateth in the midst of a vortex, 583.1 to 16. the four motions of the, 431.7. round instead of flat, 742.4. ye (the angels) have caused the, to be peopled with such as are capable of immortality, 11.21. full of people, mostly I'hins, mature at seven, dying at thirty, very prolific, two to four at a birth (see also 302.16), man dwelt in peace. Ground people lived to be 200 and even 400 years old (about 43,000 years B.K.), 60.19 to 22. and its lower heavens were under the dominion of such as had sprung up out of the earth, 41.5. time of a generation risen from twelve years to eighty, many living to be 300 years old, very large, twice the size of men of this day. Without judgment, and of little sense, large and strong and prolific, 61.13;292.5. attains her maturity (before the flood), but she is rank, 62.2. too prolific is the rich, too prolific is the red star of the firmament, 72.9; 62.7 to 11. passed Tryista, 82.14. has been peopled over many times and many times laid desolate, 110.7. -born, the forms of the, changed, hair grows long and straight, men begin to have beards, 125.13. passes the limit of her greatest corporeality, 470.5; 471.6; 45 3.20. reaches maturity in the time of the Arc of Bon, 550.1 to 3. and her heavens enter the a'jian forests. Effect on mortals and angels, 689, chap. xi. passes into the light of the Arc of Kosmon, 747.1.
  3. Earthquake, who knoweth the plan for an, whether it be small or large before Jehovih? 88.5.
  4. Earth Shine, 590, 591.9, 10.
  5. Earthly Things, whosoever setteth value on, above heavenly things, it is good for him to have fire and destruction, 221.9.
  6. Ea-wah-tah, birth prepared for, by Jehovih, 301, chap. xiii. an I'huan, taller than any other man, with a bright, shining face of copper, 371.13. graded ninety-five, 326.11. inspired by the God Os, 329.13 to 15. hears the voice of the Great Spirit, 371.14, 15. has given to him the E-go-quim laws, 372.24 to 373.26. goes to the kingdom of Took Shein and Che-guh, 373.34. founds the O-pah-E-go-quim (Algonquin), 374,375,48,49. visited by Cpenta-armij, 348.8.
  7. Education, primary (of a spirit) in the first resurrection, 285.16 to 287.30. completed. What then? 287, chap. iv.
  8. Efficient, a less pure God, a less holy God, would be more, 293.5.
  9. Efficient, for I am very, and influential with the Creator, 545.35.
  10. Egoquim, name of the Creator given through Eawahtah, 371.16 to 372.20. laws. See under Ea-wah-tah.
  11. Egupt, a great angel general of Osiris, 405.7; 449.3,4;453.6;531.18. the land of, a part of Arabin'ya named by Egupt after himself, the same which is corruptly called Egypt to this day, 405.7. peopled from Par'si'e, 449.1 to 450.9. for hundreds of years, attained to great learning, but woe came upon them, 457.9 to 458.13. the languages of, times by the learned, by Eustia, and by sky time. Records of, in great confusion, 504.1 to 505.6. tribes of Faithists, had many languages, in, 505.7. king of, the Sun King, and laws of the Sun Laws, 505.9, 10. a land of glory and of misery, 512.35 to 513.41;517.13. records became worthless, 532.21. after the fall of, her people migrated westward, 737.30. neither shall, prosper more till Thou hast subdued the whole earth unto Thee (Israelites going out of), 525.18. ceded by Looeamong to Kabalactes, in consideration of a thousand million angel warriors, 725.20 to 22.
  12. Electricity, 548.21; 585.36; 591.11.
  13. Elementary Spirits, the air above the earth is full of, 542.10 to 543.12.
  14. Eloih, the Fonecean name of the Great Spirit, 532.1; 610.9.
  15. Embryotic State, this is not the real life, but the, 485.8; 709.16; 837.26.
  16. Endless Chain, by the, sped to any quarter of the earth, 92.11.
  17. Enemies, for 2000 years I gave My, a loose rein, and they have the longest line of kings in the world; and yet in the midst of their prosperity they fall down like a drunken man, 505.6.
  18. English, origin of the people called, 737.30, 31.
  19. Engrafters, re-incarnated spirits, so called, 779.11;496.18;78.10.
  20. Ennochissa of Eta-shong (690.10), builds his heavenly city, 702,703.1 to 10. neglects his earthly dominions, and God sows the seed of faith in Chine'ya, 703.11 to 14. declares war against Jehovih, and thus, first of the Triunes, becomes a false God, 703.15 to 19. invites his brother Triunes to visit him, and confer as to what should be done, 719.1 to 4. and his brother Triunes, to establish the Trinity, give 49 saviors to mortals, 719.5 to 720.30. 's Sub-Gods revolt, and he sends Ya'deth with an army to subdue them, 722.1 to 3. sends Ya'deth to establish him on the earth as Brahma, 722.8. (Brahma the false) inspires the Sun King of Chine'ya to destroy all books, in order to reduce the empire to ignorance, 723.20 to 22. gets most of the Brahmins when they die, 738.19. 's heavenly kingdoms greatly disturbed by the appearance of the airavagna of Litabakathrava, 753. chap. v.
  21. Ennochissa of Eta-shong, sends an arrow-boat with a million host to invite this God on a monthly visit, 753.7, 8. cast into hell, delivered by God, and judged by Jehovih, 764. chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  22. Enumeration of Earth and Heaven since man first walked upright, 132.2 to 13.
  23. Envy, thou shalt not, nor harbor hatred against any man nor woman nor child, 195.26.
  24. Eolin, the Unseen, spake in the wind, 140.5 to 10. signifying, like the wind, void of shape or person, 350.9.
  25. E-O-I-H, man writes the name of the Creator, 127.12 to 128.20; 610.8.
  26. Era, behold the seventh, is at hand. Thy Creator commandeth they change from a carnivorous man of contention to a herbivorous man of peace, 1.16. of perfection in unbelief, 167.27.
  27. Eras, the six, of man, 1.1 to 13.
  28. Es, the unseen worlds, etherea and atmospherea, 5.1, 4. the, of a living mortal, how it governed the flesh to good or evil, controlleth the sex and ultimate size, health and strength of the offspring, 287.2. why, is called daughter, 552.31, 32. Book of, 747 to 773. the testimony of angels, 550. the first chosen woman in the Father's kingdom, 827.2 to 828.9. the chief nurse of Shalam, tells how the babies were cared for, 841, chap. xii. instructs the children in angel communion, 843, chap. xiv.
  29. Es Day, when the angels of heaven were made known to mortals, 825, chap. xvi.
  30. Es'eans, inhabitants of Es, in contradistinction to the inhabitants of Corpor, 5.1.
  31. Es'eans (Esseneans) (Asenean Association), true Israelites, founded by Pharaoh (Nu-ghan), and from whom one Joshu, an i-e-su in Nazareth was raised up, 662.49 to 51; 726.4 to 14.
  32. Esfoma, the signs of the times, 550.
  33. Es'seans full residents of the Es world, 84.3.
  34. Established Religion, the republic of Guatama untrammeled by an, 811.11.
  35. Es'yan, signifying new-born in heaven, 16.21; 20.1 to4;41.6. so called for the first five years in heaven, 84.3; 264.17, 18. said to be in the first resurrection, 799.14.
  36. Ethe, the substance of etherean worlds, 5.5;. 587.1; 786.19.
  37. Ethe'ic Currents, 354.5 to 355.10.
  38. Etherea, the emancipated heavens beyond Chinvat, 621.121; 587.3, 4; 666.65.
  39. Etherean Flame, magnifying power of the 35.15; 153.10; forests, 85.4.
  40. Etherean Worlds, Remarks, Plate 41,566; 109.9; 551.16. inhabitable both within and without, 5.5 to 6.7, Remarks, Plate 44.566. snowflakes a microscopic pattern of thousands of millions of them, so that a description of them is impossible, 598.13. and roadways for sun-phalanxes, Plate 24,552.
  41. Ethereans, spirits who have risen above the bondage of the earth and its atmosphere, 654.42,43.
  42. Etisyai, a high-raised Goddess who crowned Sethantes, 13 chap, i; 33.4; 34.7, 9; 37.5, 6;40.13.
  43. Eunuchs, the I'hins made, of the yaks, males and females, 43.8; 45.6, 7. the I'hins make, of both yaks and ground people, of both sexes did they thus, 97.4, 5;98.8, 14;112.6;395.21.
  44. Eustia, the times of the tribes of, gave only six months to a year, 504.2.
  45. Ever Presence, to open up man's understanding, to find Thee, to know Thee, and to realize Thy, 239.6; 282.22; 289.4 to 290.12.
  46. Ever Present, I am the, and not in the figure or image of a man, but I am the All Space and Place, doing My will through My angels and through the souls of men, 474.23;435.5;488.13. The Highest conceived of Who is, and is the Person from which all persons sprung, 707.3; 595.20; 715.21. all names worshipful belong to the, 482.16.
  47. Ever Present Great Spirit, 712.7.
  48. Ever Present. 916.2.
  49. Everlasting life, the Asuans were not created to, 20.2. yaks not capable of, in heaven 45.6; 50.16. but to thee, O man, I gave power for, 232.15;688.3. Druks are not heirs to, 74.77. I'huans capable of, 97.25. during the last hundred years (before the flood) the earth brought forth none capable of, save the remnants of I'hins, 79.10. in the early days of man only a small percentage were born to, and the first of all only one per cent, 311.1 to 312.13. key to, 453.2, 3.
  50. Everlasting Flesh Life, thou (Thothma) art the first founder of, 451.29. man should turn from stone temples and the hope of, Heading, Book Lika, 465.
  51. Evil, is evil? 191.17 to 20; 240.34. call not any man, but call ye him unripe fruit, 622.2. to find, instead of good, 240.17. to seek not to find, in others; to complain not for the, others inflict me with; to speak not evilly against anything Thou has created, 510.26. to perceive no, in any man nor woman nor child, but in their birth and surroundings, 652.41. if a man do, it taketh root in him, and will be entailed on his spirit, even into the next world, 653.1.
  52. Evolution, not one living thing created I out of another, 8.9 to 12; 25.8. there is no law of selection, 113.6 to 8; 116.11. there is no such law as, 133.8 to 134.12. the, of the races of men out of the lowest darkness comes from the Great Spirit, 150,151.21 to 25. neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to an animal, 232.18. let them that find the cause of the progress of man to come of the earth go raise up the barbarian, 154.9. man became conceited, saying: All things are Nature and growth, and evolve into higher states; it is the natural order (12,000 B.K., cycle of Osiris) 157.4, 5. not one thing of all of them mergeth into another, 595.19. man progresseth not save by me (God), through my angel hosts in heaven, 375.8 to 13. the blacks would never become whites, 596.12.
  53. Exaltation, all men alike desire, and everlasting liberty and unlimited power; and unless ye are prepared to give even these unto others, then ye cannot attain them yourselves, 159.17.
  54. Example, let your, heal them, 917.32; 219.34.
  55. Excellence, how do you grade them that, may be known and respected? 852.13, 14; 705.19.
  56. Exclusiveness, 747.5 to 10; 749.26 to 29; 37 to 39; 807, chap, xxxiii.
  57. Exertion, whoso feeleth that he hath no need of, groweth not in spirit, 557.19. the Great Spirit made man to exert; by, groweth he in wisdom and strength, 52.9. more are trials and, to be desired than ease and enjoyment, 487.8.
  58. Experience, without, man cannot be advised profitably to himself, 23.5. it is right that I should have the, of the poor as well as of the rich: how else would I ever become sufficiently wise to be a God in heaven? 207.7. in the, of his own person made I him to desire without end, 478.10. how can I make them to know wisdom without? 512.36; 510, 511.27 to 31; 352.6;683.4.
  59. Eye, the, is the most potent; can go away from man, 229.9 to 11. to teach the very young child the ever presence of the All Potent, 230.15. Thine, is observant of all men, but they believe it not, 239.6; 276.25. the first formation of the, and the color of the, 596.7 to 11. the belief that Jehovih's eye is ever upon us, 838.16.




  1. Fact, is not all, interpreted by each and every man from the light of his own standing place? Wherein error cometh into the world by the darkness of men, in not perceiving rightly the things I have created, 355, 356.3,4.
  2. Fail, if ye, in one way try another, and in no case seek to justify yourselves before Jehovih. He is judge, 690.4. even Gods, at times. For by failures do all persons learn there are higher powers. Only Jehovih never faileth, 309.1.
  3. Failures, it is a strong man who can recount his own, and say he glorifieth the Father because thereof, 224.6.
  4. Faith, we profess, in Jehovih, but we manifest, in money and in soldiers and warfare, 832.19; 3.24; 15.28; 150.18, 19;603.17. through, is all power and glory attained, 94.9; 239.4. O Jehovih, teach Thou me how to begin to have, 335.10 to 336.14. after this cometh, 367.10. he who hath, in Ormazd feareth nothing in heaven or earth, 476.4. Yokovrana's opinion of, 494.21, 22. cannot be bargained for or purchased. No bird ever flew from its nest without first having, it could fly, 547.32. in Thee above all things in earth or heaven, saith the Faithists, 681.3. to be firm in, in Jehovih above all things, 234.7.
  5. Faithists, such as separate themselves from the dominion of the beast, 1.19,20. such as could comprehend Jehovih, 56.22. those with the higher light were called, 67, 68.19,20. the Creator created two great men, the unbeliever and the, 361.24.
  6. Faithists, they profess to be, in Me. But straight away they go and build fortifications of earth and stone and wood, 354.20; 381.12;466.8,9; 475.476.13, 14. believers in the Ever Present Person, Jehovih, 776.14 to 21; 527.25. what it is to be a, in the Father, 791.30, 31. the true, knoweth nothing impracticable, but doeth his utmost for his highest light, though failure stare him in the face, 410.18, 19. those who say: Whatever Thou puttest upon me, O Jehovih, that will I do with all my wisdom and strength, 836.24, 25.
  7. Falsely Accused, let me justify myself in what I have done; behold, I am,914.6, 7.
  8. Familiars, 88.8, 2, 5, 6; 116.15; 163.2, 11; 164 chap, x; 268.3; 462.18; 653.32, 33.
  9. Fast, thou shalt, one day of the fourth moon all thy life, 195.34.
  10. Father, what it is to become one with the, 108.5. for My people shall learn to speak to their, who heareth and giveth ear and is full of love, 36.23. when man has put self away, then he beholdeth the, through his own soul; yea, and heareth Him also, 547.9.
  11. Father's Kingdom, The, the place of, marked out by Thouri, 29.10. the eve of death and the birth of, on the corporeal part, 191.4. the foundation of, amongst mortals, 228.2. the regions where, will be founded, 232.22 to 24; 242.29; 664.37. in the land of Uz, cannot be, 798.19, 20. I declare unto thee that, is now being founded on earth, 800.15, 16. this is founding, on earth, 802.6 to 13; 815.21.
  12. Father, Son and Holy Ghost, 690.10, 14; 942 696.26, 31; 701.24; 720.24 to 32; 729.18.
  13. Fear is but the manifestation of weakness, 130.25;476.4.
  14. Female during gestation is in keeping of her Creator, 58.15; 819.7.
  15. Fetal, those spirits who engraft themselves on mortals, 84.3; 76.5, 6. divan laws in regard to a very young child that requires, 284.10; 285.14, 15, 20.
  16. Fetaled, a thousand million angel infants, on the earth every thirty years, 805.5, 6. See also 605.10, 11.
  17. Fete or Fate, signifying beyond me there is no appeal, 79.61 to 63. I'hua'Mazda made the sign of, 191.15, 16. bestowed upon Ashtaroth by Osiris (the false), 406.3; 618.67.
  18. Fichtus of Haak, meaning explained, 168.5 and note.
  19. Fire, angels teach man how to make, by striking flint stones, 112.6; 585.37.
  20. First Cause, what man hast thou found that comprehendeth the, of anything under the sun? 201.3. O that I could find the, of the judgment of every living thing, 670, Sar 6.
  21. Flat-heads in the land, Anagoomahaha, 373.34, 34. Took-shein and his queen Che-guh, 374; 403.17; 405.9; 424.2. See Aejin.
  22. Flattery, when ye cannot purchase one another by, how hope ye for the favor of the Almighty, by praise and prayers and, 794.11.
  23. Flesh foods, to put away, is easy, but to put away dark thoughts and words, who can do this in a day? 918.25.
  24. Float, and those that dance shall be made to, in the air, 115.8.
  25. Flood. See Submersion of Whaga (Pan); also 87. chap. xii. the Lords' history of the (24,000 years B.K. 70.40), 65 to 74 chap, i, ii. the first writings since the, 127.6 to 8; 141.15; 370.18; 544.34. thus they established the history of the, to endure forever on the earth, 87. chap. xii.
  26. Flowery Kingdom, Jaffeth (China), so named by the angels, 410.15; 549.18.
  27. Folly, I drink deep of mine own, 513.7; 114.1, 2. faith without a guarantee is, 494.22.
  28. Fonece, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  29. Foneceans, signifying out of the mountains, origin of, 183.3. the language of the, the oldest of mortal made languages, 404.5.
  30. Force, end of, for Gods and Lords, 352.6.
  31. Force and Violence only establish for day, and are not of Me, 515.21.
  32. Four Dark Corners, Ignorance, Lust, Selfishness and Anger, 79.62, 63. of the world, 610.7; 755.16.
  33. Four False Gods, on all the planetary worlds it is ever the same: certain, rise up to possess the corporeal worlds and her heavens, 755.16. to 20.
  34. Fragapatti, an Orion chief in etherea, of 141,000 years, hears the matchless voice saying: My son! my son! go to the red star, the earth, 171.1 to 3. sends Autevat in an arrow-ship to the earth, 172.9 to 13. receives Autevat's report, who had ordered (Samati), to raise up an heir (Zarathustra) to the light ere the dawn of dan (200 years thence), 173.4 to 176.28. and his ten million companions, on their journey to the earth, meet a company of five hundred million ethereans on a voyage of exploration of more than four million years, 179.13, 14. founds his capital Haraiti in atmospherea, and appoints his High Council, 180. chap, iv. says: Can an Orion chief forget he was once a slave? 181.13. creates 1000 fields and pastures, and in each 10,000 mansions, each capable of 1000 souls, 183.4. assigns to God his duties as to his heir Zarathustra, 183.9 to 185.18. appoints Athrava assistant God in his place, 185.2. visits Zeredho, of which Hoab is God, 186.8 to 188.18. visits Ipseogee, which is in charge of Hapacha, 191.6 to 8. makes his divisions of the earth, and appoints his rulers for the time of dawn, 192, chap. viii. revisits Zeredho; interview with Hoab, 196.7 to 199.21. and Hoab, with his people, visit, and then deliver the hells of Utza, 199 chap, x, xi, xii. and his host joined by a ship of a thousand million explorers from the north region, a thousand times further than the North Star, of the seventh magnitude of light, even three higher than, 219 chap. xvii.
  35. Fragapatti, visits Yaton'te, his Lord God of North Guatama, 223.1 to 233.24. visits Hapacha, God of Ipseogee, 234.1 to 244.45. visits Yima, his Lord God of Shem, 260.6 to 265.25. visits Ah'oan, his Lord God of Jaffeth, 265.1 to 267.12. visits E'chad, his Lord God of Arabin'ya, 267.1 to 271.14. visits Gir-ak-shi, his Lord God Heleste, 272.1 to 273.23. visits Uropa, first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth 273.1 to 274.8. takes the spirit of Zarathustra to Mouru, 276.34 to 38. with his hosts and ten thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, ascends to his home in etherea, 280.27, 30, 31.
  36. Fraternities, such shall be the, 919.11, 12.
  37. Fraternity, 920.1; 919.15; 919.12; 920.9, 12; 921.14.
  38. Fravaitiwagga, Ahura had deputed, to reign in his stead, while he was absent from Ctusk, 307.21 to 25.
  39. Freedom unto all people on earth and to the angels of heaven to think and to speak whatever they will, 920.1.
  40. Freedom's Day, abolition of slavery in Guatama, 825 chap. xvii.
  41. French, whence the, sprang, 737.30, 31.
  42. Friction, 381.10; 584.22, 23; 586.41.




