1. It is not the part of this book to deal with spiritual matters, only so far as enableth the student to begin etheic knowledge.

2. First, then, there are two kinds of prophecy, or two ways to prophesy. For example, the ant and the bee, and many animals, prophesy in regard to an approaching winter. Even birds begin to fly toward tropical regions whilst it is yet warm weather.

3. These creatures prophesy by the direct action of vortexian currents upon them. They feel what is approaching, BECAUSE THE UNSEEN CAUSE IS ALREADY UPON THEM.

4. Man can learn to acquire the same kind of prophecy. And this is different from the prophecy herein before mentioned, because he prophesieth in this last method without rules or calculations.

5. To attain this kind of prophecy, the following discipline is requisite:

6. To live in the fields and forests, and study the action of unseen forces upon himself; to eat not fish, nor flesh, nor any food that cometh of animals; to bathe daily; to permit no passion to enter his mind; to abnegate self and to wed himself to the Creator for righteousness sake, and to do good; to discipline his mind, to remain in any given direction on any subject, for days if necessary; to become oblivious to pain. After which he shall receive anointment from one who had previously attained the seership.

7. To attain such prophecy is to forfeit sexual powers; to forfeit appetite; to forfeit ambition for leadership and fame; to forfeit concern for the opinions of the world. In fact, to become a Bridegroom (or a Bride) to the Creator.

8. Not all persons can attain to this; but some are born closely allied to it.

9. There is also another kind of prophecy, wherein man prophesieth by spirits speaking through him. This is dangerous, for lying spirits may come to him.

10. Rather, let man seek to become one with the Father, making close observations of the rules of vortexya; for in this he provideth for the development of all his faculties.



1. The following signs are given in words, to wit: Flag, rising sun. Salute the East! children of dawn. The signs are, first, the folded hands; second, the soothe, and third, the supplication. O thou setting sun! Response: In Jehovih's name! How many chiefs dwell in dawn? Response: Three or more. How stationed, O Thou High Noon? Response: The three lights are east, west and south. The smoke and fire rise from the altar!

2. Here followeth the SECONDARY (in the chamber above). The voice of the east: How are the lines of living fire, O Noon? Response: As the Sun, which is the Light of the Corporeal Earth, riseth in the east to adorn the day; and ascendeth to the south at high noon as the glory thereof, and setteth in the west, so, in remembrance of Jehovih, are stationed the representatives of a lodge of dawn. What is dawn? Three years or more at the youth of a cycle.

3. The students then present their tables and the college is declared open in the words: In Jehovih's name, give ear to the Voice.

4. With Moses and Capilya both the above were merged into one lodge.

5. The second began with flag at High Noon: O thou Fire of Heaven! How many chiefs (rab'bahs) mark the altar of Jehovih? Four or more. Thou Setting Sun, speak: How stand the fathers? Response: My hands shield the light of the All Seeing Eye! My heart I cast to the winds! As a circle, divided into four quarters, is the symbol of the name Jehovih, thus (making the signs), cloven twice across, Who hath dominion over All Things, so are the four sides of the world represented by four Fathers in the chamber of light, in The Temple of Holies, which is square with east and west and north and south, for the Honor and Glory of our Father in Heaven! How are they numbered? Three thirty-threes, and one ninety-nine! Wherefore these signs of blood and death? They are the four heads of the beast. They are always stationed in the four corners of the lodge. Why in the four corners? Because of darkness upon them. They profess peace, but practice war. How are they numbered? One, eleven, and six hundred