  1. Gabriel. See Thoth.
  2. Gau, a heaven in atmospherea founded by Apollo, 115.5. an instrument for proving all things, 79.64; 612.28.
  3. Germans, whence derived, 737.30, 31.
  4. Ghans (Ongwee), how the race came in the world, 111.26 to 112.8. came of the I'hins and of the I'huans, 114.15; 115.22, 23. to triumph over all the lands and waters of the earth, 128.19. capable of an upward inspiration, 133.5, 7; 163.12; 167.19. not like lambs, but lions untamed, 141.11 to 13; 143.6. migrants from Shem, Ham and Jaffeth, 129.6 to 132.17.
  5. Ghem, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  6. Ghost, which is ever present and unchangeable, 140.10. See under Soul.
  7. Giants, twice the size of men of this day, 61.13; 69.29. Zarathustra's stature was equal to that of three ordinary men, 178.14; 242.4. the land of, China, 399.12; 369.4; 370.16. Parsi'e was peopled with very, 403.1, 404.2, 5;405.7;410.15.
  8. Gitchee, the Creator, the World Maker, Manito, 367.1.
  9. Gitchee, Monihtee, the Creator, 370.16.
  10. Gitcheemonihtee, son of Jehovih, 368.17.
  11. Give, to whom Jehovih hath given bountifully, it is commanded he shall, bountifully, 151.22.
  12. Glory of Jehovih, 920.3.
  13. Goats bred for hair or for wool, 404.6; 148.19 to 21.
  14. God, I am as any other spirit of the dead, a one time man upon the earth, 911.20. he who is chief of the earth and her heavens, 10.9 to 18; 553.18, 19. who, is, 777.1 to 5; 790.1; 911 chap. i; 653.36 to 654.37; 66.6.
  15. God, the office and labor of, 281.1 to 10; 300.26; 392.27; 23.15; 182.7 to 9; 785.5 to 7. manner of selecting, knowledge, power, and grade of a, 343.3 to 344.5 ; 56.14. scarce 40,000 years raised up to etherea, and yet made, of heaven and earth, 120.10; 82.6. and, was also an earth-born, 56.17. think not to be a good, is easy, 118.7. what cometh before, and his council, 161.1, 2; 162.6 to 10. a, cannot create life, or motion, or an individual, or person. These are from Jehovih, 684.12 to 21. Iod or Ghad, or, (Panic). An idol in heaven, said to be in the figure or form of a man, sitting on a throne. Believed by people in darkness to be the creator of all things, 625.22. Son of Jehovih, calleth to mortals and angels to hear his voice, 682 chap, ii, iii, iv. crowns 4400 Lords and entitles them Lords of the Heavenly Host, with eleven Lords to represent them, 684 chap. v. orders roadways built between all the heavenly kingdoms in atmospherea, 685.1. commands his Lords: Suffer not mortals to commune with the spirits of the dead, 685.19. states the number of inhabitants of the heavens of the earth at the time of the completion of the roadways, 685 chap. vii. also the number of false Gods and Goddesses in atmospherea at that time, 687.1. sends an army to the earth to prepare the records of mortals, 687.3 to 5. Lika sends a swift messenger to, and his Holy Council, 687.9 to 12. receives the report of the army he sent to the earth, 688 chap. x. decrees a protecting host to the Faithists on the earth, 689.1 to 3. 's Lords lose their kingdoms and come before him, 690.1 to 7. 's Lords resolve to organize themselves and thus found the Confederacy of the Holy Ghost, 690.9 to 16. provides for the birth of Ka'yu (Confucius), 690 chap. xiv. provides for the birth of Sakaya, 691 chap. xv. receives a messenger (Taenas) from the chiefs of the Holy Confederacy, and the interview between them, 695 chap, xviii. sends messengers to his 30,400 kingdoms with a report of the interview, 697.1. 's many of, kingdoms drift into the Triune Confederacy, 697.2, 3. sends agents among the Triunes, 698.4 to 7. has sent to him the grade of mortals in Chine'ya, 711.5 to 20. prepares an army of a thousand million angels to go down to the earth to receive the spirits of such as were sure to be slain in the wars near at hand, 720.4. said of the followers of the four false Gods: To whom they bound themselves on earth they were bound in heaven, 738, 739.23 to 30. judgeth the four false Gods, 739.1 to 741.31. Chastiseth the four false Gods separately, 741.1 to 743.12. prophesieth of the four false Gods, 743 chap. Mi.
  16. God pleadeth with the four false Gods, 744 chap. lviii. receiveth a reply from the four false Gods, 744 chap. lix. receiveth a visit from ethereans, 745 chap. Ix. to concern himself no more in regard to the four false Gods, but to inspire mortals to go and find Guatama (America), 746.30, 33, 34. inspires migration to Guatama, 755.1 to 5. welcomes the ethereans who come with Litabakathrava, 755.6 to 8. is strong in resolution to let evil take its course, 757.14 to 18. sends angels to teach man once more the art of printing and the telescope, 758.23, 24. gives up for a season the central lands of Guatama to Looeamong, 758.1 to 4. inspires mortals to cross the ocean, landing at Plymouth Rock, 758.5 to 7. makes eleven divisions of his host, appointing chiefs therefor, 759.3, 4, 10. gives to each chief a thousand million angels to labor with them, 759.5 to 10. sends them to their respective places, 759.11, 12. appoints twelve etherean Gods and Goddesses as a severing host, giving to them six thousand million angels, to cut off the earth supplies of the four false Gods, 760.14, 15. casteth out the four false Gods, and their vast multitude of sixty thousand million angels rush upon the, beat them suffocate them with foul smells, cover them up with suffocating gases, wall them in with sulphurous fires, 764 chap. xv. by his hosts, breaks up the twenty-four hells in which were more than seventy thousand million angels, delivering the four false Gods and eighty-two false Gods and Goddesses, 766.1 to 14. prepares Paradise for the judgment of the false Gods and Goddesses, and Jehovih judgeth them, 767.15 to 768.45. ordered by Jehovih: Thou shalt reveal to mortals the plan of My worlds, and as to who thou art, the method of thy inspiration and dominion on the earth and her heavenly kingdoms, 774.4. ordered to keep open the gates of heaven for a season, 774.5. receives orders as to the communion between angels and mortals, 774.6 to 775.31. to raise up a few here and there capable of All Light, these he is to cause to form a basis for Jehovih's kingdom on earth, 775.32 to 52. gives instructions as to spirit communion, 775 chap. ii. 's judgment upon Brahmans, Budhists, Kriste'yans, Mohammedans, Confucians, Jews and all other people on earth, 777 chap. iii. details the condition of the spirits of the dead in the heavens of the earth, 779 chap. iv. specifies in what his labors consist, 785.6, 7. instructs man as to his corporal body, and as to his spiritual body, and how to purify them, 786 chap. xiii. discourseth on celibacy, marriage and offspring, 788 chap. xiv. calls man's attention to the spirits of the dead upon the earth, warning him to be fearful of the abundance of drujas about him, 789 chap, xv; 254.18.
  17. God warns man that thy prayers and confessions to me are but waste of thy breath. To serve thy God is to work for others, 790, chap. xvi. declares he is not a patcher-up of old garments, but comes to found the Father's kingdom on earth, 792, chap. xvii. addresses priests, preachers, rab'bahs and all ye that profess to hold the key of salvation, 793, chap, xviii. declareth a day of judgment, and also bequeatheth liberty unto all men, 795 chap. xx. decreeth against infidelity, 795 chap. xxi. decreeth in the land of Uz the Father's kingdom cannot be, 797 chap. xxii. judgeth Uz, commonly called the world's people, 798 chap, xxiii. showeth how to know the kind of angels that minister unto mortals, 800 chap. xxv. showeth how and when the second resurrection manifesteth unto mortals, 800 chap. xxv. judgeth dominions and the man of promise, 804.1 to 805.13. showeth how he hath wrought, 811 chap. xxxvi. revealeth his method of work, 812 chap. xxxvii; 182.7 to 9. showeth the mistakes of man's judgment, 813 chap, xxxviii. showeth who shall be his laborers, and how they shall labor, 814.11 to 21. provideth for increase in his colonies, 814 chap, xxxix. comes to raise up a new people in the world. greater than have ever been, 81 5.22. hear the words of thy, 911.2; 914.1: 915.1 3. hear thy, 911.14. place of thy, 911.17; sent by thy. into etherea, 911.19; arguments of thy. 911.1. for a season hath suffered, 912.5. and thy, gathered them together, 91 2.1 7. and their chief, who was, 912.21. behold thy, 912.23. angels of thy, 913.26; 913.27; prophets of thy? 915.8. explains the first and second resurrections, and the difference in manifestation from them, 911 chap. ii. illustrated the difference of methods betwixt the first and second resurrections, 913 chap. iii. shows the characteristics of mortals, accordingly as they are under the influence of the angels of the first or second resurrections, 914 chap. iv. showeth how mortals may attain inspiration from Jehovih, and from angels of the second resurrection, 915 chap. v. telleth of Jehovih and His kingdom on earth, 916 chap. vi. showeth the difference between the religions of the olden times and that of the present, 916 chap. vii. showeth what is meant by following the highest light, 917 chap. viii. who is and who is not prepared to enter Jehovih's kingdoms, 918 chap. ix. showeth that the renunciation of the Uzians is necessary, 919 chap. xi. discoursed of destroyers and builders, 920 chap. xiii. discourseth on the authority of his own word, 920 chap. xiv.
  18. God and Lord, names of, became worshipful, 165.8.
  19. God and Lords, the bondage of the discipline of the, only by persuasion, 352.6.
  20. God-ir, every city shall have one, 232.11, 12; 260.10.
  21. God or Goddess, to be a, is to learn the elements and master them, 148.7.
  22. God or Lord or Jehovih, thou art now a spirit; tell me, is there any, 158.8 to 10.
  23. God, Sub, thy duties make thee both Lord and, 195.21 to 23; 193.8.
  24. Gods, the old-time, of millions of years agone sped forth in awful majesty, 354.1.
  25. Gods and Goddesses, the first to become, 30.2. power and wisdom of, 56.12 to 14. experience of, 93.13 knowing no more love to one person than another, 322.28. hold their thoughts for a day, and no distracting thought intervening, 342.8. of etherea spoken to by Jehovih, 747.2. sent to the earth to provide for the Kosmon Era, 749 chap. ii. volunteer to go to the earth for 400 years, 751.1 to 14.
  26. Gods and Lords, Jehovih said: My are, called My sons, 12.34; 132.7.
  27. Gods and Lords (false), from whence they sprang, 289.11.
  28. Gods and Lords and Saviors, I (God) am not come to establish, but to abolish all, amongst mortals, 777.7. the establishment of, not under any circumstances to be permitted in this heaven or on this part of the earth (central part of North America and the heavens over it), 242.29 to 31. I (Jehovih) will prove it before them, that in this land all, shall be cast out and mortals shall become worshippers of the Great Spirit, 228.2 to 5. See also 29.5 to 12; 746.33 to 35, 39; 761.14, 23; 763.47; 774.4.
  29. Gods, Sub, of Ahura, 298.8 to 300.31; 304.15 to 21; 307.19. in time of Sue, 100.31 to 35.
  30. God's Word, the Zarathustrian law, the I'hua' Mazdian law, 188.1.
  31. God's Words, the words Po spake were called, 321.14.
  32. Go Forth, I say to man, but he looketh around. Again I say to him, but he turneth to his neighbor for his opinion, 275.17.
  33. Golden Light which ranks first in heaven of all colors, 91.15.
  34. Golden Yellow, the light was, the most sacred color and brilliant, 213.4.
  35. Good, show me one who is as, as he understandeth to be, 116.6. with Ormazd are all things, 189.7. I (Jehovih) suffer not all evil to triumph over, but for short seasons, 483.2, 3. to find the, that is in all men and women, 510.25. to return, for evil (732.30), to give pleasure to those that give pain, 707.18. to return, for evil and pity to those that sin, 727.9, 10.
  36. Good, Do, ye to, is a pretty philosophy, and there endeth his aspiration, 201.5. to, with all one's might, who knoweth the meaning of that? 424.14. to serve Me is not in prayer only, or in rites and ceremonies, but in stretching forth the hand to, unto others with all one's might, 515.20. ye shall, unto others with all your wisdom and strength, all the days of your lives, 652.41. Zarathustra said: The highest of all good was to, and be good, 668.15; 744.20. to lead thee to, unto others regardless of thine own profit, 914.13. he who striveth to, on his own account may be in error as to an ultimate good, 919.8.
  37. Good Doing, man inquired: Is this not then the best course to devote myself wholly to? Es answered: Who shall tell thee what, is? Knowest thou? 558.19, 20. Sakaya tells what is, 707.10 to 14; 366.9.
  38. Good Works, man should ultimately have the light of practicing, organically, from infancy up, 150.15. who knoweth the meaning of these words? 501.15,16;84.28;489.13, 14. the Zarathustrian religion, which is that, are the only salvation, 705.14.
  39. Goodness and Good Works, but what are? 555.34 to 2.
  40. Government, how to judge if a, be for or against Jehovih, 101.4, 5. Zarathustra instructed in regard to, 231, 232.1 to 10; 253.11, 12. Jehovih said: Behold the plan of My government; which is, to come against nothing in heaven or earth; to seize nothing by the head, and turn it round by violence to go the other way, 396.2. Capilya's remarks on, 482.5 to 483.10; 281.2 to 4. God judgeth the, of man, and declareth against it, 807.1 to 810.22.
  41. Governors appointed by Sethantes, 21.13, 14; 22.1 to 5. of provinces in Jaffeth instituted by Te-in, 426.20.
  42. Gotama Buddha, 655.74.
  43. Grades, the responsibility of, explained, 325.4, 5. those above and those below grade fifty, 418.9. as given by and discoursed on by God, 781.1 to 785.22; 786.25 to 27.
  44. Gravitation, attraction of; mortals have been taught erroneously in regard thereto, 560.13; 583.7, 14; 584.27; 585.35; 586.45.
  45. Great Learning, is it not wiser that man labor to raise up his fellow men out of misery and darkness, than to gratify his personal desire for? 201.4. is not only in books; he who hath learned to harmonize with Jehovih hath, 500.4. I am master of a thousand books, and am registered as a man of, 319.27. their, and the names of their men of, shall go down, with none to remember them on the earth, 474.7; 154.12; 313.23; 328.9,11; 455.24; 481.13. of what consisteth, but in knowing how to live wisely? 483.10; 161.3. to obtain, that applieth to the resurrection of thy soul in comprehending the works of the Almighty, here is wisdom, 568.1, 2. what hath, found that is valuable? 560.8.
  46. Great Men, their, are forgotten, and their wise men lose caste in the history of a thousand years, 855.5.
  47. Great Serpent, or solar phalanx, 585.33; 616.58. See Plate 46, 47, 569, 570. a time shall come when the vortex of the sun shall be round, and the body of the, coiled up. Remarks under Plate 40, 565.
  48. Great Spirit to whom none can attain forever, 159.12. the first universal teaching of the, to mortals, save to the I'hins, 164.6. the name of the, made a secret and spoken in whisper, 164.13, 6. without a habitation and a figure the, cannot be taught to either angels or mortals in the first place, 242.26 to 28.
  49. Great Spirit, the, unapproachable, 296.3. I will chase away all Gods and Saviors born of woman; only the, shall all men worship, 374.42. the, transformed and declared to be in the form of a man, and having a residence in the firmament of heaven. Making the, an idol, 393.21; 661.28. they shall understand that the, the Ever Present, is not an idol in the figure of a man sitting on a throne, 723.15. before the time Anuhasaj established the names Lord God and De'yus, man worshipped Me under the term, Remarks, Plate 19,493; 501.18; 653.9.
  50. Great wisdom, cannot be attained in a day, 915.12.
  51. Grecian Gods come from Chine'ya, 722.3; 723.12; 724.14; 729.10. did I (Thoth) not send to hell all the? 754.8.
  52. Greece, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  53. Ground People, were brown and black, living to be 200 and even 400 years old, 60.22. had long arms and curved backs, and were called Druks, 73.75. had not the light of heaven in them, 96.15 to 17. the grip of whose hands could break a horse's leg, 405.7 to 9.
  54. Growth, to those who have attained to be Gods there is spontaneous, forever, 117.17. all, dependeth on exercise and labor, 272.8.
  55. Guardian Angels, let my chosen keep the four holy days of rest during each moon, for on those days do My, change the watch, 615.53;10.19;44.10. See under Ashars.
  56. Guatama (America) (Thouri), signifying the meeting of nations and the dawn of Kosmon, 28, 29.2 to 11; 71.48, 53; 89.5. the two great west lands, North and South, 192.5. thither shalt thou (God) inspire mortals to go from the East and find, 746.33, 34.




  1. Hab-bak. See Che-muts, 271.10, 12.
  2. Hada, the intermediate world, the lower heavens, 683.3; 460.3.
  3. Half-breeds, they believe nothing; they believe everything 163.10, 11.
  4. Ha'jah, an etherean, second God of the earth, 21, 22.18 to 29.
  5. Hagar, Sarai's (Abraham's wife) maid, 333.5 to 335.18; 343.19.
  6. Ham, name given by the Lord to one of the I'hin fleets after the flood, 71.48; 81.4 to 11. the same as is called Egypt and Africa to this day, 73.60;327.3.
  7. Han established (in Chine'ya) what was called the first, dynasty, 316.15; 317.24; 326.4.
  8. Hapacha, God of the west wind, 191.6 to 8; 221.2; 234, chap, xxii, xxiii;248, 249.13 to 16.
  9. Happiness, an abundance of, and it will endure forever, 299.22,23. the germ of, in my soul will I nurse as Thy holiest gift, 514.11. on earth is answered by, in heaven, 706.7; 397.4; 508.13. See under Hura.
  10. Happy, to learn to be, with one's place and condition is great wisdom, 437.16.
  11. Hapsendi, Looeamong's heavenly capital city, 690.9, 10; 725.22; 734.2 to 5.
  12. Haoma, sustenance for the living and the dead, 194.7; 224.26. juice, milk, that which is received. As milk nurtureth the corporeal man, so, feedeth the spirit, 664.26; 665.48.
  13. Haraiti, an atmospherean heaven founded by Fragapatti, 180.1.
  14. Harvest, Hapacha and his hosts being the first from the lowest heavens at the end of a cycle, 247.4; 392.24.
  15. Hastily, not, for such is the manner of the weak, 420.20.
  16. Hateful Words, the direful thrust of, 246.3.
  17. Hatuas (Constantine) induced by Thoth, at Looeamong's command, to raise an army and drive Baal out of Roma, 731, 732.11 to 13. solves the question as to what mortal representative should be chosen by the Council of Nice, The Man, I-E-Su, 733.47 to 51. See also under Looeamong.
  18. Heat cometh not from the sun to the earth, 584.26. is liberated stored-up vortexya, 585.34 to 586.44. the method of manufacturing, 590 chap. iii. the, of a planet not governed by its distance from the sun, 597, 598.1 to 5.
  19. Heaven, have they anything to do in? 161 chap. vii;471.3 to 473.13. and in regard to the, whither thou wouldst desire to ascend after death, 255.21. what, is to many mortals and angels, 317.1 to 4. where is, 653.28, 29.
  20. Heavenly Father, he knoweth his, he seeth Him in the flowers; in the clouds and in the sunshine; in the fruits and herbs; in the beasts of the fields, and in every creeping thing, 546.25.
  21. Heavens of the Earth, or lower, which shall travel with the earth, 10.8. see also 12.33; 13.16; 13.7; 17.1; 19.34; 19.1;42.1;486.3 to 7.
  22. Heavens Subjective, how made, 232.16.
  23. Heleste, so named by Fragapatti, 192.4; also 458 chap, lii; 331.29.
  24. Helestians were rich in agriculture, dwelling in peace, 404.6. as Gir-ak-shi found them, 272.3, 4. as Ahura found them, 296.11.
  25. Hells-, Knots-, Chaos. How made, and with what material, 12.4 to 8; 19.36. See 127.15, 16; 199.25; 199.1 to 200.9; 202.4 to 203.8; 240.28; 250.6. The knot is a mass if millions and millions of spirits becoming panic-stricken, and falling upon their chief or leader, who becometh powerless in their grip, and is quickly rolled up in the midst of the knot, 252, 253.9, 12 to 15; 156.12; 268, 269.5, 12, 14; 270.29, 1; 312.14 to 313.22; 448.4 and note. Ahura in hell, 309, 310.2 to 6, 15, 16; 490.20,21. Anuhasaj cast into hell, 435, 436.11 to 13. Osiris, Te-in and Sudga cast into hell, 462.16 to 463.22. See 495.3 to 7; 497, 498.2 to 5; 526.15; 700.14, 15; 806.9 to 11.
  26. Hieu Wee, who was older than the red star (the earth), who had seen many corporeal worlds created; and seen them run their course, and then disappear as such, 47.12.
  27. Higher, those who ignored Jehovih, having nothing, than themselves, rose only to themselves, 86.14.
  28. Highest, there is nothing higher than man, and they said of themselves, I am the, 77.5.
  29. Highest Best Man shall not learn love and tenderness without taking a lesson in the depths of misery, 181.12.
  30. Highest Best Satisfaction, to know that one hath done the highest best thing within his power, this is the, 715.15.
  31. Highest Cause beyond all research; by the ancients called Jehovih, 88.6.
  32. Highest Knowledge, but who practiceth to his, 114.1.
  33. Highest Light, he who followeth his, from day to day, great is his glory; and in whatsoever he loseth he shall regain a thousandfold, 390.16., consider first if thou canst best serve Him by doing this way or that way, and then follow thy, and thou shalt not err, 547.5; 915.1. being true to thy own, 58.20; 810.22.
  34. Highest of Living, the spirit of man is the man, to live for the growth of the spirit, this is the, 714.12.
  35. Highest of All Peoples, whatever people can dwell together in greatest numbers on the smallest piece of ground, and yet have peace and plenty, such a people are the, 716.33.
  36. Himself, I may take away thy person, but I cannot deliver thy memory, No man can be delivered from, 311.22. whoso manifesteth serving, chiefly, hath little light from my (God) organic kingdoms, 799.2. the star of Jehovih is bright and of great power in him who forgetteth, in laboring for others, 117.19.
  37. Hindoo Scriptures, See under Bible.
  38. Hire, ye shall neither, nor be hired, 325.7; 854.23.
  39. Hirom, a heaven established by E'chad under Fragapatti, 268.5.
  40. Hi-rom (Scarlet Hat), 270.26; 271.8 to 12.
  41. History shall no longer be locked up privately with the chosen race, 175.22.
  42. Hi'ya'tseing succeeded Asha as king of Oas, 209,210.5 to 8. decrees Asha to be put to death, 210.9 to 11. interview with Asha, 212, 213.22 to 29.
  43. Hoab appointed God of the earth and her heavens for 200 years, 214, 215.16, 17; 186.8. holds forth, saying, 216.11 to 218.24. with Athrava and their hosts untie a knot, 250.7, 8; 251 chap, xxvii; xxix. Jehovih's words to, 275.11 to 20. speaks by command of Jehovih, in His name, 275.20 to 276.16.
  44. Hobbies, he who would start a new kingdom is wise in choosing none who have, of their own, 260.8.
  45. Hochedowa, signifying happy hunting-ground, 227.24 to 26. visited by Fragapatti. Description of, 230.1 to 233.19.
  46. Hog (son of Brahma and Yu-tiv), begotten in unbelief, neither sees the light nor hears the voice, and declares these things are not in reason and cannot be so, 351.10 to 353.10. cannot see the angel, and reasons with the voice, 356.5 to 358.23; 359.5 to 15. admits the spirit survives the body (355.11), but as to the All Person I cannot understand, 367.9 to 12.
  47. Ho'Joss, name assumed by Anuhasaj to suit the Panic voice, 435.6; 547.11. (Panic) a man God. A God of the lower heavens, 620.89.
  48. Holy Council by their most, 912.21, light of my 914.14.
  49. Holy Council and his, prepared certain instruction with rules, 913.27.
  50. Holy Eleven, God and his Lords sit in Council of Div, constituting My, 376.4. the representative Lords shall be known as the, 684, 685.6 to 9, 3; 759.4, 10.
  51. Holy Ghost, meaning and origin of the term, 695 chap.xviii;743.3;531.16.
  52. Holy Ghost, the, was Looeamong's labor, 733, 734.55,56. See the Confederacy of the.
  53. Holy Ghost, Son of the, 690.10.
  54. Hoodas, the brown earth-burrowers, 405.9.
  55. Horse, to be positive is to be a, 192, 193.6, 7. all men become mares in times to come (receptive) 618.70.
  56. Horses signifieth dominions in the lower heavens, 664.19, 20.
  57. Hura (happiness), an entity. If a man strive for, it will grow in him, and not until he so strive, 666.64.
  58. Husband, the, shall be the master of the house; but when he is not present, the wife shall be master, 323.12; 234.17; 538.10; 920.18. the representative head of the family, 920.18.
  59. Hypocrisy, to practice not what one is convinced of is, 710.19. preaching what he practiced not, 520:23; 524.54.




  1. I Am, 5.2; 15.28; 511.30; 549.11; 595.19, 20; 660.6 to 8; 661.26; 668.1 to 5; 733.54; 803.1,8; 815.24.
  2. Ibis, Oibe, origin of the word, 255.25; 406.3, note.
  3. Idea, to be true to one's own highest, is this not serving the Father? 715.16.
  4. Ideal, the All Highest, 482.16; 916.2.
  5. Ideas, we open our mouths and speak, but where do our, come from? 717.66 to 68. neither knoweth the philosopher whether his, came from Jehovih or the spirits of the dead, 777.23; 537.20 to 23.
  6. Idle, thou shalt not be, or lazy, or thy flesh will become weak and bear down thy soul, 195.25; 511.31.
  7. Idol, whatever is worshipped, having comprehensible form or figure is, an, 296.5;43.14 to 17;44.22 to 24.
  8. I-e-su (Y-e-shuah) signifying, without evil, 49.11;54.5. when man attaineth to be one with All Light he is, 466.5 to 7. this child (Zarathustra) hath no sex! He is an Yeshuah (I-e-su), a passionless birth, 174.7. I'su (Panic), one who is born sexless, 612.34, note, behold thy son Ka'yu is K'te'sune in the borders, 710.2 note. Hatuas said: All the law-givers chosen by the Gods have been, 733.50.
  9. Ignorance, to expose the, of others instead of finding wisdom in them, 240.17.
  10. Ignorant, for the, man I provide the wise and the rich as Gods to raise them up, 323.9.
  11. I'hins, born of A'su and the angels who had taken on corporeal bodies, 9, 10.13 to 20. 20. (Abel) second race, capable of being taught spiritual things, 42.4; 60.22; 63.22. were white and yellow (147.13 note), small and slender, 43.4; 60.24. call them the sacred people, 44 chap, iii; 52.5; 75.12 to 20; 217.20; 61.27, 2. called, because they were the fruit of both heaven and earth, 95.2 to 8. let the, build mounds and walled cities with ladders to enter, 44.4 to 7; 74.10. See Plate, page 57. before the flood the, were ordered to build ships, 63.19; 70.35 to 41.
  12. I'hins shall disappear from the earth, 96.22, 23; 128.19. shall be as an example of non-resistance, 97.26, 27. dwelt in both the warm and cold countries, 99.2; 142.3. the greatest of all peoples, the people of learning, 110.14 to 17. the, of Ham were of all colors, black white, yellow, copper, red and brown, having flat nails and short arms, with long hair, 145 to 146.4,5. the, of Guatama did not reach the ocean on the east, 147.12 and note, without evil preserved I (God) the I'hin race, 148 chap. iv; 141.14. the, saved from the continent of Pan (Whaga), after the flood, 151 chap. v. light and knowledge that had been with the, merged into the Ghans, 153.1. preserved by Jehovih in all the world as a scattered people, even after they became extinct as a race, 152.6. had nothing; they were unmolested, 173.1. no, left upon the earth in Heleste, 272.1; 271.7. the, who were the original Faithists, 296.13; 269, 270.17 to 23. end of the, in Shem, with the coming of Brahma, 345.11. See 152.5. the mounds and tree temples of the, 400.2; 367.3 to 7. the, whom Jehovih had taught to charm even the great serpents and savage lions and tigers to be their friends and worshippers, 404.3. the darkness which is necessary for the earth will be too much for the, and they will cease to dwell upon the earth, 687, 688.13 to 15.
  13. I'huans were half-breeds betwixt the Druks and the I'hins; they were red like copper, taller and stronger than any other people in the world, 45.24, 5, 7. See the plate, page 57. the, obeyed not My words, and they are lost from the face of the earth, 60.23. again brought forth, copper colored, strong and bright and quick, 61.26, 27. a new race born upon the earth, called, copper colored, capable of speech, 96.18, 19. began to be carnivorous, 98.24. wore only a covering about the loins; very prolific, and they spread rapidly over the earth, becoming mighty in many countries, 99 chap. iii. became of all shapes and sizes and of all grades and judgment, even down to the ignorance of a beast, 110.18; 111.26 to 28. the Lord said: Now will I raise up prophets amongest the, 110.23. the long-armed, the short-legged race, 112.8. in the time of Apollo the, the flesh-eating man was first capable of hearing the voice of thy Lord understandingly, 114.11. very fierce and savage are the, who inhabit the wilderness on the way. They eat the flesh of both man and beast, 130.16. born capable of everlasting life, but mixing with Druks, they brought forth heirs incapable of self-sustenance in heaven, 133.3,4. the, were the founders of Par'si'e, 147.14. the, have lost all energy, depending on spirits for information, 163.2, 3.
  14. I'huans, Samati High God of heaven, the master of the, 172.3; 195.1. the first tribes of, in Guatama after the flood, 367.8, 9. I will leave one race of, on the earth in Guatama even till Kosmon, 405.11.
  15. I'hua' Mazda, the God (Samati) who inspired Zarathustra, 174.6, 7; 187.13. when I (Jehovih) shape My thoughts into words, behold, I am, 283.6; 205.4.
  16. I'hua'Mazdian Law, the school of knowledge kept by God and his Lords for the teaching mortals and angels, 282.24 to 26,29, 30; 193.10.
  17. Illaem, founded by the first swarm out of Shalam, 850.1 to 5.
  18. Immaculate, Jehovih is the, 796.29; 852.7.
  19. Impotency, My (God's) judgment is also against. They have tried their respective religions hundreds of years. And they have not raised up one city of righteous people, 778.34; 803.1,2.
  20. Imposters, protection against, 230.1.
  21. Imprisonment, these are the methods of the, of the mind, 80.14 to 8.
  22. Incarnated, then God descended to the earth, himself in a woman, and was born of a virgin, becoming Christ, the Savior of the world, 656.87.
  23. Incarnate, Jehovih said: Had I weakened since the time of Moses that I needed to, Myself in order to make man understand me? 734.57.
  24. Incest, neither knew man the sin of, but he dwelt as the beasts of the field, 42.1, 9. Druks to be taught the law of, 45.21; 43.6; 59.13.
  25. Inches of Ground mortals cluster together in cities and tribes warring for, whilst vast division of the earth lie waste and vacant, 186.6.
  26. Incomprehensible, whoever saith the, is God blasphemeth before Him (Zarathustra), 625.22.
  27. Individual, the beast, the figure, the person, which is called, 192.5. only Jehovih can create an, 684.9, 12, 14.
  28. Individual Effort, consider the folly of, 802.1.
  29. Indulgences, ye sell, to your angels to engage in wicked practices; ye suffer your ashars to inspire mortal priests to sell, to their followers in the same way, 739.18.
  30. Industry, becometh rest to the etherean, 117.17. that yieldeth profitable support, 422.23. is to keep one's self in constant action to a profitable result, 498.10, 11.
  31. Infallible, this book Oahspe is not, 2.24. the king standeth by nature, the highest of all things, 179.5. what has thou found that is, 570.16, 17.
  32. Infancy, dying in, they have not fulfilled a corporeal life, 9, 10.14 to 19. dying in, their knowledge is incomplete, 11.20, 21; 214.10 and note, dying in, how can ye learn corporeal things? 17 chap, iii; 230.5. a subjective heaven for those who die in, 527,528.3 to 9. dying in, they had not tasted of the fruit of the tree of life, 624.14. half the people born into the world die in, 805.6 to 806.8; 823.29.
  33. Infant, those who have an, born, 680. Spe.
  34. Infants, My people are, in this era, 827.14; 207.9.
  35. Infants, in some countries are whipped for crying, 837.21; 912.13.
  36. Infidel, even the, shall accept the Creator and good works, 793.21.
  37. Initiates, how chooseth thy God his, 917.22 to 36.
  38. Inoculated, I brought venom from rotten flesh, and, thee in the breath of thy mouth. Thou shalt cough blood and foul smelling corruption, 218.22. because Osiris desired to use Thothma, he sent his destroying angels, and they, the breath of Hannah and her husband, and they died by poison in the lungs, 450.16; 163.11; 164.14; 395.25; 399.10. Also, 407.8; 447.14, 18; 459.25; 460.27; 806.17 to 19.
  39. Inoculation or Vaccination, the, of flesh with poison to save it from poison, is to use the battle-ax of Satan, 602.15.
  40. Inqua, Fragapatti bequeathed it to Gods and Lords of earth forever, 279.21, 22. bequeathed by a God of earth to his successor, 357.23. bestowed by Osiris (the false) on Hermes, 406.4. (Panic) a thing within a thing, 612.33.
  41. Inquas, the companions of Zarathustra were styled. 220.4.
  42. Inquisition, victims of the, come before God's throne, 757.19, 20; 760 chap. xii. the army of the, a protecting host to the seven leaders (Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Caroll, Hancock and Washington) of the Guatama revolt, 762.5,24,25. the angels of the, assemble before God and the voice of Jehovih speaks to them, 763.34 to 41. the army of the, go away from the earth for a time, but are to come back before 100 years to free the people from the doctrines and creeds of the ancients, 763.42 to 47.
  43. Inspiration, every living creature do I move and control by My, upon them, 819.6 to 7, 18, 20;823.31 to 35.
  44. Inspiration, cometh less by books, 915.11.
  45. Instinct, erroneously so called, is the capacity to be moved by the positive and negative vortexya, 603.8; 58.18. I gave no, to any creature under the sun. By My presence they do what they do, 821 chap. x. 17, 21.
  46. Inventions, many great, are forgotten, 110.7.
  47. Ipseogee, the location of, reigned over by Hapacha, 223.1.
  48. Irresponsible, there be such as maintain that man, whose tongue is moved by the spirits of the dead, is, for his words. Capilya creepeth not through so small a hole. 479.3.
  49. Isaac, son of Abraham, and his wife Sarai, 340 chap, xiii; 334.13.
  50. Isaah, one of the chief generals of Te-in, 443.2 and note; 458.5.
  51. Ishmael, Hagar's son, 333.5 to 335.18; 336.27; 343.19.
  52. Isis, an idol ordered by Osiris the false, 448.9; Plate 89,666.
  53. Isolated, they that live, and alone on the earth shall be, and alone in the heavens of the earth, 749.7.
  54. Itura (Ahura) sowing evil in Guatama, 368.24 to 26. God of evil, dweller in hell, 370, 371.1 to 8, 13. he called himself the Savior, the wicked monster, 373.33. the name of one of the Triune Saviors for Guatama, 720.29;463.2;615.54.




  1. Jaffeth, name given by the Lord to one of the I'hin fleets at the time of the flood, 71.48. the same as is called Chine'ya (China) to this day, 72.58. the boundaries of, according to Fragapatti, 192.2; 331.26. the people of, at the time De'yus sent Te-in with an army to subdue it, 409, 410.12 to 15. the people of, at the time Te-in subdued it to himself, 443 chap. xlv.
  2. Jah, the history of his name (Ha'jah) exists to this day as, amongst mortals, 31.8. Also 396.32; 458.5; 663.16; 729.10.
  3. Japan, signifying relic of the continent of Pan, 72.55 to 57; 331.25. Aph orders two ships of the I'hins (after the flood) to go to the north land which was not sunken, 81.7, 8; 308.5; 309.12, 15, 17. in the Whaga tongue was Zha'Pan, 72.55. door of, opened in Kosmon, 808.17, 18. See 72.56.
  4. Jehovih, who can attain to know, 5 chap, i; 25.11; 36.26, 27; 87 chap. xii. 6. 's, the sign of, name, in a circle of fire, and the cross, and the leaf of life, 31.7; 5.7. how shall I comprehend Thy magnitude, O, 113.12. who can attain to know Thy wisdom, O, 218.26 to 219.34; 242.26. who is ever present, and extendeth beyond all limit, our Father, 220.8. the All Highest, conceived of, is called, 237.14; 538.24; 707.3. the Highest Ideal, the Nearest Perfect the mind can conceive of, let such be thy, 916.2. the manifestation of knowledge in man is, 550. the magnitude of, is incomprehensible, 556.3. is the soul of all things; He speaketh to soul, 489.19. through the flowers of the field I express Myself in color and perfume; through the lion and mastodon I express myself with power and voraciousness, 56.19; 521.16. is the least Seen, but Always Present when asked for, 264.21. is Life, Motion, Individual, Person, 684.9 to 15. who is, where is, what is His form? What is His extent? Is He person? Whence came His name? 653.8 to 23. thousands of millions of years are the works of My hand! I go not about turning water into wine like a magician or professing to raise the dead! 679. EO, 2. he who knoweth not Me proveth not Me; he who knoweth Me cannot prove Me. Thy All Highest is Me, 533, 534.2, 3. Him thou shalt never see as thou seest a man or an angel, but Him also thou canst see every day in the glory of His works, 795.20. no angel in heaven so high or sufficiently wise to comprehend. Distinguish, then, that the twain God and Jehovih are not the same one, 911.4,14. is equivalent to The All Highest Light, The All Knowledge, 550; 242.28; 660.3, 10; 683 chap.iii. 2, 3. go serve, by lifting up whomsoever is beneath you, 130.28. all things belong to, 490.34; 521.31. remember that all things are of, 728.14. all adoration and glory, 911.4. is to the understanding of all the living, 911.12. or sufficiently wise to comprehend. God and, are not the same one, 911.14. the plan of works, 912.6, wise in providing comfort to both the dead and the living, 912.7. were moved by the spirit of, 912.15. covenant ourselves unto, 912.19, covenanted themselves unto, 912.21. angels of, 912.24, 913.25, 913.30. in the name of, 913.29, so covenanted we with, 913.2, for alike and like, 913.3, the heavens of, 913.6. near this day, 915.10. glory of, 915.16. having faith in, 917.20.
  5. Jehovih's nothing belongeth to any man, for all things are, 338.14. understanding that they own nothing, and that all things are, 777.31. shall not own or possess individually; but that all things are, 814.21. all things were, in care of the keeping of the colony, 853.20.
  6. Jesus, I want to go to, 769.6; 774.13. of grade one there are hundreds of millions of angels strolling about on the earth, crying out: I want to go to Brahma, I want to go to Budha, I want to go to, I want to go to Kriste, 779.14.
  7. Jews (Israelites) who worship none born of woman, 374.42. See the History of Moses, 502 to 532. origin of the name Israelites (Iz-Zerl. The offspring of these two tribes were called Izere or Israel, 629), 511.30. See the basis of the Ezra Bible, 659 to 662. two branches of the, the Leviticans and the Oralites, 688.8 to 11. millions of the Israelites fell beneath the power of Baal, 689.6 to 8. the great majority of the, were worshippers of the Lord and God, believing the Great Spirit was only a large man in heaven, 695.5,6,12. Looeamong assumes to be the one who wrought wonders for the Israelites, and inspires Ezra to gather proofs of his labor, 725.27 to 30. at the time of Joshu, 728.29 to 34. at the Council of Nice many having the appearance of, were rejected altogether, 732.28. God's message to the, 780 chap, v., also 698.10; 732.18; 772.35.
  8. Ji'ay, an atmospherean world of the second degree of density, 6.8. etherean currents bring forth, 6.2. and this is that which is called, 292.2, 3. the earth in, Plate 30,555. regions of, in the firmament, Remarks under Plate 39, 564. (Panic) Semi Light, 616.57.
  9. Ji'ayan Eddies, 46.2, 9. Fields, I have decreed the earth to, for 3000 years, 170.6; 172.2. Forests, three million miles across, 480.3; 465.1;467.13. Swamps, 70.9;465.1.
  10. Ji'niquin Swamp, in etherea, Plate 34,559.
  11. Ji'ya, 53.7; 55.5.
  12. Joshu, an i-e-su in Nazareth, 662.49 to 53. an heir to the voice of Jehovih, raised up by the loo'is at the command of God, 726.11 to 17. Moses and Elias go and stand before, and he sees them, 727.12 to 14. doctrines of, and his death, 727 chap. xliv.
  13. Joss, name assumed by Anuhasaj for the people of Jaffeth to worship, 408.1 and note name afterward assumed by Te-in, 423.7; 482.13; 620.89.
  14. Judas or Zhoo'das, Zarathustra betrayed by, 242, 243.9 to 13 and note, perishes in the chamber of the wall, 248.12. lions eat the body of, 249.17.
  15. Judge, thou shalt be thine own, 547.7; 558.27, 28; 750.7; 761.19; 788.36; 792.46.
  16. Judge, soon or late thou shalt take the matter into thine own hands; and thou shalt look into thine own soul to, thyself, This is to all men; none can escape it, 795.1. man to, all things, even his Creator, 820 chap. ix. 4, 10; 713.24. the, shall, by the lower law, but by the highest interpretation, 290.3, 7.
  17. Judges, the wisdom of the, was so great they could comprehend all the angels had ever done, either on earth or in heaven, 90.9, 10.
  18. Justice, made images of Anubi holding a pair of scales; the same as is made to this day, and called, 393.22.
  19. Justify, neither do I seek to, myself by words or arguments for errors which I have committed, 659.4.




  1. Kabalactes (a former Lord of Jehovih), Triune God of Vind'yu (India) and her heavens, takes his time, and builds a sure foundation, 700 chap. xxii. having ruined the land of Vind'yu, said: Now will I clear away the ruins, and build my everlasting edifice on the earth, 701.20 to 22. rewrites the sacred books, and the manner of so doing, 702.29 to 43. the number of people, had destroyed, 702.43. five of, Sub-Gods revolt, 721.10 to 17. takes to himself the name Budha, 721.18, 19,25. orders Yima to establish him on the earth as Budha, and that he was Sakaya, and that Sakaya was and is the Budha, son of the Triune, son of the Holy Ghost, 721, 722.20 to 28. Budha (the false) decrees the destruction of all books and tablets in the land of Vind'yu, 723, 724.29 to 32. gets most of the Budhists when they die, 738.20. the heavenly place of, greatly alarmed at the appearance of the airavagna of Litabakathrava, 752 chap. iv. sends an arrow-boat to learn the will of this adventurous God, 753.11 to 14. cast into hell, delivered by God out of hell, and judged by Jehovih, 764, 766, 767 chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  2. Ka'yu (Confucius), preparation by God for the birth of, 690 chap. xiv. name of the father and mother of, 710.1, 2. and his disciples not to know they are instruments in God's hands, 711.3 to 5. 's 72 disciples came to him from the twelve provinces of Chine'ya, 711, 712.6 to 10. so spoken through that man might not know it was God speaking, 712.3. 's labor, to choose from all the past that which was best, and to remodel the whole, 712.6. decides to condense the books of the empire, 712.7 to 713.30. states the doctrines of the base, 713 chap. xxxiv; 714 chap. xxxv. born to choose from each and all of them what all of them will accept, 714.2. divides up the labor amongst his seventy-two disciples, 714, 715.7 to 13. produces twenty books, which contain the digest of upwards of 18,000 books, nor had any man in all the world ever done the one-tenth part so great a feat of learning, 715.12. speaks to his disciples before they depart, giving to them his doctrines, 715.13 to 718.70.
  3. Ka'yu, finds two kinds of men, 715.24. enumeration of the books of, 718 chap. xxxvii. the inspiration of, was God by proxy, and not in person. Wherein, on many occasions, he did things of his own accord, and committed some blunders, 719.37.
  4. Kaleidoscope, where is a God like unto thee, Jehovih? Whose, is millions of suns! Taug, 671.1.
  5. Key, here lieth the, of everlasting life, 453.2, 3; 469.3; 72.56. of prophecy for 3300 years ahead, 455.20. herein shalt thou find the, to the Father's kingdom, 916 chap. vi. 1.
  6. Key-note, without a, a number of instruments cannot be attuned to harmony, 240.9; 648, 649.9 to 14; 676; Too, 4; 501.14. the one All Person must ever stand as the, for angels and mortals, 335.6.
  7. Kill, To, My lambs and birds, and whatsoever I created alive, is a simple act, saith Jehovih. Let no man waste much speech because of such destruction, 822.17, 18; 820.16, 17.
  8. Kill Not, thou shalt, 3.17; 4.32; 58.13; 68.21; 331.18. man nor bird nor. beast nor creeping thing, 44.3,8. whoso killeth a man or woman or child shall be put to death, 98.18. thou shalt, what thy Creator created alive, 195.18. any man or woman or child, nor beast nor bird, nor any animal created alive, 220.5; 222.12. anything He created alive, that runs on the ground or flies in the air, 226.4. I commanded them in the olden time to, at all. My words were plain, 354.16, 18; 820.11. Mine, anything I have made alive, 668.11. thou shalt (any living thing), commandments of Moses, 660.13.
  9. King, the weakest, is he who hath the most soldiers and the strongest nation where none are required, 148.8.
  10. Kingdom, where a, cannot retain its own members it is falling away from Me, 260.6.
  11. Kingdoms, My, are not by violence or by war, but by liberty to every soul, 461.10.
  12. King and Queen, have not the angels testified for thousand of years that the, were binding themselves with chains for the habitation of hell? But they will not heed, 511.31; 515.19.
  13. Kings and Emperors, mortals that are raised up to dominion over mortals shall be called. As My Gods and Lords are called My Sons, so shall, be called sons of God, 12.34;65.3;281.2 to 6.
  14. Kissing the Book, I'hua'Mazda stooped down and kissed the book, saying: This is my holy book, Zarathustra kissed the book, 196.6,7.
  15. Knot. See Hell.
  16. Know One Another, how shall we, whether we be of heaven or earth? Seek to know thyself; thou art not thy neighbor's keeper, 252.6.
  17. Knowledge, how all, may be obtained, 58.20. ye shall make mortals put aside all spirituality, and make them pursue, wholly corporeal, 166 chap. xi. there are ways to, one by the soul of things and one by reason, 217.16. all, which is to be everlasting must be obtained objectively, 478.10, 11. whoever provideth not a philosophy for the endless acquisition of, damneth up the running waters I have made, 298.3; 282.19.
  18. Knowledge, great, is all around about; to make man perceive it is the labor of God. Jehovih said: I am; come thou to Me, 551.11 to 14;475.9; 730.8. the sum of all man's, is but man's capacity to perceive My Light, 816.10. since no man can acquire, for another, but that each and all must acquire, for themselves, thou shalt dispose of whatever is before thee in thine own way, 920.2. for another, 920.2.
  19. Kosmon, a heavenly kingdom over North Guatama established by Cpenta-armij, 331.32.
  20. Kosmon, Dawn of, angels allowed to speak to mortals, 770 chap. xix.
  21. Kosmon Day, 826 chap, xviii.
  22. Kosmon Era, the beginning of, 2.26. when the inhabitation of the earth shall be completed, 13.14. when they have carried My name to the west coast of Guatama, 47 5.13. the Faithists of Egupt shall circumscribe the earth and complete it by the time of the, 484.4. to make ready for the, I want not a few, but thousands of millions in heaven and earth, to inspire such as live in darkness, 515.17;550. the year of circumscribing all the earth shall be the beginning of the, 750.25, 26. why it is called the, 772.37; Remarks, Plate 91,748.
  23. Kriste, the name taken by the false God Looeamong, and which is the Ahamic expression for All Knowledge, 730.8, 3. See 730, 731 chap, xlvi, xlvii, xlviii; 769 chap, xviii. said: Think not I came to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword, 830.52 to 58; 732, 733.30 to 37; 777.15; 779.14. See under Christ.
  24. Kristes, this day in the lower heavens there are millions of false, 795.17.
  25. Kriste'yans tribes of warriors amongst mortals raised up by Thoth, at the command of Looeamong, and induced to call themselves, 730.5 to 8.




  1. Labor, the idle and the rich who, not with the corporeal body, are born into heaven helpless as babes, 498.12; 320.21. crieth out in pain, but capital smiteth him with a heartless blow, 5.35.
  2. Laborers, My, shall not have desire to be either fathers or mothers, nor shall they seek in any way things that belong on the earth or have passions that belong only to the earth. 814.11.
  3. Lamb, Zarathustra called the, of God, 178.14. the, of thy God (Dyaus). And he shall be called Capilya the, of heaven, 469.2. in Egupt the, of Jehovih is dead, 517.13. Sed (Panic), the sign Aries, a, 615.50.
  4. Lamb of Peace, Christ is the, 656.87. tell these heathen ye are worshippers of the, 764.6.
  5. Lamentations of the angels who peopled the earth, 20.7 to 30. song of, for the tribes that were lost, 132.10.
  6. Land, no one individual possesseth, save what he tilleth, and then only by donation from the community in which he dwelleth and only during his lifetime, after which it reverteth to the community, 491.7. to hold more, than one can till is to sin against them that have none, 482.4.
  7. Lands, because of their religion they could not own property, neither houses, nor, nor cattle, nor beasts of burden, 209.4. but of all others, neither buy nor sell, 339.23,24.
  8. Language, thus man made a written, in every region of the earth, 290.7; 127.9.
  9. Languages, Fonece, the first and oldest of mortal made, and all, since, made by man, 404.5; 146.10; 525.3.
  10. Latitude became confounded with fact, as to the length of time a man lived, 531, 532.19,20.
  11. Law, I, the Lord God, have made self-preservation the first, 393.5; 104.25; 794.8. for we (the Triunes) shall teach mortals and angels that all things are by, and the word, shall take the place of the term, Great Spirit or Jehovih, 696.22; 709.23; 435.4.
  12. Laws, the, are all highest, 179.4 to 181.4. he draweth up a multitude of, and he heapeth up books to explain the, 101.6. to understand the, of the universe is great wisdom, 555, 556.8 to 30. no, made by man in the Father's kingdom, 810.2. this is a home for all people; but yet they shall make prohibitory, to the contrary, 856.17.
  13. Lawyers, have not lessened the rascality of the wicked, or depleted the number of defrauders, 560.22;4.37; 518.8. Hiss'sa (Panic) one whose soul is full of serpents. 620.85.
  14. Leader, make me a, let me be the head, 915.10, 11;118.8;511.31;800.8. why was not this tried before? A people without a, 840.12.
  15. Leader-forth, in Kosmon I shall not raise up any great. My light shall fall on thousands and thousands, 750.21; 800.16. the name Moses signifieth, a, 508.8 and note; 515.48.
  16. Leaders, many, have I created for the earth and her heavens; but not one have I created with power to make a, of himself, 514.12. were all the, dead, the people themselves would not be very bad, 716.35. no, or rulers in the Father's kingdom, 810.2; 775.29.
  17. Learned Man, if a rich man with his hoarded wealth do little for the resurrection of man, how much less doeth the, with a head full of knowledge, 560.10.
  18. Learned Men of all other peoples shall be forgotten, their wisdom be like the wind that bloweth away, 474.5 to 7; 406.6; 710.10. the, are farther away from the Father than are these devouring lions, 248.14 to 249.19.
  19. Learned People, I (Ka'yu) have to deal with a, who have scarcely room to stand, 714.4; 338.9 to 11.
  20. Learning, by the mouth, 321.14; 363.24; 146.7. the greatest of all, is to learn how to live in the best way that we may be happy here and hereafter. There is no other, so important as this, 837.10.
  21. Leather, the Lord, taught the shepherd kings how to make, 148.24; 156.2.
  22. Length, a, was the average, of a man after trying 1000 men, 453.15; 463.4.
  23. Lens, 590.1 to 591.16; 816 chap. ii. 14.
  24. Leonidas, the Argosyan, and a thousand million of his angels sent by God to the earth to liberate the slaves of Guatama, 770.4. See under Xerxes and Leonidas.
  25. Leotonas, daughter to Pharaoh, and sister and mother to Moses, 509.11, 12.
  26. Leprosy, 77.25; 523,5.
  27. Levites, i.e., imperfect flesh, 527, 528.301 31; see also 503.7. but that the, may be friends with me suffer them to worship the Lord their God, 625.22.
  28. Levitican Laws written by Moses, 531.13.
  29. Leviticans, i.e., hangers-on, and of imperfect flesh and spirit, 688.8, 9. Moses, being about to give up his soul, said: I feel a thorn pricking my side, and I know it is the, 625.22.
  30. Liars, there are men who do great good unto others, and are talented withal, but who are great, 785.12 to 14.
  31. Liberty, wherein have I not given, unto all people, 100.1 to 3. his argument for, the bait of hada, 118.10, 11. the beginning of, 160.25; 199.20. the Ormazdian government giveth, 231.3. how make decrees that they pervert not, 232.7. Capilya discoursed on, 483.7, 8. the foremost of all lessons is that all men shall have, and no man's judgment be binding on another's, 358.17, 523.22; 557.18. for I give, even unto Mine enemies, 768.30; 791.25; 750.11. even to them that choose darkness and evil have I given, also, 461.9, 10. Jehovih giveth, to man and with it also responsibility, 823 chap, xiii; 915.8, 9.
  32. Libraries of atmospherea, 119.1. thousands of public, which supplied books freely to the poor, 405.10. which records are in the, of heaven, 495.2. mortals shall see and read the books in the, of these heavens, 681.8. mortals shall recover, from the libraries in heaven, things that have been lost on earth, as to languages and histories of tens of thousands of years ago, 815.13. thou, Kabalactes, hast destroyed a thousand mortal, 741.21. Looeamong destroys the ancient state records and, 737.22; 567.10.
  33. Life, tell me O my Creator, whence came, 8.3, 13, 14; 5.4; 190.6. neither shall any man nor woman have favor in the courts who holdeth sacred the, of a cow, or a horse, or a dog, or any other animal on the face of the earth, or in the waters, or in the air above the earth, 317.26, 28; 179.7. Hi Seiang telleth Po what, is: It is but an effervescence that cometh and goeth, and there is the end, 319.25; 483.5. in the time I created, on the earth I brought the earth into hyarti (nebula) for a thousand years, 558.1, 2. is unfathomable by man, 595.18 to 20. none, even the highest raised angels, can create, 684.14. resteth with Jehovih only; it is His, 716.35. I'yi (Panic), the origin of, who knoweth? 624.14.
  34. Light, Remarks under Plates 43,567; Plate 45,568. is a condition of things in the master vortex, 585.34. is polarity of corporeal needles in solution, 585.35. cometh not from the sun. There is no such thing as travel of, in fact, 597.1; 585.34. is a manifestation of vortexian power, 589.26. the method of manufacturing, 590 chap, iii; 495.28; 523.15, 916 chap. vi. it is an error say say: Wave of, or bent ray of, 595.1,2;917, 918.5 to 11. encourage unto strength and happiness shall be called light, 916.6; 916.3 to 10.
  35. Light-houses, my God of the earth shall inspire mortals to build, for man's ships that travel on the ocean, 747.2.
  36. Lika, a Nirvanian chief, who sprang from the corporeal star Atos and had been raised to etherean 125,000 years, 466.8, 9. Jehovih tells, of the raising up of Capilya, Chine and Moses, and what is to be done on the earth through them, 475.11 to 13. alights, with his airavagna and his eight hundred million, on the plateau Theovrahkistan and founds his kingdom, 481.1 to 4. ordered by Jehovih to bring the four true Gods to his capital, Yogannaqactra, 482.9 to 12. told by the voice that for 3000 years to come all names worshipful belong to the Ever Present, 482, 483.15 to 17. gives new names to the five true Gods, assigning to each of them their labor with Capilya, Chine, Moses and the Faithists, 484.8 to 485.7. makes his appointments for the divisions of the earth during dawn, 486.2. ordered by Jehovih to send a hundred and seventy-five million of his hosts to deliver all hells, 487.11 to 13. proposes to examine the earth and her heavens, 493, 494.1 to 7. 's records show that, at that time, there were ninety-one thousand million angels in hell, 495.3 to 7. gives a new grade to the heavens, 495, 496.8 to 11. finds one hundred and twenty-five thousand million angels who had no knowledge of or belief in any higher heavens, 497.21. receives Osiris and Te-in and Sudga before him for judgment, 508.11, 12. speaks at the time of their judgment, for the voice 01 Jehovih is upon him, 514.12 to 515.23. ordered by Jehovih to take all angels from the earth below the first resurrection, and the fulfilling the order, 516 chap, xx to xxiii. again goes around the earth and her heavens, and establishes the subjective heaven of Yaton'te in greater efficiency, 527.1. to 528.10. goes to the earth and brings Chine to Yogannaqactra, 529.1 to 530.10. sends for the Goddess Lissa, who comes and takes him and his hosts and sixty-four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms to etherea, 530 chap. xxvi.
  37. Listians, tribes of, lived in the Forest of Goats, 177.13; 183.2. styled themselves shepherd kings, 183.5. the Zarathustrians were friends to the, the wild people, 242, 243.5,6. the, who made baskets and trinkets in the forest, 328.10, 12. and herefrom sprang a people called, who living mostly in the forest, went naked, 404.2 to 4.
  38. Listians, the, maintained the fifth rite in the resurrection, 405.10. the, of Jaffeth not subdued to Te-in, 443.5.
  39. Litabakathrava, Orion chief of 240,000 years, offers to take to the earth the ten million ethereans who had volunteered for 400 years, 751.4. says: I have seen many corporeal worlds arrive at the Kosmon Era, 755.13 to 21. 's, a great shining light gathers above, head, and a voice spake out of the light, 756.22 to 35. 's, ship rises upward, and the fire-boats of the four false Gods arrive in Paradise, 756.1.
  40. Living, according to the different structure of the, so is My inspiration manifested by them. According to their organic structure, 818. chap. vi. 3, 7; 56.19.
  41. Looeamong, who had been a Lord of Jehovih, and was high in grade, becomes one of the Triunes, with a capital city, Hapsendi, over Egupt, and each and every one of the three take the title, Son of the Holy Ghost, 690.9, 10. and the false Gods he overthrew, 698.6 to 701 chap. xxii. 16. after the fall of Ashtaroth, said: Next shall fall Baal, 700.13. said: Till I have Baal also cast into hell I will not cease the carnage of mortal blood, 724.4. said: I come not to bring peace, but war! I come to set nation against nation, man against man. For righteousness’ sake will I purify the earth with human blood, 724.9. beheld with fear and trembling his formidable enemy Baal, and sends to Budha (Kabalactes) for assistance, 724, 725.15 to 20. obliged to accede to Budha's demands to cede Egupt to him, or have his kingdom destroyed by Baal, 725.21, 22. with these additional forces routed Baal, but he did not capture him nor subdue him, 725.23 to 25. resolves to adopt for himself the names Lord and God, 725.26 to 33. the craft and wisdom of Baal baffled., and he fights no longer for the Trinity nor the Holy Ghost, but to save his heavenly kingdom and keep out of hell, 728.3, 5. receives a message from Thoth, who is ordered before the Holy Council in Hapsendi, 729.8 to 13. a disturbance arises in the council of, and, drives them from his palace, that he may have an opportunity to reason with himself, 729.14 to 20. Satan speaks unto, the Triune, 730 chap. xlvi. has it proclaimed in heaven and earth that he is the Kriste, which is the Ahamic expression for all knowledge, and thus becomes a false God, 730.3, 4. great success now attends the wars of, 730.9. captures mostly all the false Gods and Lords and breaks up the oracle houses, 730.10 to 14. bewails the wars and also his own doctrines, 730.15 to 731.27. asks: Shall these things continue forever? Whom shall I inquire of, 731.28. decides to look to himself. Henceforth I go not down to the earth to send peace, but a sword, and I will make the foes of a man they of his own household, 731.29 to 38. 's chief warrior God, Thoth, said: Thy followers have no king or queen on earth to protect them, 731.1 to 9.
  42. Looeamong, decides to have a mortal emperor, 731, 732.10 to 13. and his angel hosts appear in the heavens above Hatuas' army, so that all the soldiers behold them, 732.14. shows Hatuas, in the air of heaven, a true cross on which was written in letters of blood: Il'Kriste, but no man present could read the inscription, 732.15, 16. through Gabriel (Thoth) captures Baal, and all the false Gods in all the regions far and near, and casts them in hell, 732.21 to 23. inspires Hatuas to call a council of wise men to make one religion, 732.26. through Thoth, inspires Hatuas to have the council make the book of books (see 731.38), 732, 733.30 to 35. inspires them to make choice of a God, 732.36 to 41. so manages as to have Kriste (himself) proclaimed God and Lord of all the nations of the earth, 733.42 to 46. 's the Holy Ghost was, labor, 733, 734.52 to 56. now enriches his heavenly kingdom, and makes himself almost inaccessible, 734.1 to 5. destroys the Alexandrian Library and the state records and libraries of Heleste and Arabin'ya, 736,737.21,22. declares war in heaven against Gabriel, 737.24. and Thoth and Ennochissa and Kabalactes, after fighting 500 years more, divide the earth and the heavens thereof between them, 737.1 to 3. and the three other Gods now adorn their heavenly kingdoms, 737.4 to 738.18. (Kriste) gets most of the Kriste'yans of earth when they die, 738.21. God's prophecy of, thou shalt conquer all the earth, and trail it round with mortal blood. And after that thou shalt be hated above all other false Gods that have ever been. And last of all thou shalt go down, and thy heavenly kingdom with thee, 744.18, 19. 's heavenly kingdom alarmed at the appearance of the airavagna of Litabakathrava, 754 chap. vii. sends a fire-boat to Paradise to learn the will and pleasure of this God, 754.8, 9. 's captain of the fire-boat discovers God's plan for redeeming the world, 757.6 to 8. causes Colombo to be cast into prison, 757.9 to 12. inspires the popes to cause mortals to be scourged and put to death for heresy, 757.19,20. 's popes and cardinals risen up against by people calling themselves Protestants, 757.21. 's angels obsess settlers in Guatama to flay and burn the Quakers, for Kriste's sake, 758.9 to 14. precipitates the colonies into war, 762.22. inspires the formation of the East India Co., 764.5 to 9. leads his mortal emissaries into Chine'ya, 764.10 to 12. destroys the Algonquins, 764.13, 14. is cast into hell, delivered by God, and judged by Jehovih, 764 chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  43. Loo'is, their office and labor, 56.20, 21; 33 chap. xvii. masters of generations, angels next in rank above guardian angels, i.e., 58.3. who were ethereans of great wisdom, 63.22; 115.7.
  44. Loo'is, highly learned angels, sent to raise up a su'is sar'gis, 173.3, 4. he shall serve 200 years as an apprentice, and shall become proficient in the knowledge of procreation of mortals, 287.2, 3. sent from etherea, and at the end of 180 years they are to raise up heirs and followers when Cpenta-armij comes, 301 chap. xiii. six generations previous to the time of Capilya, God sends half a million angels down to the land of Vind'yu, 465.1 to 7; 475.10. the manner of which the, raised up Moses, 502 chap. xiii. God sends his, to Chine'ya to bring forth a birth capable of the All Voice, but not capable of su'is (Ka'yu), 690 chap. xiv. a million, sent to Vind'yu, and given many generations in which to produce Sakaya and many disciples and followers, 691 chap, xv; 705.1 to 5. the, sent by God to raise up an Israelite (Joshu) capable of the Father's Voice, 694.46; 726.11, 14. God ordered by the Voice to send, to Guatama, 746.39; 761.1 to 4. ye shall appoint, unto millions of mortals, 750.21 to 24. since 400 years my, shaped mortal births to bring about the armies of God, 812.1 to 6.
  45. Lord, I the, a one-time mortal, with my holy angels, who had sprung from the earth in former times, 95.3; 684.15. Osire decreed: One, shall ye give to every city and oracle, 164.7. a, hath dominion with mortals only, and with such ashars as minister unto them, 194.19; 684.21.
  46. Lord and God, which they shall worship till the coming of the next dawn. But I will come in that day and deliver you and them, and there shall be no more, upon the earth or in the heavens thereof, 514.15.
  47. Lorddom, as mortals on earth have military stations, so was the, of Vishnu, 300.29, 30.
  48. Lord God, a, hath dominion first with mortals, and second with the first heaven in his division which resteth on the earth, 194.18. the duties and labors of a, 376.6 and chap. ii. (the false), Anuhasaj (De'yus). the, who, of woman born, was the most presuming son of the earth had yet brought forth, 401.8. to him, in likeness of a man, with head, and legs, and arms in boundary and size of a man, sitting on a throne, to him the great, will I ever bow in reverence, 399.13; 388.8. Jehovih said: The time shall come when angels and mortals shall know of a truth that the, is a false God, and a vainglorious usurper, 405.11. that the all highest heaven was Hored, where the, sat on his throne in great glory, and around him on every side were thousands of millions of angels, who had attained to everlasting peace, with nothing more to do but to bow and sing praises unto their God forever, 418.3; 406.10. they have made the, as the Creator, and set him up as a man on a throne to worship him, 463.7. laws of the, 393.3 to 17; 564.20; Remarks, Plate 19,493;661.28. See under Anuhasaj.
  49. Lords, and God shall appoint chiefs under him who shall go down and dwell on the earth with mortals; and they shall be called, for they are Gods of land, 11.13, 14; 15.34. for inasmuch as I (the Lord) have been exalted by the Father, so are ye all in waiting for your turn in the heavens above to become, 65.1 to 6; 112.9, 10.1. God said: In the cities and country places I have, innumerable, and they know the rates and grades of their people, their occupations, their aspirations, their labors, their behavior, private and public, 800.1,2.
  50. Lords and Gods, to induce angels to develop themselves by taking hold with their own hands, and by the exercise of their own talents; this is the work of, 131.5.
  51. Lord Thy God. Saul changes the words of the commandments (of Moses) to the, 661.27.
  52. Lost Tribes, of the six thousand migrants there were lost ten tribes, 131.6 to 132.10, note. the, took the name of shepherd kings, 148.19 to 24.
  53. Love, think of this great matter the growth of, 118.1,2. Osiris and Ahura discourse upon, 441.7. Capilya discourseth upon, 498.14; 510.25. thou shalt, thy neighbor as thyself (Joshu), 727.8; 58.8. God discourseth on, 920, chap. xii. (Panic) Ope. By, only moveth any man; even in anger he moveth not but by the, that appeaseth it (Abraham). Man would not give but because he loveth to do so (Confucius), 624.16.
  54. Low, the, delight to dwell in a city or near a place of filth, if companionable, rather than to go to a place of isolation where improvement is possible, 339.19.
  55. Lusters, who dwell in old castles and ruined cities, 53.5. spirits who feed on the secret vices of mortals, 686.11; 741.19.
  56. Luts, condensed earthly substance falling upon a planet in great quantities, 602.3 to 5.




  1. Magnetism mortals have been taught erroneously in regard to a north pole, in the earth, 583.14. the positive and negative vortexian power erroneously called, 586.47. when vortexya lieth dormant, as in iron, it is called, 584.21. when vortexya is charged in iron, it is called, 591.12.
  2. Magnitudes, how shall we measure? 224.7.
  3. Majority, the highest wisdom in the state or in a community is not with the, but with a small minority, 835.29. a, is, and was, and ever shall be the lesser light, 856.2. why not decree according to the, vote? That is the lower light, being the light of men only, 708.12 to 14.
  4. Man, the failures of, are worse than any other living creature, 2.7. how was the beginning of, 9.8 to 11; 37.7, 11;819.17 to 23;553.16, 17. the first of the race of man on earth began about 78,000 years, B.K., 597.21. the name of the first race was Asu (Adam, 450.11), because they were of the earth only, 42.4; see Plate, page 57.
  5. Man, and there was born of the first race (Asu) a new race called, 9, 10.12 to 18. the name of the second race was I'hin (Abel), because they were capable of being taught spiritual things. The Lord said: Man only have I delivered unto knowledge of his Creator, 42.1 to 5. strayed out of the garden of Paradise, and began to dwell with the Asu'ans (Adams), and there was born into the world a new race called Druk (Cain), 42.13. mature, and the immature, 25.7. in the time of the earth when, was brought forth from mortal to immortal life, the earth passed beyond se'mu, 10.5. the nearest blank of all the living created He, 25.8, 9; and yet shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living creature, 58.17 to 20; 460.1. and, dwelt with beasts, falling lower than all the rest, 46.19. by the Lord was, made upright on the earth, 67.18;26.15;42.1. the Lord left, for a season to himself, and he fell from his high estate, 58.21. the Lord raises, up once more, and again departs, and the race of, descends into utter darkness. And, became on the earth as a harvest that is blighted and rotted because of its rankness, 58 chap. ii. for I created, to enter heaven as helpless as he entered earth life, 83.27. but instead of beatifying his thoughts, hearkeneth to tetracts and clotheth himself in clouds, 98.16. in the early age of a world, hath inherent but two impulses, 113.9. the appearance of, as Apollo remembered the earth, 113.16. in the time of Apollo (18,200 B.K.), in his present form, was brought into being on the earth, 113.10 allowed by God to eat cloven-footed animals, except swine, 115.20,21. taught by the angels to make books of skins and of bark and of cloth, 129.5. the first, the second, and the third passion of, 132.6. in the time of Thor (15,400 B.K.) considered not the shapeliness of his spouse and even today seeketh a spouse of wasted flesh for sake of gold, 134.15, 17. should learn of what he can see and hear and prove rather than of spirits whom he cannot prove nor find when he wants them, 145.20. it being not the will of Jehovih that, should be forever led, because, forsooth, his Lord saith, 150.15. advanced in great learning of corporeal knowledge, 155.19, 20. the power and glory of, were greater than had ever been before in all the world, 156, 157.1 to 3. becomes conceited, and God goes away from, for a season, that he may learn wisdom, 157.4 to 7. takes to worshipping the stars, 158.11. thou hast said: Man can make himself whatsoever he will, 150.15. the spirit of, groweth by giving away of whatsoever the spirit hath to give, 159.13 to 16; 109.8, 9; 208.14. shall search all things to find Me (the All Highest), 170.8; 154.11. hath it been proven to thee that, cannot stand still? 199, 200.4, 8.
  6. Man, there is a spiritual, within all men, and it never dieth, and is only one that can discern spiritual things and recognize the spirits of the dead, 187.9. each and every, is bound in his own channel by something stronger than himself, 197.14. will rise up in self-conceit against his Creator, saying: Behold me! I am the highest of all things, 317.23; 179.4; 187.11. that which, calleth evil is unripe, and that which, calleth good is ripe. Without green fruit none could be ripe; without evil none could be good, 556.17; 191.17 to 19. when a potter hath a pot half made, sayest thou it is an evil pot? Nay, but that is not yet completed. Even so are all men. Those who are good are completed, but those who are evil are unfinished work. 240.4. and thus becometh, evil instead of good, 819 chap. vi. 18, 19. the highest, best, most perfect, is he who can do all things, 325.10. the corpor of, I created as a womb for the es of man. By death, behold, the es is born, 552.26, 27. to find the se'muan age of, 597.26, 27. cannot advance to the highest kingdoms until perfected in all particulars, 686, chap. viii. in Kosmon, shall be conceited of himself above all the ages past, and they shall deny Me, and quarrel with My name, and cast Me out. Remarks under Plate 91, 748; 50.18. how, is made, kept alive and accumulateth knowledge, 816, 817 chap, i, ii, iii. how one, is a skeptic, and one a believer in the Creator, 817 chap. iv. is spoken to by the Creator with two kinds of voices, 817 chap. v. is told the order in which Jehovih created animals and man on the earth, 818 chap. vi. is instructed as to the direct and indirect inspiration of the Creator, 819 chap, vii, viii; 820 chap. ix. is told by Jehovih to let all men hear Him in their own way, and not to interfere with his brother, 821 chap, xi; 358.17 to 21. only, of all My created animals, created I not perfect in his order, 822.1. as there was a time when I created every animal perfect in its order; so shall such time come unto. And now is the dawn thereof, 823.31,32. is given liberty to choose his inspiration, 823, 824.17 to 30. the, of darkness more ruled by angels than the, of light 826 chap, xviii. apply thyself to understand the spirit of my discourse, 916.1.
  7. Man's, the Lord gives the earth into, keeping, 95,96.10,11. hair on his head grows long and straight, and he begins to have a beard (400 years after Apollo), 125.13. covenant with Jehovih, 559.29 to 42. according to, birth and surroundings so is he good or bad, 820 chap. viii. 5.
  8. Mansions. Yima caused mortals to be taught that there were, in heaven ready for their souls after death, 262.12.
  9. Manuscript, thy spirit is a, in thine own handwriting; thou art daily writing thy grade and the place of thy abode in heaven, 792.46.
  10. Marriage, not he alone can annul that which hath been united, nor yet they twain; for, by their bondage, I (Jehovih) am also a party to the contract, 160.27. the fullness of earth knowledge requireth, yet the bondage after death holdeth the spirit of man for six generations to his own heirs, 322.25. God discourseth thereon, 788 chap. xiv. one, only do we permit (in Shalam) to any man or woman, 852.8 to 10.
  11. Marriage Rites, the Divan laws in regard to, 283.13, 14;291.14, 15.
  12. Marry, thou shall not, but once; neither shalt thou look after any other partner all the days of thy life, 323.11; 321.19; 322.26, 29; 519.19. no man nor woman shall, more than one time, 814.2 to 4.
  13. Mass, the origin of saying, 54.12. night, for the spirits of the dead, 229.12, 13. is Sanscrit for moon (mas), 621.108; 229.12 note to 12.
  14. Master, origin of, as applied to the Creator, 308.10, 11. to be, of one's flesh and desires and passions and words, these are great gifts indeed, 479.3.
  15. Masters and Servants, 325.7; 338.13; 512.36; 828.11.
  16. Mastodon, the Hogawatha, the rooting animal of wisdom, 370.14.
  17. Materialization (Sar'gis), by spirits of the dead, the angels could readily take on corporeal bodies for themselves, 9, 10.14 to 18; 10.4; 42.2. angels of darkness came upon the earth, taking upon themselves the semblance of corporeal forms and dwelling with mortals, 134.22. Asha sees spirits, but yet he believes not, 185.1 to 186.5. the angels took on forms looking like mortals, 217.18 to 219.28. the king of Tse'gow, having slain himself, appears in Sar'gis, 223.18 to 224.24; 225.5;226.8;229.13. Zarathustra, and afterward the two thieves, in sar'gis, 250.21 to 24; 252.1; 252.23. the spirits took on sar'gis and walked about amongst mortals, being seen and felt; and they talked audibly, 263.17. the angels in Sodom walked amongst the people, and the people knew they were angels, but cared not for them, 330.7, 8. one of the evil angels who had followed Abraham and his people from Sodom appears to them, 330.11 to 331.19. angels appear to Brahma and his family, 356.5, 6; 359.16; 359.1 to 360.11. Yu-tiv appears in sar'gis, 365.5 to 366.11. the angel of God came in the sacred circle and stood in the midst, 366.1 to 3. Brahma and Yu-tiv appear in sar'gis, 366.4 to 367.13. an abundance of familiar spirits dwelt with mortals; took on sar'gis forms and ate and drank with them, 445.22. the three angels, Egupt, Baal and Ashtaroth, show themselves to the college students, 354.13. many spirits came in sar'gis in the families of the Eguptians, eating and drinking with them corporeally; yea, and even doing things whereof no man may speak, 458.13.
  18. Materialization, Jehovih's angel appears before the king Yokovrana, 496.32 to 34. the land of Egupt is overrun with spirits of darkness, and mortals have attained to see them, and they dwell together as one people, angels and mortals, 502.2; 513.39, 40; 626.23. Te-zee, king of A'shong (in China), investigates mediums and spirits of the dead, 540.17 to 545.36. Te-zee's conclusions in regard thereto, 545.1, 2. after Chine died and his body was burned to ashes, he appeared and walked about on the earth, even the same as before death, for seven days, 548 chap. xxx.
  19. Me-de, the kingdom of, established in the first remove from the earth, 378.10, 1 to 6.
  20. Memory, their, is as a troubled dream that will not go away from them, 397.8. how can I deliver thee (Ahura) from them? I may take away thy person, but I cannot deliver thy, 311.22. a thief carries his stolen goods not only in this world, but in heaven to the end of his, 253.9. when a murderer is in heaven his, of the deed writeth in human blood a stain on his soul, which all others see, 253.10. when thou art fevered, or entranced, or in diverse action from thy usual bent, thy soul turneth into these stores, and thy, cometh forth wonderfully, 817.12.
  21. Men, unto all, alike gave I all things in My worlds, 149.14; 756.23. where, oft unarmed, went into the arena and fought lions and tigers with their naked hands, choking them to death before applauding multitudes, 404.2; 446.13.
  22. Menial Office, neither have I exalted any God so high but the most, is his glory, 181.12; 392.27.
  23. Meteoric Stones, how formed, 593.1, 2; 594.7. fell like a shower of rain, 292.4. See also Nebulae. See also Plate, 29,555.
  24. Methodists professed the true Kriste, 769.17.
  25. Microscopes in the cycle of Osire, 156.2; also 590.7.
  26. Mighty Power, a time cometh to every man and woman born, on earth or in heaven, when sore disaster, if nothing else, will cast him helpless in agony, to make him own the, who created him, 460.5.
  27. Migrants (Ghans) from Shem, Ham, and Jaffeth, 129.6 to 132.17; 226.9; 611.21.
  28. Milk, a substitute for, 841.29 to 34; 321.21; 148.20, 24.
  29. Mine, to him who saith this is, I have not spoken, 149.6, 7; 777.31; 852.2.
  30. Miracle, So-qi said: Thou hast come and said: Behold, a what value is a, save to those who witness it? 176.5 to 7. what man is not accustomed to he calleth a, 701.1 to 3.
  31. Miracles, Chine said: Whosoever becometh one with the Father, to such a man are many, possible, 539.9. Sakaya said: Even magicians and spirits of darkness can attain to the same, 710, 11, 12. and to whomsoever worshippeth Gods or Saviors because of, give thou them plentifully of, and signs through unclean spirits and through mortal sar'gis of low grade, 774.20 to 22. Zarathustra did all things that the ancients accredited to the Gods as, 668.15; 205.5.
  32. Miracles, Moses discoursed to Pharaoh (Nu-ghan) on, 520.13, 14; 523.7. I will show, unto all the world, that no man or God is worthy to be worshipped because of, 813.16 to 30; 774.23.
  33. Miriam, sister of Moses, 528.32.
  34. Mishm the hosts of the Lord God were called, 377.5.
  35. Missionaries, God judgeth, 803 chap. xxix.
  36. Moabites who were of the Foneceans, 333.2.
  37. Mohammed announces his doctrines, 736.18. draws the sword for Gabriel (Thoth), 736.2, 19, 20.
  38. Mohammedans when they died went to Gabriel's heaven, 738.22.
  39. Mohammedanism, the origin of, 734 chap. xlix.
  40. Mongrel, a fourth race rose up in the world, and it was, being dark and short and less noble, 297.19; 298.2; 302.11, 12,16.
  41. Monstrosities betwixt man and beast, 45.6, 8; 46.18, 19.
  42. Months, how the, are defined, 824.16 to 23.
  43. Moon, how the, was made, 594.14; 179.15; 156.33;23.18. the cause of the light of the, 586.43; 589.26 to 590.35. the temperature of the, far below zero, yet she emitteth both, light and heat, 597.16 to 18. Git (Panic), 612.36; 194.9; 615.51 to 53. 's, the, vortex being an open vortex, turneth not the moon, 583.4.
  44. Moon Gods, 665.44, 45.
  45. Mormons, a sect established by a drujan God named Piad, who called himself, The True-Kriste, 769.7, 8.
  46. Mortal, the, desireth to become a spirit, an Etherean, an Orian, a Nirvanian, an Oe'tan and then to travel in the surveys of magnitudes, 220.8.
  47. Mortals, how, were taught to worship the names Lord, and God, and Lord God, and Joss, and Ho'joss, and De'yus, and Dyaus, and Deity, and Zeus, according to the language of the people, 418.2. Te-in said: All, at best are but as unhatched eggs; and when they are dead their souls are as hatched chickens for the Gods to play with, 424.16; 428.20. Osiris and Ahura discourse upon, 422.10 to 13. and, took to destroying ill-formed children and cripples, 125.7. by the works and behavior of, are all things known and proven, 520.26. God showeth that all, are under the dominion of spirits, 777.22; 912.10.
  48. Moses, before his birth, perceived by the loo'is capable of the Father's voice, 503.11. thy son's name shall be, signifying a leader-forth, 508.8. the Israelites were looking for a leader-forth even as I was named in the basket, 515.48. was a large man, pure I'huan, copper colored, of great strength, master of many languages, 509.13. found in a basket, in the palace grounds, by Leotonas, the king's daughter, 507.2, 3. a thousand Israelitish male children to be put to death, among the rest, 508.4. the truth of the matter in regard to, 508, 509.8 to 12. raised as a prince by Pharaoh, 509.13. made embassador to foreign kingdoms, 510.14. told to life up his voice for his people, 510.18.
  49. Moses, travels over the land of Egupt, and returning, has an interview with the king, 510.21 to 511.23. ear opened to hear the Voice, 511.24. an angel of Jehovih appeareth to, 511.27 to 30. and his brother Aaron travel about in Egupt, 512.13. accused of killing an Eguptian, 512.33. ordered by Jehovih to return to the king, who is sick, 514.42. consults with the king as to the migration of his people, 514.43 to 515.50. has a commission appointed, 515.1 to 3. appoints a time for the people to start, and every family to offer a lamb in sacrifice, 517.12,13. goes to the king, who dies in his arms, 518.15 to 17. goes quickly to his people, 518.1. goes before the king (Nu-ghan), and pleads his cause, 519.8 to 522.18. said: Whether in this world or the next, thou (Nu-ghan) shall yet call unto me to deliver thee from torments, 522.19. is foretold of the cloud of locusts, sends the prophecy to the king, and the locusts appear, 523.7 to 524.10. prophesies the coming of frogs and reptiles, 524.11,12. prophesies the death of the first-born, 524.13. starts with his people to go out of Egupt, 525.18. and Aaron review the people as they pass, 526.22. the number of people taken by, out of Egupt, 527.30. guards against his being worshipped, 529.1 to 530.6. establishes rites and ceremonies, 530.8 to 12. writes the Levitican Laws, 530.13. the age of, at the time he reached Shakelmarath, 531.15. it is doubtful if the world ever produced so good and great a man, 531.14. in heaven, payeth the judgment of Jehovih, 692 chap, xvi; 695.1 to 4. and Elias come from etherea and take Nu-ghan and his host to etherea, 727.3 to 11,15. and Elias went and stood before Joshu, 727.13. 's song unto Jehovih sung by his sister Miriam, 528.32 to 529.16.
  50. Motion, which is everlasting unrest, 140.10; 5.1. no angel in heaven, however exalted, can create, 684.14.
  51. Mountain, I made the way of life like going up a, 854.42;851.11. Ka'yu said: I saw a man on a, calling to his flocks in the valleys, but they understood him not, and came not. Then he came midway down the, and called; and the flocks heard him and understood, and they went up to him, 717.61.
  52. Music is of two kinds: sound and assimilation, 501.14.




  1. Nature, what is, O man? 556.21 to 24. all things are, and of growth, 157.5.
  2. Nature's Laws, setting at defiance, 406.9.
  3. Nebulae, third degree of density of atmospherean worlds, 6.8. brought forth by etherean currents, 6.2. Fragapatti explains in regard to, 221.4 to 223.11. internal and external to the sun's vortex, 588.16 to 19. fell in many places (on the earth) to the depths of three lengths (17 ft.) 463.4. then I overcast the earth with falling, 819.15. the earth in, Plate, 33,558.
  4. Neighbor, thou shalt not talk of thy, behind his back, for Ormazd heareth thee, and angels will go tell thy neighbor's soul what thou hast said, 195.24. no man should hold dominion over his, 183.5.
  5. Neph, God of the earth for 4000 years preceding and 200 years after the flood, 61.33; 32.9, 11. See also 71.7, 8; 81.6; 82.6; 85.1; 90 chap. xiv. 8.
  6. New Year's Day, on this day the sun taketh his course for the Hadan line, and from this time forth (73,000 years B.K.) it shall be called the, 30.13. when the sun on his southern course starteth towards the north, 824 chap. xiv.
  7. Night is manufactured by the earth's coming betwixt the master's focus and the outer extreme, 585.35.
  8. Nightmare, they were in chaos, or more like one in a troublesome, from which there is no awakening, 270.1. in an unending, of madness, 462.17. Nu-ghan (Pharaoh) said: And will I relapse again into yonder terrible, of horrors? 694.53.
  9. Nirvana, to him who hath attained it, things past and things to come are as an open book, 108, 109.5, 6; 217.19. whoso liveth the higher law will pass on to, where dwell Gods and Goddesses of endless light, 709.17. the spirits of the lower heavens, for the most part, know nothing of the higher heavens, which I (Sakaya) proclaim unto you, 710.13. they (the Budhists) will say: War for Budha, and thou shalt attain Budha, which shall be followed by, which they will also call nothing, 722.28.
  10. Nirvanian Heavens, ye shall be heirs in my, in peace and rest, 484.8. it was a star-ship from the, Chia'hakad, 745.2; 673.4.
  11. Nirvanian Worlds, where lieth unending paradise for the pure and wise, 358.23.
  12. Nirvanians, he employed ninety thousand million for 4000 years, 469.25.
  13. Nothing is, nor was, nor ever shall be without Me, 500.13. without me (Osiris the false), is, nor was, nor ever shall be, 449.17; 615.54.
  14. North Star, called Cnest, 168.5 and note, the key to the place of the, 380.9. the observing line of the great pyramid was in the median line of the variation of the (Tuax),451.26.
  15. Nu (Panic), all the living are begotten by indulgence; to worship the organs of indulgence is the highest worship. Is not the All Creator but, 626.25.
  16. Nu-ghan (Pharaoh), successor to Pharaoh the friend of Moses, on coming to the throne issues his decree, 518.2 to 519.7; 518.1. puts extra hardships upon the Israelites, and the result, 522.1 to 523.6. swears he will destroy Israel, man, woman and child, 525.17. pursues the Israelites who cross safely on the land of the bottom of the sea, but his army is caught in the tide and drowned, 526.24 to 527.27; 531.16. before the throne of God in heaven, 692.1 to 11. again before the throne, and before Moses, 693.29 to 695.57. 's people delivered out of hell, and established, 695.2 to 4.
  17. Nu-ghan, given a new name by Moses, 694.55, 56. gives his experience of being in hell 76 years and in a knot three years, 692.10; 694.47 to 55.
  18. Nurse, whatsoever ye, will grow, 706.12.




  1. Oan (Panic) one who believes there is no person or thing of personality but man, 626.23.
  2. Oas, the sun city of Par'si'e, 174.14 to 175.20. whose kings aspired to rule all the world, 403.1. and, the mighty city, shall fall before his (Zarathustra's) hand, 173.2.
  3. Obegia. See under Ship.
  4. Observatories, so constructed that the stars could be read as well in the day as at night. Records covered more than 1000 years (9000 B.K.), 175.16. Oke'i'git'hi, Temple of the Stars, 156.27; 404.4.
  5. Ode, sky-time, equivalent to eleven long years, 504.4. this name was applied to the Israelites in satire, as the Anglo-Saxon word odius is used to this day, 505.10.
  6. Odes, the Israelites made sweet songs and called them, 505.10.
  7. Oe'tan, maker of worlds, 220.8.
  8. Oibe, a false God delivered from a knot by Hoab, 254.21 to 258.4.
  9. Old Year's Day, 824 chap. xiv.
  10. Om (Panic), the negative of Jehovih. Na is the positive, 623.10. and the mountain plains of (Mexico), 108.6. bridegroom of, 289.9 and note.
  11. Omnipresent, this new property is called life, and because it existeth everywhere it is called, 595.19.
  12. One, whosoever becometh, with Me shall not only hear My voice and receive My power, but also inherit that which he createth out of My creations, 262.6. whosoever would grow in all gifts, let him labor to become, with the Father, and the Father will grow in him forever, 653.3.
  13. One Man, because, cannot lift up the whole world he shall not grieve, nor cease doing what he can; for his glory lieth in exerting himself to the full, 463.6.
  14. One Person, a community becometh, 241.19.
  15. Onesyi, Goddess, delivers the first harvest of the earth, 33.2 to 40.19.
  16. Ong'wee, the same as is called Indian, 368.22. I'hins, mingle with the Druks, 367.3 to 6.
  17. Ongwee-ghans, signifying good-shaped men, 111.29. See Ghans.
  18. Oniy'yah. See under Ship.
  19. Ootgowski, put a guard over me, for I am obsessed of Satan with the seven horns (tetracts), 308.6 to 8; 307.22 to 26.
  20. O-pah-E-go-quim, afterward called Algonquin. Forty mighty nations shalt thou found, and every nation shall be an independent nation; but all the nations shall be united into a brotherhood of nations, as one mighty people, and that one shall be called, 374.48. See also 375.49, 5; 688.12; 764.13, 14 and note.
  21. Opinion, there is no value in discoursing with any man who hath an, to establish, nor is man's, of value to raise up the souls of men, 237.11; 118.12, 13. an, is not light, 917, 918.4, 5,13; 301.34.
  22. Opinions, thou shalt respect the, of all men, for even thyself may be in error, 324.21.
  23. Opinions, consider, then, how unjust it is to foist thy, on any man's, uncalled for, 537.13; 317.23.
  24. Opium, go thither and enforce upon them the, trade, 764.10, 11; 787.31.
  25. Orachnebuahgalah, 600.17.
  26. Oracles, why do the, tell lies? They, are the words of angels. If a man will not think for himself, examine for himself, the Creator suffered him to be the recipient of lies, 492.12, 13. I have searched the spirits of the dead, and the Gods of the, and they are lies, lies, lies, 495.27. Moses said: What are the, to me? To feel assured one is in a good work; this is better than, 515.49,50.
  27. Organic, and if the record show a sufficient time for growth in such man or woman whereby these virtues become, 30.3.
  28. Organic Heavens, the beginning of the, of the earth, 13 chap. i.
  29. Origin and Destiny of Man, as given by Chine to King Te-zee, 546, 547.26 to 28.
  30. Ormazd, I'hua'Mazda makes a circle and a cross and a leaf. Whosoever pronounceth this mark pronounceth the name of, the All Master, 190, 191.13, 14; 205.3; 282.23; 187.13. the name was given by Zarathustra to the Highest known, 668.5, 6.
  31. Ormazdian Law, as proclaimed by Div, 282.18 to 23.
  32. Os, chief captain of the ethereans, comes to possess the heavenly places Soo'fwa and Gir-ak-shi and their lands Japan and Heleste, 309.14 to 17. made God of the first Spe'ta, and sent to the earth to inspire Eawahtah, during dawn, 328.10 to 329.16.
  33. Osire, an etherean God of a reign of 100,000 years, who came to the earth 12,200 years B.K. Called also Osiris, 138.1.
  34. Osiris (idol), designed by Osiris (the false), Plate 90,667. and the male idol shall be called, 448.9, 12.
  35. (Osiris) Che-le-mung, a Lord (under God, son of Jehovih) whose heavenly kingdom was over Arabin'ya, 383.37. made ruler of Arabin'ya and her heavens by Anuhasaj, with the title of Osiris, 387.10.
  36. Osiris descended to the earth with his army to subdue his division to De'yus, Par'si'e, Heleste and Arabin'ya, and the inhabitants described, 400 chap, xix to 406 chap, xxiii. gives a great feast and awards prizes for valorous deeds, 406.1 to 407.9. by his angels, obtains possession of the oracles, and is asked by mortals as to the end of man, 408.14 to 16. refers the matter to De'yus (Anuhasaj), 408.17 to 20. gives his own version of the flood, 417.35 to 40. confers with Baal and Ashtaroth, and cuts loose from De'yus, 429 chap, xxxvi. the Fountain of the Universe whose name was Unspeakable, 441.3. for I was a globe, boundless as to size and swift as to motion. And I put forth a wing for flying and a hand for labor. Without me nothing is, nor was, nor ever shall be, 449.13 to 17; Plate 66,616. I am the Light, the Life, and the Death, 615.54. Son of the All Central Light, 430.14. sends Baal and Ashtaroth down to the earth to subdue it unto him, 430.1.
  37. Osiris, the capital city and palace of, described, 441.1 to 4. this then is that that I will accomplish, 442.14 to 18. appropriates the names of all Gods acceptable to mortals, not defining which God, but God only, 448 chap, xlvii. assigns to Baal and Ashtaroth the subjugating of the people of Par'si'e and Heleste to himself, and the manner of their doing it, 458 chap. lii. applied to by Baal and Ashtaroth demanding separate kingdoms of their own, and answers them, 461.1 to 6. the Gods of, begin to revolt, taking their kingdoms with the, 462.11, 12. is cast into hell, 463.20. was in hell for more than a hundred years and in a knot fifty years, 507.6. delivered out of hell, but deranged, preaching Jehovih, calling everybody Jehovih and everything Jehovih, 507, 508.6, 7. speech of, at the time of his judgment and sentence, 508.13 to 509.17. shall be bound while the pyramid standeth, 483.17; 474.5, 6; 620.89.
  38. Otevan. See under Ship.
  39. Oxidation, 594.17.
  40. O-yra, divan laws in regard to the, 378.9 to 379.18; 379 chap. vi. 1.




  1. Pan (Panic), the ground, 609.1. signifying earth, the heading to Book of Aph, 65. map showing the continent of, Plate 62, Book of Saphah, 1. the name of the submerged continent in the Pacific Ocean, 17.28. also called Whaga, from the name of the first Lord, of, 17.27, 28. (Whaga), to be discovered in the Kosmon Era, 75.12.
  2. Panic Language, Ah-ce-o-ga (earth language), 126.3 to 27.10. Apology, Book of Jehovih, 5;45.4; 146.6,9; 322.27;819.2.
  3. Panic Numeration Table, Plate 17, 464.
  4. Panic Primaries, Plate 64, Book of Saphah, 3.
  5. Pain, becoming unconscious to, by force of the will, 447.14; 636.20.
  6. Paine's doctrines, 762.7 to 21.
  7. Paradise, the garden of, 42.13; 63.20. a heavenly kingdom over Arabin'ya, established by Cpenta-armij, 331.27; 689.3;695.1;767.15.
  8. Parodars, when a pure man dieth, the first living creature he seeth after he waketh to his condition is, 666.60, 61; 347.36.
  9. Parsa, 387.12 and note.
  10. Par'si'e, signifying warrior Faithists, 147.14. a mighty nation of I'huans called, 174.14; 458 chap. lii.
  11. Par'si'eans lived in a nation by themselves, and were large and mostly the color of new copper, 147.15 to 148.19. were a proud race, built up in great comeliness by the God Apollo, 403 chap. xxi.
  12. Password, O Jehovih! Thou alone art the, to all the universe, 257.40. He is the All One, who is the, to the highest of heavens, 779.43. remember the, which admitteth thee to the all highest kingdom is Jehovih, the I Am, 815.24.
  13. Patriotism, I taught them my brother was my enemy; that to fall upon him and his people and destroy them was great, 3.17, 18;4.32. an evil man saith: I will war for Egypt, for this is my country; but I say unto you, all countries are Jehovih's (Moses). Be not slaves to any country nor to any king (Abraham), 622.5.
  14. Peace, the highest, is the, of the soul, which cometh of consciousness of having done the wisest and the best in all things according to one's own light, 484.14.
  15. People, whom do the, in the world belong to, if not to me, the sun-king? Are not the, mine? 199.22; 218.26, 67.
  16. Person, His, 201.14 to 6; 547.9; 560.5; 690.14, 15; 745.20; 704.12; 723.16; 716.39. the, which is called individual, 192.5;684.9, 12, 14; 326.13.
  17. Persons, Three, have I found: one believeth only in earthly things (114.1; 175.20) one in spirits of the lower heavens (41.8), and one who hath faith in the All Creator (i.e. the Faithist), they all raise to the destiny they have chosen (Confucius), 624.12.
  18. Pestilence proveth man's disobedience to My commandments, 101.5.
  19. Philosophers of those days (about 9000 B.K.) knew the mysteries of heaven and earth, 156, 157.2, 3;490.17.
  20. Photospheres, Plate 41 and Remarks, 566; 584.23 to 25; 588.19; 589.29; 598.5, 6.
  21. Plagues, the cause of, 495.7.
  22. Planet, A Dead, no longer giveth forth light and heat to radiate upon itself, 596, 597.14 to 18.
  23. Planets, whirling vortices of the solution of corpor by ethe make, 598.9. wherein they have taught error in place of truth in regard to, 587.56, 57. See also 588.6, 16; 592.18, 23; 914.29. it is an error to say the sun threw off rings or, 598.10; 505.10; 543.16.
  24. Plymouth Rock, the landing-place in Guatama of the mortals who left Uropa for conscience' sake, 758.7.
  25. Po, Jehovih prepares a way for the birth of, 301 chap. xiii. was an i-e-su in birth, 317.1. was an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five, 326.11 to 13. inspired by the God Yima, 328.5 to 7. was 20 years old, laboring at scutching flax and hemp, when God (Yima) came to him, 318.6,7. is tried by God, and found to know the Ormazdian law, 318.7 to 11. sacred laws given through, by God, 321.17 to 326.16. visited by Cpenta-armij, 348.8.
  26. Pon'yah, king of Oas, adjudges Zarathustra to death, 242.1; 244 chap, xxviii; 246.1 to 3;248.13;249.17.
  27. Poor Man, thou hast set up the, in faith; he toileth day and night, 219.29 to 32. doth not the, say, O, if I had this, what great good I would accomplish? 224.8. to thee, my exactions are lighter than a straw on a camel's back, 323.8.
  28. Popes, priests, archbishops, bishops cardinals and monks marched in the procession of heaven, praying, singing and even carrying burdens hundreds of years, for the privilege of ultimately approaching the throne, believing they were to look upon the very Creator, 754.10; 738.23.
  29. Port-au-gon. See under Ship.
  30. Possessions, he that seeketh to glorify himself in his, bindeth himself, 100.2. I have more faith in my, than in Jehovih, 218.27 to 219.28. all, save wisdom and love, are but vanity and vexation, 509.17. what are the, of the earth but chains of bondage? 785.4.
  31. Possible, with Ormazd are all things, 189.7; 366.6.
  32. Powder, angels taught mortals how to make explosive, 445.19.
  33. Power is obtained more by concerted oneness of purpose than by anything else under the sun, 834.22.
  34. Practice, to utter words but to, not, is of little value, 227.9. for above all philosophy that many may preach, holdeth the highest place, and is most potent, 253.15; 500.6, 8; 768.23; 791.19; 775.50. in fulfilling good works and living up to My commandments shall be all that will avail for the establishing of My kingdom on earth, 751.29. answer them not lest ye also, darkness, 917.28, 30.
  35. Pray, 748.17, 18.
  36. Prayer, L'hua'Mazda explains, to Asha, 208, 209.8to 16; 227.5 to 9. Capilya explains, 489.22 to 25; 52.9; 776.5. O that thou knew where the virtue of, beginneth, 788.38, 39;801,.17. Han, king of the Sun, said: If there be an Unseen Light, He will do His own way. What is the use of praying to Him? 316.20. Ahura said: Why shall I pray unto Thee? Thy ways are unalterable, and Thy voice answereth me not, 488.8.
  37. Prayers of mortals as heard by Cpenta-armij, 317, 318.5 to 12.
  38. Praying, by not, to the Unseen, the Unseen will be forgotten, 317.23.
  39. Preachers, 200,000 sent to De'yus' kingdom, 398.16 to 19; 226.14.
  40. Preaching, neither shall there be, to them, nor praying for them. They are tired of these things, 102.4. henceforth I will neither preach nor hear, 559.41;706.22,23. thereafter shall the virtue of, come to an end, 751.29. behold the day of, and professions is at an end, 775.43,44, 50.
  41. Precipice, whoever hath attained to the height of his own ideal is on the, of hell, 240.15 ; 275.14;419.11.
  42. Pregnancy, thou shalt not lie with thy wife during, 195.29; 372.18, 19. to maintain sacred the maternal period, 490.32; 820.27; 829.20, 21.
  43. Presbyterians professed the True Kriste, 769.17.
  44. Presence, objective and subjective explained, 477,478.5 to 11; 547.9. Whose, moveth all things in heaven and earth, 435.5; 734.59. by virtue of My, quickened I into life all the living. Without seed created I the life that is in them, 8.14. by My, I teach the bird to build its nest. By My, I color one rose red and another white, 818.18 to 22; 911.9. I have no laws I do by virtue of My own, 821.19.
  45. Presence, The Ever Living, 289.6; 657.109. The Ever Personal, 289.8.
  46. Present, The Ever Living, 557.25, 29.
  47. President, the, inspired to free the slaves, 771.20 to 772.30.
  48. Priests, they take of them that are born in darkness and raise up, 358.3.
  49. Primary Soul, chapter of the, education in the, 287.9 to 288.19.
  50. Prince of Peace, behold all ye four (Kriste, Brahma, Budha, and God Gabriel) profess to be the, but ye carry concealed daggers, and ye strike to death those who glorify the Creator, 744.13.
  51. Principal, God said: As ye declare the Creator to be but a, a nonenity, without sense or unity of purpose, so shall mortals declare of you all (Brahma, Budha, Kriste, Gabriel), 743.7 to 11. See also 561.10; 665.46; 722.28; 778.40, 42.
  52. Pro-creators, man and woman are. Whom they beget are theirs, not for a day, but forever! Take heed of thy offspring, O woman! Take heed, O man, 116.3.
  53. Property, because of their religion they could not own, 209.4.
  54. Prophecy, in regard to the earth, 599 chap, vii; 601 chap. viii. there are two kinds of: By the direct action of vortexian currents, and by spirit speaking through the prophet, 604 chap. x. college of, and rules in the same, 604.1 to 5; 381.10; 784.20 to 23 ; 784.20.
  55. Prophet, the true, is such as hath attained concordance, 603, 604.7 to 11. the foundation for a good, and advice to a, 605.8 to 13. in the hands of drujas, 800.11.
  56. Prosperity, for so I created man, in, he idolizeth himself, 385.6; 389.9. how strong we are in health and, and how weak in adversity and death, 493.15. two precipices have I left open for testing man's strength, and they are, great, and great adversity, 419.11.
  57. Protection, have I made a law that one king or one country shall protect itself against another? 354.19; 807 chap, xxxiii.
  58. Protestants, 757.21.
  59. Proven, this only is: that man is vain and conceited, desiring to make others believe he is wise when he is not, 560.16.
  60. Proxy, 243.35 and note; 94.5, 6; 719.37.
  61. Purgation, the intermediate world or place of, 913.8.
  62. Purgatory, worshippers of Looeamong serving their bondage of 200 years (as they verily believe in), 754.10; 378.3 and note.
  63. Purification is the first law I give unto you, 707.1 to 9; 710.17. of thyself, and the beginning of power, 919.15.
  64. Purity, without, no man can see the Creator; with, all men can see Him and hear Him, 707.6.
  65. Pyramid, see heading, Book of Lika, 465; 470.5; Plate 19, Remarks, 493. the great. See under wisdom to all men, but cannot stay the withering of the flesh, and dies on the day he was 100 years old, 454.15 to 456.39. 's body spirited away by the angels, and Xaian crowned, second by the priests pretending it was, reincarnated; howbeit, they knew to the contrary, 457.4 to 8.">Thothma. (Panic) Sarji, sarguz, 612.27.




  1. Quakers, Faithists in heart, but not practicers of the rites and ceremonies, who were called, 758.13, 14.
  2. Quarter Ascensions, the beginning of, of Brides and Bridegrooms, 376.2; 349.5.
  3. Queen of the honey-bee, because of the change of the cell cometh she forth a queen, 7.20.
  4. Quibble, To, not because I cannot comprehend Thy vastness; to quibble not for myself, 510.26:66.10; 171.2;253.15.




  1. Races of Men: Asu, Druk, Ground People, Half-breeds, Hoodas, I'hins, I'huans, Listians, Mongrels, Monstrosities, Ongwees, Ghans, Yaks. (See above names in this Index).
  2. Rain, how produced. The earth does not attract the drops; they are precipitated to the earth by the power of the vortex, 585.32; 662.42. overlapping currents in the vortex produce, 593.3;22.26; 103.21.
  3. Rainbow, 71.50, 51; 230.2.
  4. Rainy Day, 294.11.
  5. Raise, inasmuch as ye, up them that are beneath you, so will I send them that are above down to you to, you up also, 214.14.
  6. Rankness, man became on the earth as a harvest that is blighted and rotted because of its, 59.17.
  7. Raps, 380.6; 605.12.
  8. Rebecca, wife of Abraham's son Isaac, 340 chap. xiii.
  9. Reciprocity, Te-in tells his Lords what is righteousness, 424.10 to 17.
  10. Recollect, remember, O Man, that couldst thou in a moment of time, all thou hadst ever learned thou wouldst be wise indeed. Wert thou in tune with thyself, such would be thy wisdom, 108.5.
  11. Record, and God shall cause a, to be kept in heaven, of his dominions and his Lords, and a copy of these records shall be taken up to My etherean kingdoms, 12.1, 2; 16.18, 19; 29.10, 17; 348.6; 523.16, 17.
  12. Red Hat, Thale crowned with the, 346.15. See Hi-rom.
  13. Red Hats, Capilya's rab'bahs put on, 486.2.
  14. Red Star, the earth of mortals, 92.3.
  15. Re-incarnation, Jehovih said: Each and every man-child and woman-child born into life will I quicken with a new spirit, which shall proceed out of Me at the time of conception. Neither will I give to any spirit of the higher or lower heavens power to enter a womb, or a fetus of a womb, and be born over again, 10.21; 788.8; 546, 547.27, 28. neither created I him imperfectly, that he should re-enter a womb and be born over again. That which I do is well done, 456.31 to 36. thousands of spirits dwelt in one corporeal body, oft driving hence the natural spirit I gave in the time of conception; and these mortals knew it not, 78.10. neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to an animal, 232.18; 914.30. as it was in the olden time, so will it be ere another generation pass away. Drujas will teach that the spirits of the dead go into trees and flowers and inhabit them, and into swine and cattle and birds, and into woman, and are born over again in mortal form, 254.18 to 20. what drujas call, in another world, 258.8, 9; 178.11. drujas in Egupt watched about when children were born, and obsessed them, driving thence the natural spirit, and growing up in the new body of the new-born calling themselves, 457.11,12; 621.116. they professed that they had been re-incarnated many times, and that previously they had been great kings or philosophers, 496.9, 12, 14, 15, 18.
  16. Re-incarnation, Osiris (the false) discourseth on, to Thothma, 451.18, 19. all men are re-incarnated over and over until perfected to immortal flesh, 456.31 to 36. the, of Thothma by the priests in the body of Xaian,456,457.1 to 8. they flatter thee, telling thee thou wert this or that great man in a former, 546.16. See also 235.11; 298.3; 462.18; 541.43, 44; 542.47; 543.17, 19; 544.25, 30, 31; 616.57;779.11;912.5.
  17. Rejoice, To, in Thy fruits and flowers and all perfected things; to, in delights, to teach others to, 510.25.
  18. Religion is the learning of music (harmony) in a community, in which the rab'bah is the key-note, 501.14. these are, 605.7. is rites and ceremonies in the discipline of a community, 708.2, 3, 6. to do good with all one's wisdom and strength is the highest (Paine), 762.13. God giveth a new, 794 chap, xix; 912.15.
  19. Religions that were good for the ancients are worthless to-day, 560.19. these (Brahmanism, Budhism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism) have not saved from sin any nation or city on the whole earth. They quarrel and kill for their respective, 4.32, 33.
  20. Remorse, God revealeth the cure for, 918, chap. x.
  21. Representative, to the spirit a corporeal body is but a, being a manifested production of a spirit, 109.11.
  22. Reprove, thou shalt not, any man nor woman for their evil, for they are the Creator's, 195.27.
  23. Republic, the, established, 761 chap. xiii. a, cannot follow the highest light; a, is not the all highest government, 856.2, 3, 9, 10; 919.12.
  24. Responsibility, no man can turn away from, 159.17; 159.11.
  25. Responsible, thou art, for all thou art and for all thou makest thyself and for all that shall come to thee, and for thy peace and happiness both in this world and the next, 823.1 to 5.
  26. Resurrection, first, second and third, 31, chap. xiv. every one shall work out his own, both in this world and the next, 489.28. Lika gives new grades in regard to, 495.8. God discourseth on, 911 to 913, chaps, ii, iii; 210.8; 227.9; 501.13. cometh by reincarnation, 914.30.
  27. Revelation, any fixed, could not be true because all the universe is in constant progress, 742.8.
  28. Rib, of A'su, I cleft a, and stood it up, saying: Be thou a man, upright in likeness of thy God, 172.11. man inquired: But why was not the truth told; Why the six days? And why the, 558.7.
  29. Rich, for one man that is, there are a thousand poor, 4.35. for it is also law, that where there are, there must be poor, 706.14 to 16. and thy people shall hold all things in common, being neither, nor poor, 780.15;793.12;915.14.
  30. Riches, a mortal man striveth for, honorably, and when he is rich his, cut him off from Me by the ruin he casteth upon his competitors, nor can he extricate himself, 294.17. make not a God of thy, 569.8; 518.5; 547.33;794.5;914.25.
  31. Rich Man, what more is a, than a watch dog? 323.6. for thousands of years have they not been told; Except ye give up your riches, ye cannot rise in heaven. But, behold, the, cannot give up his riches, 442.10. the angels testified for thousands of years that the, was crippling his own soul? 511.31. to be a, is to deny goodness. Yea, by the very act of possession is the testimony in the opposite way, 512.34, 35; 652.28. God discourseth in regard to, a, 782 chap. viii. neither came many who were rich; hence the saying, the difficulty for a, to enter the kingdom of heaven, 851.18, 19.
  32. Rich Men set value on things they cannot retain, but during earth life at most, 216.16;272.8.
  33. Right Road, 213.11; 240.12; 240.19; 915.1.
  34. Rights I know my, and dare maintain them, 914.2,3.
  35. Rise, he who would, in heaven, let him begin to, on earth, 227.9.
  36. Rites and Ceremonies, for without discipline there is nothing; and discipline cannot be without ceremony; nor ceremony without rites and forms and established words, 52.8, 9; 102 to 106. See also 384.6; 631 to 659; 702.1; 735.27.
  37. Roman Catholics, the, professed the True Kriste, 769.17.
  38. Roman Gods, the deposed Vind'yu Gods became Gods of Roma, 721.17. Baal makes an alliance with the, 724.14; 723.12; 729.10. Thoth (Gabriel) silences the, and casts them into torments, 754.8.
  39. Rule, whence is this great desire to, over others? 442.9.
  40. Rules of Light, 910.11 to 13.
  41. Russians, origin of the, 737.31, 32.
  42. Rust, 595.17.




  1. Sabbath Day, The Most Holy, the Old Year's Day shall be named the, 824.11; see also 810.10 to 13. the seventh day of the new year shall be thy next, 824,825.13, 14,27.
  2. Sabbath (Ebra), a moon's birthday, 615.53; 660.11.
  3. Sacrifice, being willing to make any, of thine own self's desires for sake of founding the Father's kingdom on earth, 792.39, 41. art thou willing to make any, of thine own self's desires for sake of Jehovih's kingdom? 798.13, 14; 227.10.
  4. Sakaya, God provided for the birth of, 691 chap. xv. father and mother of, and his birth, 703.1 to 3. nicknamed by the people Sramana Gotama, that is passionless from father and mother, 703.3. was born a prince as commanded of Jehovih, 704.4. at twelve years of age took vows of Brahmanism, 704.8. at fifteen desired to acquire the ecstatic state, and went about for three years begging with the alms-bowl, 704.9. for other four years, excluded himself from speech, dwelling out of doors night and day, but Jehovih suffered not the ecstatic state to come to, 704,.10, 11. is spoken to in a dream by his guardian angel, 704.12 to 14. takes a wife and becomes a father, 704.15, 16. decides to quit the earth and the passions for earthly things, 704, 705.17 to 23. the voice of God and his Holy Eleven speaks through, 705.1 to 3.
  5. Sakaya, the doctrines of, 705.6 to 710.20. preaches and travels for four years, and has seventy-two disciples, 709.1, 2. given by God signs and miracles, 709, 710.3 to 11. preaches and practices fourteen years, and founds seventy-two communities, 710.20. is poisoned by the Brahmans, and his spirit borne to the throne of God, 710.22 to 28. See also, 721.21 to 23, 26.
  6. Sakaya Muni, thou (Kabalactes) hast falsely called thyself Budha; and doubly false hast thou taken the name, 741.23.
  7. Salvation, I gave not to any person individual, or resurrection, 160.24, 27, 28. doing with all his might for his own, 749.22; 793 chap, xviii. 1,4; 705.14. his own, being the subject paramount to all other considerations, 916, 917.12 to 20.
  8. Samati. See I'hua'Mazda, 255.25 and note; 257.33 to 36.
  9. Sanscrit, the languages from which, descended, 702.45.
  10. Satan, who is, and his attendants, 163.10; 332.11. desire for leadership, which is the captain of death, 73.68. (self) comes to Anuhasaj, 381.6. whoso loved evil and practiced it, I named, 683.5; 820.16.
  11. Satellite, 591.13; 593.26.
  12. Satellite Laws pertained to the minor affairs of a city or province, 505.10.
  13. Satellites, the central kingdom was called the Sun Kingdom, and the others were called, 155.26. behold, there is one sun and his; there shall be but one kingdom, with, 316.16. the king of Egupt was the Sun-King, and his subkings (governors) were, 505.10.
  14. Satisfied, to be, with one's own self and behavior is to be a God in fact, 188.15.
  15. Save, I will, myself! Guide Thou me, O Father, 749.21.
  16. Savior, the angels of thy holy ones shall come and purge them of their, and make them clean in My sight, 374.48. but in Kosmon I shall send nor, nor archangel, 747.13. that the doctrine of a, is unjust; that no honest man should accept another's dying for him (Paine), 762.16; 778.22.
  17. Saviors, who are, 654.38 to 41. the forty-nine, given by the Triunes to mortals within 200 years, 719.11 to 720.3. when man was in great darkness I sent, and deliverers unto him, 747.12; 721.10; 722.1.
  18. Scarlet Hat. See Hi-rom.
  19. Science, thy supposed exact, is nothing, and thy supposed truth is only falsehood compounded and acquiesced in, 554.27. how shall we class the man of exact? Where shall we find him? 560.11 to 15.
  20. Scriptures of that Day. See under Bibles. Hindoo. See under Bibles.
  21. Seasons of the Earth, Thothma, the learned man, has said: As a diameter is to a circle, and as a circle is to a diameter so are the rules of the, 504.4; 113.10. there are, when man shall be changed from one condition to another, 113.5.
  22. Second Resurrection, this it is to begin the, 103.26; 19.31; 31.2. initiation to the, under Sue, 104 chap. v.
  23. Sects, 769 chap, xviii.
  24. See, never more shall I desire others to, through my eyes. Only by one Eye can things be seen through, 276.25; 358.17. for I created no two men to, alike the same things on earth, or in heaven, 750.13.
  25. Seeing, the impossibility of one man, through another man's eyes, 357.15.
  26. Seffas shall embrace atmospherea and the whole earth, 19.36; 34.7; 50.15. here the beginning of the death of, 233.24; 550.
  27. Self, of all virtues in man which standeth highest, which is, never to mention one's, 22.22. 's, whatever man or woman hath put away self-desires for, sake, 30.3. who is it that will not mention himself, or make himself a manifested, 34.9. every one-is for, 102.2. to learn not to speak of one's, nor to think of one's, whether praised or rebuked, is this not the right road to Jehovih? 213.11. think not what thou canst do to escape hell fire, for that would be laboring for, think what thou canst do to save others, 240.2. thou shalt speak but little of thy, or anything that is thine; for all others have a history also, 324.22; 257.43. who hath uttered a word of praise or thanks and left out, 359.15. he that soweth for, he shall reap a harvest of selfs, 390.7. for thou (Anuhasaj) wert forever talking of thy, 392.26; 524.45. the, which is myself, and the, which is thy, which wilt thou serve? 534.3, 4. to every, am I the, of that, to perfect that, which is in all selfs; such a man is one with Me, 533.2. this is wisdom, O king; to get away from the individual, 546.18. such is the, in man; it cloudeth his soul; and when he hath put, away, then is his soul clear, 547.9. in whatsoever a man doeth and his own, receiveth prestige over others, that man offendeth in the sight of Jehovih, 706.20. whoso saith: I will build unto my, planneth an edifice that will tumble down upon him in time to come, 743.14. the first lesson liberty, which is to free him, from, 791.25 to 28. whatever doctrine showeth, as the chief consideration, 801.13, 15. neither more will I talk of my, 105.40; 659.4;833.25;918.5. as ye live on earth, serving, only, even so, in a selfish heaven, shall ye enter My es worlds, 855.63. in all things thou shalt weigh the object and end aimed at, and the final result; and wherein, standeth as part or whole consideration, know thou such matter is not of Jehovih, 801.15. who, so believing in the Father, that he will give up, in all respects, and work for these little ones, let him come, 831.75.
  28. Self-desires, if ye cannot curb your, in this world, neither can ye in the next, 658.119; 30.3; 32.4, 5.
  29. Self-God, to be a, is to own all things possible and hold on thereto, 300.26.
  30. Selfishness, thou (Sudga) showest me (Ahura) that the line betwixt, and unselfishness is finer than a spider's web. Even Gods cannot distinguish it, 440.14.
  31. Se'moin, and the Lord came down in the night and engraved it with his own hand, 45.2 to 4; See 609.
  32. Se'moin, Tablet of, 609 to 622.
  33. Se'mu a sign given to man that he may comprehend, 8.4. the earth in, Remarks, Plate 39,564. the manner of the formation of, 595.18.
  34. Se'muan Age, Remarks, Plate 39,564; 597.19; 472.7. the end of the, Remarks under Plate 7,138.
  35. Se'muan Firmament, Plate 6, 135.
  36. Se'muan Forest, 472.7.
  37. Sense, 25.9.
  38. Senses, the natural, cannot understand spiritual things, 172.7. the culture of the corporeal, and the culture of the spiritual, 168.6, 8. the basis of the spiritual entity lieth not within the measure of the corporeal 109.7.
  39. Serpent, and man neglected to guard himself against the, corporeality, 59.12. but because of the, (the earth) of the woman, she hearkened unto him (her flesh) and the woman had confidence in the,415.10, 11;415.16, 17. the woman said: The, (her earth body) beguiled me. And the Lord God said unto the, (the flesh), 416.14, 15. See also, 611.22; 620.85.
  40. Serpents, the evil voice (Satan) emcompassed the earth about with, that spake like men and angels, and the, made friends with All Evil, 141.14 (Hindoo Scripture) millions of death-dealing, 316.17. the, I created were carnivorous, feeding upon one another. Self-impregnating created I them, 818.8 to 12. cruvara, with four legs, fifty paces in length, 665.50,51.
  41. Servants, they that make, of others must also raise them up to be angels of light. Heaven is just, 151.22; 397.7, 8.
  42. Serve, no man shall, another but for love, which shall be his only recompense, 397.7.
  43. Sethantes, an archangel, first God of the earth, and organizer of the first kingdom in the heaven of the earth, 13.17, chap, i, ii; 59, 60.5 to 9. having toiled 100 years, day and night, without ceasing, rests by visiting his five Lords on the earth, 21.10. goes first to Whaga, Lord of Whaga (the continent of Pan), 22 chap. vi. goes then to Jud, Lord of Jud (Asia), 25 chap. vii. goes then to Dis, Lord of Dis (Europe), 26 chap.ix. goes then to Vohu, Lord of Vohu (Africa), 27 chap. x. goes then to Thouri, Lord of Thouri (America), 28 chap. xi. causes Moeb to be built, 30.4. at the end of 200 years ascends to etherea with Onesyi and the first harvest from the earth of Brides and Bridegrooms, 39 chap. xxi.
  44. Sexes, were the positive and negative vortexian currents equal in duration, the, born into the world would be equal in number, 603.9.
  45. Sexual Indulgence, 520.23; 913.4.
  46. Shaker Heaven, established by a drujan God Lowgannus, pretending he was The True Kriste, 769.9.
  47. Shalam, history of, 830 to 853. the temple of Jehovih, temple of Apollo, and other buildings in, 840.1 to 841.21. the voice of Jehovih in, 851 chap. xxi. the commandments unto the inhabitants of, 852 chap. xxii. marriage of the children of, 852.1 to 9 chap. xxiii. colonies of Faithists in Jehovih spread in every direction, 853.11 to 24.
  48. Shame, 42.1; 58.1; 225.11; 226, 227.20, 21, 22; 268, 269.12, 13 ; 554.23; 837.12.
  49. Shem, name given by the Lord to one of the fleets of I'hins at the time of the flood, 71.48. the fleet named, landed to the south, 73.59. landing of the I'hins, ships destroyed, 81.4 to 11. the land was called, as proof to all the world, 141.16. the boundaries of, named by Fragapatti, 192.3. the land of, now called Vind'yu, 465.2.
  50. Shepherd Kings lived on goats' milk, 148.19 to 24. chief of all in the Osirian philosophy were the, 156.35. Listians, every man a king and every woman a queen, 183.5. the Great Spirit named them, 404.3, 4. the, migrated in vast numbers into Egupt, 450.8. were driven out of Egupt by Thothma, 451.1,2.
  51. Shew-bread,660.16.
  52. Ship for six thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, 136.4 to 11. star, of Aph (92.7), Crescent of Sue, 96.3, 4. arrow, such as swift messengers use, 140.5. fire, a million varieties of, 320.18, 19. the different names of ships are called after the manner of their construction: Abattos (51, 32, 34), arrow-boat, 752.12, 8; 754.9. Adavaysit, a description of the, of Cim'iad, 121.7 to 12. Airavagna of Nista, her sun-ship, 106 chap. vii. of Cpenta-armij, 315.10; 318, 319.13 to 15; 324.14. of Lika carries a thousand million angels, 471.2. of Litabakathrava travels four hundred million miles a day, 752.17 to 20. Airiata, the size of the, of Betatis, 132, 133.14. to 20. the, of Osire carries more than five thousand million angels, 166.27. Avalanza carries twenty thousand million angels, 135.8. the, of Fragapatti described, 196.3, 4; 202.1. the, of Ye'a-Goo described, 504.1, 2. Avalanzas, eleven, rise up with more than forty thousand million angels on board, 773.5,8. Beyan float (177.8), Ballast Flags (401.6), Calyos (502.1). Cowppon, the Goddess Lissa takes to etherea with Lika in a, sixty-four thousand million angels, 530.2; 531.15. Es'elene (142.1), fire-boats, 132.12; 754.5. Koa'loo, almost like a world, so vast, 179.13. Oniy'yah (112.6; 620.90), Otevan (751.4), Otevan with wings, 85.8, 9. Ometr, a swift rising (309.14), Obegia, a float, 170.9 to 11. Piedmazr, row-boat (259.7), Port-au-gon, an Orion, 47.18. Seraphim, a mighty fire-ship, 141.15. Vessels. Many of those who manage them serve a thousand years' apprenticeship, and thousands of millions of miles of roadways, in heaven, are as a well-learned book to them, 251, 252.1 to 5.
  53. Ships, (atmospherean and etherean), as ye travel from heaven to heaven in atmospherean, even so shall ye inspire mortals to build corporeal, and sail across the oceans, 14.12; 17.1. as mortals sail corporeal, across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the atmospherean ocean, 24.1; 418.10. man built, and sailed over the ocean in all directions (about 43,000 years B.K.) 60.21; 75.20. so have I (Jehovih) taught ethereans to build vessels to course My etherean seas, 477.2, 3;55, 56.2 to 13;91.1. seven, carry sixteen thousand million angels 292.18. five, of fire carry twelve thousand million angels, 293.12, 13.
  54. Shirk, let no man, from the trials I put upon him, for in so doing he robbeth his own soul, 653.5.
  55. Shower of fire, brimstone, iron and phosphorus upon the five divisions of the earth, 32.4.
  56. Shrevarhs, Osirian, 32.2 to 4.
  57. Signs of the Times (Esfoma). The unseen progress of things speaking to the senses of man, 561 chap. vii. there is something in the wind, 550, 566, 567.3,4,6.
  58. Sih (Panic), the worshipper of a Savior is, the worshipper of a God born of woman, is, 624.12.
  59. Silence, sit in, to hear My words which I speak into the souls of men and women and children, 373.21.
  60. Sincere, improve thyself to be, in thyself and in all thou doest; and when thou hast attained this, thy words shall be with power, 921.18.
  61. Slat of the Temple (pyramid), 451.26. Probably the entrance passage or observing line. See also 446.11.
  62. Slavery overthrown in Guatama, 770 chap. xx.
  63. Sleep, Jehovih gave man, so that his corporeal bound spirit might see and hear heavenly things, 26.13; 134.13.
  64. Snow-flakes, in the, are both the casting and the mold of discordant m'vortexian currents, 593, 594.5, 6.
  65. Socatta, oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  66. Son, Only Begotten, I'hua'Mazda His (Ormazd), born of the Virgin Mi (the Substance Seen), 205.4. Oibe styled himself Thor, the, of Jehovih, 265.4. Ahura'Mazda, The Creator! The, of the Unknowable, 306.17. Baal the, of Osiris, into whose keeping he had assigned the earth and all mortals thereon, 441.3. not content to worship the Great One, they have a representative, saying: He is the, 619.77. Yima, a savior, who claimed that he was the, 663.6.
  67. Sons and Daughters, some have thick tongues and poor speech, nevertheless they are My babes, My, 56.19.
  68. So-qi, king of Oas, capital city of Par'si'e, 173.1. ordereth every male child in Oas to be cast into fire if Zarathustra and his mother are not brought before him, 177.12. slain by his people, and not one infant slain, 182.6.
  69. Soul, the, lieth in the ocean of the Creator, 192.5. the ghost, which is incomprehensible, 191.2, 5. when I was risen in spirit, I saw the spirit of things but, alas, the, lay still beyond, 217.18,19. the third part I gave to man is the, which joineth him to Me, 643.4.
  70. Sounds and Music, three primary sounds, 603.1 to 6. See chapter of the Primary Soul, 287.0 to 288.15.
  71. Spectroscope, errors in regard to what the, revealeth, 599.15.
  72. Speech and Language, man began to use his lips and tongue, 45.1. the first talkers; men with mouths for words; ears for words, 367.3.
  73. Spell, three odes, 33 years signifying a generation, 505.4.
  74. Spe'ta, when a world attaineth to, 351.14, 15; 352.5 to 7; 354.2. the feast of, 348 chap, xi, xii, xiii.
  75. Spirit, he who locketh up goodness of heart cannot obtain strength of, 159.14. cannot be proved but to, 200.28. to learn to create, to invent, to cast one's, forth with power (88.8), to congregate and make, is to go on the right road, 240.16. all learning is as a gymnasium to the; knowledge is the strength of the soul, 325.12. after it has quit the corporeal body, is free; manner of clothing the, 557.10, 11. the, which liveth after the earth body is dead, 643.4. testimony of a, of no more value than the testimony of a mortal, 559.38; 710.14. of the age in which we live! No man desireth a leader or a dictator over him, 830.68.
  76. Spirits, the of the newly dead shall have power to take upon themselves the semblance of corporeal bodies, 10.4; 121.12. manifestations of, such as had never been before since the foundation of this world, 262, 263.14 to 18;403.10. deranged, more helpless than a mortal, 258.5. millions and millions of, who could not believe they were dead, but maintained they were confined in dark dungeons, howling and cursing day and night, 174.11 and note; 223.18; 265.5. millions of, not knowing that they themselves are dead, especially those slain in war and in unbelief in spirit life, 187.11. many, even after death, will not admit they are dead, 776.11, 12. the air is filled with the, of the dead, 218.25; 217.19. and when they died their, continued to lie about in the places of their mortal life, 137.14. taught mortals the art of magic; of making seeds grow into trees and flowers, etc., 447.14. after death, these, continue for the most part in their former places. The merchant in his counting house, the banker in his bank, etc., 779.22; 849.16 to 19. such are the, of the dead, 911.15.
  77. Spirit Birth, out from the head of the corporeal body the spirit is born, 365.6.
  78. Spirit Circle, the Lord said: Come now into, Murdhan, 143.7.
  79. Spirit Communion, edicts against, 165.9; 166.5, 6;523.15;525.2;545.3,4, 13. the spirits of the dead can commune with the spirits of the living, 714.13, 14.
  80. Spirit Communion, a child that is raised up without learning, is but half raised, 838.17.
  81. Spirits, Evil, who are, they are both yourselves and the dead, 221.9, 10. See also, 53.5; 164.14; 263.18; 496.16.
  82. Spirits, Familiar, who are? See under Familiars.
  83. Spiritual Growth, the secret of all, lieth in giving out the spirit, 208.14.
  84. Spiritualists, two kinds of, 776.14.
  85. Spontaneous Combustion, 585.35.
  86. Square, four dan'ha shall be called one, because this is the sum of one density, which is 12,000 of the earth's years, 48.6.
  87. Standing Armies, behold what great, we have, 3.26; 1.12, 13. trained in the labor of death, 199.25; 515.18. Anuhasaj placed a, around his heaven, 394.5; 749.32, 33. ye have thus caused mortals to provide, to protect themselves, 742.34 to 36. Ugh'sa (Panic). They not only wage war, but in time of peace they maintain armies ready for more war, 622.4.
  88. Standpoint, O that man had some, to judge things by. O that he had a measure and a foundation to stand upon, 495.27; 2.5; 558.16.
  89. Star, the little, of light He hath given to every soul, 264.20; 495.28.
  90. Star Chamber, with a table sprinkled with sand, and the Lord wrote in the sand with his finger the laws of heaven and earth, 156.29; 157.7.
  91. Stars, double, triplets, and quadruplets, 592.22, 23. everything is upward from the, 170.12; 277.2;480.7. influence of the, Asha's opinion on the, 196, 197.11 to 14. it is erroneous to say that according to their birth under certain stars, 598.11; 174.12; 198.20.
  92. Stars, Temple of the, the name of the observatory, 156.27; 262.15.
  93. Submersion of Whaga (Pan) decided upon in etherea, 62 chap. iii. and the carrying away of her heavens, Book of Aph, 65 chap, i to vi.
  94. (Sudga) Arc-wotchissij, a Lord of Jehovih, under God, his kingdom was over Vind'yu, 383.39. appointed by Anuhasaj ruler over Vind'yu and her heavenly kingdom, with the title of, 386.9. descends to the earth with his army to subdue it to De'yus; country and people described, 411 chap xxv. 's description of, capital, 439.1 to 4. subdues the land of Vind'yu to himself. Cities and temples of great magnificence, 445 chap. xlvi. 's generals and captains start kingdoms of their own, 462.13. is thrown into hell, 463.21. delivered out of hell a very maddened maniac, choked up with madness, 507.2 to 4. 's speech at the time of his judgment and sentence, 509.18 to 510.26.
  95. Suicide, spirits persuade mortals to, and they kill themselves by thousands and tens of thousands, 137.14; 198.15, 16.
  96. Sum, four cubes (576,000 years) shall be called one, because the magnitude thereof embraceth one equal, of the Great Serpent, 48.6.
  97. Sun, every side of the, a pole to the corporeal worlds around it, Plate 45, 568. distance of the, from the earth, 597, 598.2, 6,7. Git'ow (Panic), the central light, 612.37.
  98. Sun Emperor, 718.12; 723.20.
  99. Sun Father, 713.6.
  100. Sun God, 543.19, 20; 505.10.
  101. Sun King and Kingdom established, 155.26. Pharaoh, the king of Egupt, was the, 505.10; 507.19 and note; 518.2.
  102. Sun, King of the, into the far-off country of Jaffeth will I take the title of, and bestow it upon Ya'seang, 271.7. Han, 316.15 to 17. Hi Seiang was made ruler of Jaffeth, receiving the title of, 326.6. over Oas they made a king, and called him, 174.15.
  103. Sun Laws extended over all Egupt, 505.9 to 506.11.
  104. Sun Measure, 505.10.
  105. Sun Places, 506.12.
  106. Sun Planet, 598.6, 7.
  107. Sun Spots, 586.42; 596.14; 598.6.
  108. Sun, Temple of the, 446.13.
  109. Suns Central, 469.2.
  110. Sun's Vortex, the, I caused to rotate, and I gave it power to carry other vortices with it, 6. chap. iii. 7. spirality of the, 597.3.
  111. Swear unto thy Father in heaven every day of thy life, 654.44,45. stretch forth thy hand unto thy Creator and, thou unto Him thou wilt conquer every passion that is unclean, and every habit not conducive to the purity of the growth of thy spirit, 788.35.
  112. Swedenborg Heaven, established by a drujan God, Sayawan, who called himself the Lord, 769.10 to 13.
  113. Swift Messengers assumed their respective globes of light, and began to ascend in every direction, 31.7.
  114. Swine's flesh forbidden as food in the time of Apollo, 115.20. kings and queens pass laws against eating, 165.10;728.33.
  115. Sympathy, Asha said: Nay, is the enemy of law and justice, 179.8. Te-in's opinion in regard to, 437.15, 17, 20. a man that has learned, is better learned than the philosopher who will kick a cat or a dog, 500.4.




  1. Tae starts to found the Father's kingdom on earth, 827 chap. i. gathers orphan babes, castaway infants and foundlings a great number, and Es comes to him, 827 chap. ii. 1 to 828.9. gathers more babes and issues a call for fifty people, 828 chap. ii. 10 to 12. 's call responded to by thousands, 828 chap. ii. 13. is told by Jehovih to try them, and this he does, 828 chap. ii. 15 to 19. is told by Sutta how to found the Father's kingdom, 828.2 to 8. told by Aborn that Sutta's project is a farce, and Aborn tells the only way to accomplish the founding of the Father's kingdom, 828, 829.9 to 17. is then told by Thurtis: Hear me, that ye may understand, 829.18 to 28. is then told by Amos what he is willing to do, 829.29 to 31.
  2. Tae is told by physicians, lawyers and teachers what they are willing to do for the Father's kingdom, 829.32, 33. told by priests of Brahma, then by priests of Budha, 829.34 to 830.62. again inquires, and is told money and a good plantation will do it; without them it cannot be done, 830.63 to 65. inquires for leaders and finds more than a thousand, 830.66 to 68. finds also lecturers, teachers, advisers, trance and inspiration speakers, but tells them that helpless orphan babes care for none of these things, 830.69 to 831.74. makes one more appeal and gets his fifty people, 831.75 to 85. takes his people to an unoccupied country, and they covenant themselves unto Jehovih, 831.1 to 834.46. and his host make the covenant of brotherhood, 834 chap. vi. founds the groups, 835 chap. vii. instructs the chiefs of the groups in their duties, 836, 837 chap, viii, ix. and his host, after duly weighing facts, make celibates nurses and teachers of young children, 839.14 to 840.27. sends Es and a woman to Uz for more children, 841.22 to 28. tells how the children were timed and disciplined, 842 chap. xiii. tells how the children took part in theatricals and in operatic performances and in other ways, 844, 845 chap xv, xvi. bequeaths unto all the children over fourteen years of age the titles of Brides and Bridegrooms of liberty, 845 chap, xvii. takes a group of children to Uz, 848 chap. xviii. calls for volunteers to form a new colony, 849 chap. xix.
  3. Taenas. See under God.
  4. Tah Tae, the chief prophet, 142.1 to 3. the highest general expression of mankind, 550. (Panic) a representative man, 624.11. the perfect man, 718.15.
  5. Take Care of Ourselves, We, let others do the same and all will be well, 187.13; 802.1.
  6. Talents, exercise of, to continue in heaven, 142.2, 3; 76.8. Osire discourseth upon, 166.20, 22; 199.4; 686 chap, viii; 851.16. the, I gave on corpor, I gave not to die on corpor, but to continue on forever, 473.12 to 14. no resurrection but by developing the, Jehovih created unto all men, 766.26.
  7. Tattling, mortal, mischievously a victim in the hands of drujas, 520.23; 524.46.
  8. Tattling Woman, The, is a good home for drujas, 519.10; 193.4.
  9. Teaching, to induce men and angels to find the way of resurrection, this is the greatest of all, 131.1; 558.12.
  10. Teeth, with the coming of the, thou shalt provide for their service also, 321.21.
  11. Te-in, God (Yima) wrote in the sand the word, 320,321.1,2,7,9, 12. God was called, in those days in that country, 326.1; 378.12; 393.18.
  12. (Te-in) Hi-kas, a Lord of Jehovih, whose heavenly place, under God, was over Jaffeth speaks before Anuhasaj: "I am but as a child in heaven, little more than 1000 years," 382.28 to 383.36.
  13. (Te-in) Hi-kas is made ruler of Jaffeth, and her heavens by Anuhasaj with the title of Te-in, 386.8. descends to the earth with his angel army to subdue his division to De'yus. Jaffeth and her people described, 408 chap. xxiv. by advice of Satan (self) cuts his kingdom off from De'yus, and establishes himself as the Holiest, All Highest Ruler of Heaven, 423 chap, xxxii. 's Lords and their angels depart to the earth to subdue it to, 424, 426 chap, xxxiii, xxxiv. subdues the land of Jaffeth to himself, great wealth of its cities, and magnificence of their temples, 443 chap. xlv. 's generals and captains revolt and establish kingdoms of their own, 462.14, 15. is cast into hell, 463.21. delivered out of hell, but limpid, helpless as water, without knowledge more than a vessel of water, 507.5. speaks at the time of his judgment and sentence, 510.27 to 512.37.
  14. Telescope, 156.2; 588.19; 596.6; 742.2; 758.24.
  15. Temper, better is it to hide and subdue your, in the presence of the young than to conquer a whole state by force of arms, 706.8.
  16. Temple of Mouru, the extent and magnificence of the, 247.8, 9.
  17. Tem'yi, the record of the Great Serpent showed the firmament of, in the third circuit of c'vork'um and dan'ha twenty-four, 17.29.
  18. Tetracts, the I'hins in the different divisions of the earth shall remember the seven, 73.68. these are the inheritances of all men, nor is any one without them in some manner or degree, 89.10, 11; 193.4; 167.14.
  19. Te Zee, king of A'shong, investigates magicians and spirits of the dead, 540.17 to 545.3.
  20. Thale, a God of the earth and her heavens, 343.4 to 346.16; 357.23 to 25.
  21. Thermometers in the cycle of Osire, 156.2 (9000 to 12,000 years B.K.)
  22. Thief, a, carries his stolen goods not only in this world, but in heaven to the end of his memory, 253.9.
  23. Thoth, the highest man in su'is, and he dwelleth in Arabin'ya, 413.12. the first mortal servant of Osiris, in honor of whom Thothma named himself, 450.14.
  24. Thoth, the Bertian, an angel under Kabalactes, 725.22.
  25. Thoth (afterward Gabriel), captain of Looeamong's hosts, 719.19. establishes Looeamong with the Israelites as God the Lord, and employs seven hundred thousand angels to be with Ezra and his scribes to write and compile the Ezra Bible, 725.27 to 31. captures Baal and all the false Gods and puts them in hell, walling the place around with fire and noxious gases, 732.21, 22. in accordance with Looeamong's many promises to him, now applies for Jerusalem and her heavens, and not getting them, establishes himself, founding the Mohammedan religion, 734 chap. xlix. raises upon the earth Mohammed and inspires him through his angels, 735, 736.1,2. and the Triunes fight for 500 years, and then divide up the earth and her heavens between them, 737 chap. li. makes great inroads upon Kabalactes and Ennochissa, 764.4.
  26. Thoth, the heavenly kingdom of, alarmed at the airavagan of Litabakathrava, 753 chap. vi. sends an arrow-boat to Paradise to banter this adventurous God to battle, 754.9. cast into hell, delivered out of hell by God and judged by Jehovih, 764 chap, xv, xvi, xvii.
  27. Thothma (Hojax), king of Egupt, builder of the temple of Osiris commonly called the Great Pyramid, 450.13, 14. at nineteen attains to be an adept and ascends the throne, 450.15, 16. provides a dark chamber, and Osiris, through his servant God Egupt, speaks to him, 451.17 to 24. ordered by Osiris to build a temple in the form of a pyramid. "Measure for measure will I show thee every part," 451.25 to 29. by command of Osiris, drives out of Egupt all Faithists, especially the Shepherd Kings who could not be made slaves of, 451,452.1 to 7. with two hundred thousand men and women in twenty four years completes the temple. Manner of construction and material used, 452.8 to 453.19. goes into the chamber of Life and Death (in the pyramid), leaving the four chief priests in the Holy Chambers, and cast himself in death (dormancy) by swallowing his tongue, 453.5. spirit of, by command of Osiris, taken by Baal for thirty days about in Osiris' heaven, also to the hells of De'yus, and then brought back and shown how to regain his body, 453.6 to 454.11. builds the column of the stars and an observing column for the sun, applies himself to imparting wisdom to all men, but cannot stay the withering of the flesh, and dies on the day he was 100 years old, 454.15 to 456.39. 's body spirited away by the angels, and Xaian crowned, second by the priests pretending it was, reincarnated; howbeit, they knew to the contrary, 457.4 to 8.
  28. Thoughts, the first, second, third and fourth lowest, 916.5 to 8.
  29. Thou Thyself art but as a seed, a spark of the All Light, that thou canst not prove to exist, 554.24.
  30. Threads of light to every person in the Temple of Jehovih made every spoken word plain to all, 248.12; 73.19; 107.14; 202.1; 352.4.
  31. Throne of God, thus was established the first, in these heavens, 15.38.
  32. Thunder, vortexya in the atmosphere will combine oxygen and hydrogen, and an explosion unsueth which is called, 584.18.
  33. Thyself, thou shalt think no more of, than as if thou wert dead, 204.17. for from, thou canst never flee, 150.17.
  34. Tides, error in place of truth in regard to, 586, 587.45 to 57; 591, 592.15 to 18.
  35. Time, A, Jehovih appointeth, unto all men, 476.4;811.33. the, of a thousand years of darkness, 62 chap. iii.
  36. Tongues, ye shall begin to speak with new, 220.2,4.
  37. Treasure, what, hath any man that he can take out of the world? Better is it to give it whilst one may, for to-morrow we die, leaving it to them that earned it not, 484.13.
  38. Treasures, whoso layeth up, in this world shall find no peace, 173.2. by the loss of earthly, the soul seeketh for that which will endure forever, 225.1.
  39. Tree of Everlasting Life, the voice of the earth spake unto us, saying, Partake ye, for indeed mine is the, 13.4, 5.
  40. Tree of Knowledge, partake ye of all the fruits thereof, save of the, which is the fountain of life. Partake ye not of this, lest ye die, 13.3. the eye is the seed of the, 596.9. God planteth the, in the land of Eden (Osiris Bible), 415.6 to 13.
  41. Tree of Life, which is both good and evil; for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die, 415.9; 624.14.
  42. Tree of Light, the growth of wisdom in man as the earth groweth older is the, 550. the seed of the, had been planted many times, but the rankness destroyed it, 550.2. through Moses, Capilya, and Chine the, was made everlasting on the earth, 551.4, 5.
  43. Triangle, Sethantes bestowed it upon Ha'jah, 34.6 to 8. the heirloom of the Gods of earth, 54.17; 120.11. I'hua'Mazda makes a, and explains it to Zarathustra, 192.4, 5. an emblem of the first three worlds, 278.1, 2. a, came and rested on Po's head, 320.7. Sam'tu (Panic), Corpor, Es, and Eolin, 612.23. under Kabalactes representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, 701.23. in Shalam symbol of earth, sky and spirit, 841.25.
  44. Trident, symbolical of the Arc of Spe'ta, 357.23.
  45. Tried, oft it happeneth that men are, in a way they know not the wisdom of, but which afterwards we realize to be the best thing that could have taken place, 510.16.
  46. Trinity, The, God's prophecy in regard to, 696.30,31. the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, 724.6; see 698 chap, xx; 719.15.
  47. Tripod, K'Sam (Panic), symbol of earth, water and air. Without these three, nothing can be born into life, 612.29.
  48. Triunes, 689, 690 chap, xii, xiii; 695 chap, xviii; 698 chap, xx to xxiii; 719 chap, xxxviii to xli; 728 chap, xlv to xlviii; 736.21 to 745.21; 752 chap, iv to vii; 756 chap, ix, x; 764 chap, xiv to xvii.
  49. Troy, two hundred vampires, angels of lust, were set upon a prince of, and in desperation he was driven to kidnap an Athenian princess, 459.26; 272.12; 458.8.
  50. Truants, how thou followest up Thy wayward children; Thy, that strive to go away from Thee, 513.4, 5; 335.5.
  51. Truth, expounded shall never die. 921.17.
  52. Truth and Wisdom, what mattereth it whether we try or not to obtain, 198.17.
  53. Try, Yaton'te said: To, and to, and to, this is the sum of the good a man doeth, 224.8.
  54. Tuff, eleven spells (33 years in a spell) one, 504.4.
  55. Tyrant, to dwell in a city which is full of iniquity, thou shalt be a, over thine heirs, restraining them from liberty, in order to keep them from vice, 789.24.




  1. Uh'ga. See Wheel.
  2. Um (Panic), direction of motion, 621.109. (Panic), the motion of the sun and moon and stars, 621.109. the position of the (time to conceive) in the sign of the zodiac, 164.17.
  3. Unbelief is so entailed upon thee that evidence is worthless before thee, 186.6.
  4. Unbelieving Man, the, and the Faithists do mostly all the good that is done in the world, 361, 362.24 to 29; 28.6, 7.
  5. Uncloven Foot, neither shalt thou eat the flesh of the beast with, 115.20.
  6. Unknowable Nothingness, to worship the All Light, the, 199.20.
  7. Unseen, which is potent, 5.5. the, I made of endless duration, 7.6, 7; 154.14; 317.23. the subtle, the, to mortals is the cause and ruler of all things, 199.21. why wilt thou, O man, search forever in corpor for the cause of things? Behold, the, part of thyself rulest over the seen, 553.8,9. in all things it is the, that ruleth over the seen, 249.19; 7.3; 217.17.
  8. Uropa, a Goddess, appointed over a division of the earth by Fragapatti, 192.5. first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth, 273.1; 277.10; 331.30.
  9. Utaya, a false God overthrown by Osire, 146.11 to 147.31.
  10. Utility, we heard no voice but, we were thirsty for amusement and light-heartedness, 200.5.
  11. Uz, or the fourth dimension of corpor, 584.30; 8.1; 550. two triangles of different kinds of wood interlocked without severing by spirit power, 613.40; 286.25. the cure is, come thou out of, and be thou clean. Whoso hath more faith in, let him remain in, 793.23, 24; 841.24; 815.17. departing out of, 920.16.
  12. Uzated, the star T-lemos was, 467.16.
  13. Uzians, world's people (840, 841.10, 11, 25), in contradistinction to Faithists, 2.21. and call ye out unto the, 917.18.




  1. Valuable, to obtain knowledge and do good, these are, 605.6.
  2. Valuables, Ormazd alone is valuable; the man who hath the most All Light hath the greatest, 238,239.23,24.
  3. Vain, thou shalt not be, for nothing is thine, 195.22; 117.19; 217.17; 219.33. why will man be, of himself? 537.17 to 19. thou art, O man. Canst thou tell why the grass is green? 554.23.
  4. Vampires, angels that nestle in the atmosphere of mortals, living on their substance, 317.3. that live on mortals and in swine and cattle, 459.26. spirits who suck the blood and the flesh of mortals till the brain and heart are wild and mad, 462.18. spirits who inhabit mortals in order to live on the substance they eat and drink, 496.10. two classes of, spirits, 686.10.
  5. Vanity, who shall answer for the, of men and angels? 512.33; 190.29. O the, of Thy little children, 257.40.
  6. Veda, the, given through Brahma, and written down by his son Vede, 362.1; 363.24.
  7. Vedas, the written doctrines of the, as they now are, 662.6.
  8. Vede, one of Brahma's sons, 355.24, 25. the basis of, 662 to 667.
  9. Vedic Language, thus perished the, the language of song, and of poetry, and of great oratory, 448.21.
  10. Vengeance, man loveth, 485.4.
  11. Vind'yu (India), sacred books of, rewritten by Kabalactes, 702.29 to 43. great was the peace and beauty and glory of, in that day, 411.3; 331.27. the mighty people of, reduced in 100 years by Sudga to beggary, 445 chap. xlvi. in a few hundred years, was made by Kabalactes a land of ruins, 701.20, 21. oracles that destroyed, 918.10.
  12. Vishnu, organized the first Lorddom, 300.29; 303.12 to 305.24; 310.14. the God who inspired Abraham, 328.8, 9; 701.10.
  13. Visitors from some far-off realm, who are either discordant with yourselves or bent to meddle in the affairs of other people, 188.14.
  14. Voice, My, is in all places, 65.5. My, is in the rocks and in the wind that bloweth and in all things that have not tongues, 66.6 to 9; 656.97. then came the, of the Almighty, Jehovih out of the midst of the Light, 213.4, 5. no matter how long it descended, still the, is His, 237,238.14, 15; 266.3. Thy, is ever upon all men, but they hear thee not, 239.6; 263.10. Jehovih's, spake out of the Light to Ahura, 335.9;491.22;514.11. he who will hear His, must hearken, then cometh light, 560.5. shall he hear the voice, 915.3. See also, 756.22; 827.26; 851 chap xxi; 915.1,2.
  15. Voice and Words, think not that I cannot also create. Is this not easier than to create a man who shall create words? 213.7.
  16. Voice of the Creator, the honey-bee and the ant, 217.14, 15; 66.6 to 8; 129.4.
  17. Vortex, name given by man to whirl winds in the etherean firmament, 6.8.3 to 8. See Plates 25, 26, 27, 28, 553, 554;468.23; 583 chap, i; 592.25. the earth's faces towards the north, 505.3. a time shall come when the, of the earth shall burst, Remarks Plate 40, page 565. the half of the earth's, which faceth toward the sun is a concave lens to the earth, 590.2, 8. ethe holdeth corpor in solution, and when a portion of the solution is given a rotary motion, it is called a, 591.13.
  18. Vortex, Sub, the earth's vortex is a, existing within the sun's, 585.33. See also 588.13, 19; 589.21.
  19. Vortexya, the name of the force of the vortex is called, 583.9. the great secret form and force of vortices now first revealed to man, 319.15. the lines of, are in currents from the outer to the interior, 585.34. light, heat, magnetism and electricity are all one and the same thing, manifestations of vortexian currents under different conditions, 591.11, 12; 583 chap, i; 603.1.
  20. Vortexya, M', the north and south line of the earth's vortex is called the, 583.10. the tail of a comet is called its, 588.8.
  21. Vortexian Currents, males are the manifestation of positive Vortexya and females negative, 603.9. See also 592.25; 599, 600.10 to 12; 604.2, 3.




  1. War, man obeyed the beast, and, came into the world, 1.6 to 8; 42.16; 44.14. nor will I, for the king, nor chief ruler, nor for any man, nor for any land, nor house, nor earthly things, 652.29; 424.17. whosoever engageth in, or leadeth in, 767.18; 775.40. God's judgment against, 806.13 to 15. such as engage in, cannot rise while, remaineth on the earth, 807.22 to 32.
  2. Warfare, God inquireth of Jehovih concerning, 397.11 to 13. es'sean, as mortals engage in corporeal, so angels engage in, 460, 461.3 to 7.
  3. Wark Belts of the earth and sun, 222.6 to 223.11.
  4. Washa'wow'wow, the great hunting-fields, 233.20.
  5. Washington guarded day and night by a thousand angels, 763.28; 761, 762.4, 5.
  6. Water Spouts, how caused, 593.3.
  7. Weakness, what is my, that I cannot overcome it? 2.3.
  8. Westward, 191.4; 484.4.
  9. Wheel, the meaning therof was, 79.60; 610.10; 702.26.
  10. Wheel of Ormazd, 228, 229.3 to 8; 230, 231.1, 2. hung in country-places by the roadside, 267.10.
  11. Whirlwind, the, made I as a sign to man of the manner of my created worlds, 6.3; 816.23;583.10;553.15.
  12. Wife, I am thy first, why slewest thou me? Was not the world wide enough? 218.22. in seeking a, see to it that Om is her transcendent virtue, otherwise she will be a thorn in thy side (Abraham), 623.10.
  13. Winds, the cause of the, chiefly, 585.32; 593.27,28.
  14. Wisdom, nor have I made, possible unto any man or angel that knoweth not My elements and the extremes of evil and good which I created, 13.9, 10. is not Jehovih wise as the universe and immutable? and to be in harmony with Him, is this not the sum of all? 67.24. the evidence of, lieth not in learning one thing only, but in the adaptation of man to Jehovih and His words, 110.2. mortals have said: It is good to be good, but it is not practicable. It is wise to be wise, but, runneth in a thousand roadways; every man for himself, 260.3; 310.9. cometh not suddenly; as darkness goeth away, light cometh, 551.10. there is more, in the song of a bird than in the speech of a philosopher, 560.6. to learn how to live, to rejoice and to do good, and make thy neighbor rejoice also,-this is, 570.19. to find what will make men loving and good toward one another, is not this the greatest (Confucius), 624.26. is not all, to be proved within each and every man? 559.38. think not that great, cometh suddenly by dying, 795.19.
  15. Wisdom of Jehovih, 920.1.
  16. Wise, but the, bide their time, and oft are fortified when others know it not, 422.31.
  17. Within, this nation, this government, and this people shall not be attacked in the places ye build. It is, 855.19 to 22.
  18. Woman in Vind'yu had risen in knowledge higher than the highest of women in other parts of the world, 411.6; 252.8.
  19. Woman, how nearly a righteous, dwelleth with the Creator! 359.12. Pharaoh said to Moses: My son, with all thy wisdom canst thou understand a? 514.45, 46; 791.32, 33. the way (according to the Osiris Bible) in which woman was made, 415.8.
  20. Woohootaughnee, the ground of games and tournaments, on the eastward of the lake (Salt Lake), 370.17.
  21. Word, a written, is not a, but an image of an idea which hath been spoken, 126.1. not one hath found a failure in Thy, as it speaketh to his own soul, 219.32. the Father's, from this time forth shall dwell with mortals, 267.5 to 7.
  22. Words, are not all, at best but pictures and paintings of the spirit that findeth them? 66.11. all, came from the Lord your God, 67.17, 18;19.36;27.10. at best, are but slow and course representations of the soul's conception of things, 109.5. the first heavenly, given on tablets and skins and cloth, and in books to mortals save what, were given in secret to the tribes of I'hins, 255.22; 317.23. spoken, are a breath of air; they blow away. Written, lay in silence; they are dead, 706.22.
  23. World, the formation, life and death of a corporeal, 7.13 to 20. I want no higher life. This, is good enough for me, 656.105. one, at a time is sufficient for me, 785.15 to 18.
  24. World's People, The, are descended from Cain (Osiris Bible), 416.29.
  25. Worship, Han's idea of, 317.18, 19. to, the father and mother, 424.17; 425.15. it shall be guaranteed unto them to, in any way their conscience may dictate, 746.41.
  26. Wotchak, a false god in atmospherea, overthrown by Osire, 151 chap. iv.




  1. Xerxes, inspired by the Goddess Ashtaroth, 699.18 to 23. with the largest army in the world, goes against the Argos'yan (Grecians), 700.32. having had the greatest number of slaves, is sent for by God to help liberate those in Guatama, 770.2 to 4. goes to New York and takes thence the guardian angels, leaving the city in the hands of drujas, 771.16.
  2. Xerxes' army scattered and destroyed, 700.14, 15.
  3. Xerxes and Leonidas try to make mortals in Guatama, see justice and liberty, 771.15. allot themselves to finishing the war, 772.31 to 33. inspire mortals to athletic games, 772, 773.40 to 45.




  1. Yak, a picture of a, Plate, page 57.
  2. Yaks were born of the Druks and Asuans, 43.5 to 9; 46.18. were born of the Druks and I'huans, 97, 98 chap, ii; 1.3 to 8. not capable of everlasting life in heaven, 45.6.
  3. Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama under Fragapatti, 193.8. location of the heavenly kingdom called, 223.1. relates the story of his adventures in founding his kingdom, 224.3 to 228.29.
  4. Yaton'te, the voice of Jehovih comes to, saying, 228.2 to 229.6. at the end of dawn takes his host to Mouru, 277.7. the only subjective heaven in the region of the red star (the earth), 527.2. See also 682.10; 686.9.
  5. Year, from one New Year's day until the succeeding one shall be called one, 824.6.
  6. Yeshuah, the heavenly place in atmospherea of Ah'shong, 49.11, 12; 108.6.
  7. Yi-ha Language, 143.5; 416.6, note; 189.27.
  8. Yima, Lord God of Shem, under Fragapatti, 193.8. a high raised God (301.4) into whose charge was given the 6000 loo'is for the raising up of Abram, Po, Brahma, and Eawahtah and their followers, 301, 302.5 to 9. the God who was the inspirer of Po, 328.5 to 8. a Savior; self-assumed Lord of the earth, 663.6,15. a self-made God in after times, who announced himself, son of Vivanho, 665.49. the captain of Kabalactes, host, 719.20.
  9. Yoke, man shall no longer be driven in, and harness, 810.22.
  10. Yokovrana, king of Hafghanistun of the capital city Oblowski, 467.13. consults the oracle in regard to an heir to the throne, 468.17. 's wife also consults the oracle, 468.18 to 22. ordered by the oracle to no longer pursue the sacrifice of human blood, 469.1, 2. See under Capilya.
  11. Young, the, are your angels given you by the Creator and ye are their Gods, 706.6. the, were taught in schools a knowledge of the sun and the moon and stars, and of all things that are upon the earth and in the waters thereof (43,000 B.K.), 60.21. I (God) labor not so much to convert adults, as to prepare the minds of the, 814.2. the new edifice shall be of the, and not of the adult, 814.9, 12; 802.7, 8.
  12. Yu-tiv, a damsel, fairest of women, 347.35. becomes the wife of Brahma, 349.47; 350.6. death of, 364.9; 365.16 to 20. after her death appears in sar'gis, 365, 366.5 to 11. See also under Brahma.



  1. Zarathustra, to be a su'is sar'gis of the fourth grade, 176.24,25. raised up by the loo'is under the orders of God (Samati) I'hua'Mazda, 173.2 to 4. name of the father and mother of, 173.4. mother of, was by Sa'moan, an angel, obsessed before she conceived, and during the time of maternity not suffered to wake from her unconscious trance, 173.4. Fragapatti instructs God (Samati) as to what he is to accomplish on the earth in five years' time through his heir, 183.9 to 185.18. taken by his mother from the city of Oas to the Forest of Goats, 177.13. an i-e-su, a passionless birth, 174.7. stature of, equal to three ordinary men, 178.14. called by the tribes of the forest the Lamb of God, signifying strength and good will, 178.14. taught wisdom in all things by Ejah, one of God's Lords, 182.1 to 183.8.
  2. Zarathustra made a priest by the I'hins, remaining with them seven years, teaching them many things, 184.9, 10. again in charge of I'hua'Mazda, and goes before Asha, king of Oas, 185.17 to 22. used as a sar'gis in presence of Asha, 185.1 to 188.17. returns to the forest to write the Zarathustrian laws, 188.17. sat in the bushes for thirty days and thirty nights, neither eating, nor drinking, nor sleeping, 193.10. goes again to Asha, the king. Interview between them, 196.11 to 204.20. a man, All Pure, 205.5. delivers the prison, and the shaft of the keeper's spear is broken in a thousand pieces (see 261.25), 213,214.1 to 4. to visit the large cities of Shem, Ham and Jaffeth, and to travel four years delivering the Zarathustrian law, 215.5. founds the Zarathustrian religion, making Asha chief father, 215.7, 8. visits, the city of Tse'gow, and is used as a sar'gis before the king, 216.10 to 219.28. the king thrusts his sword at, but it broke into a hundred pieces and yet no part touched (261.25), 219.29.' city destroyed, and the king kills himself, 221.7 to 222.15. king appears in sar'gis, declaring he is not dead, 224.24. feeds more than 30,000 people for three days, (226.23), 225.7. teaches the people how to pray, 227.5 to 8. cometh to Ne'ki'ro, whose king was descended "from before the world was", and who was one-seventh and one-ninth of all created things, but kills himself and is restored to life by 235.5 to 240.28. departs to the upper lands of Shem, visits Ham, and returns to Oas, 241.9 to 242.13. brought before Pon'Yah, the king of Oas, who judges him and casts him into the den of thieves, 244.4 to 246.17. raises to life the messenger killed by the king, heals the sick and restores the blind and deaf, 246, 247.3 to 6. the learned people say of, if he be the master of the I'huans, let him prove his powers whilst he is hanging by the feet, 247.8. is imprisoned with two thieves, and hung between them, 247, 248.9 to 12. speaks to the learned men, and gives up his body, and it is cast into the den of lions and at first not eaten by them, but afterwards they eat it, 248.14 to 249.17. appears in the semblance of his own flesh and color, and in his own clothes, and speaks before Asha and the learned men, 250.21. inquired of as to the two thieves, who presently appear in sar'gis, 250.23, 24. inquired of as to how long a spirit lingereth around about, 251.27. in sar'gis, teaches for three days and nights the words of Ormazd, 252 chap. xxx. rises out of hada, where he had dwelt three days, 256.23. called Zoa-raaster in the Fonecian language, 333.1. See also 668.2 to 15; 543.14 to 20; 545.35.
  3. Zarathustra, so that the name of, was forgotten amongst men, 669.20.
  4. Zarathustrian Laws, 188 chap. viii. to chap. xiiv. 8; 193.10; 282, 283.31 to 37, 6.
  5. Zeredho had a God named Hoab, 186.8; 196.7; 292.4; 303.5.
  6. Zero, I created man at, but for him to add unto himself forever, 68.24; 100.2.
  7. Zeus, the Grecian name of De'yus, 435.6; 482.14. the Grecian name of De'yus, and afterwards of Baal, 699.29.
  8. Zodiac, signs of the, given by the Lord, 144.16. Osire, through his Lords bestows the tablet of the, on mortals, 167, 168.1 to 4. See Plate 64, page 613; also 614.49.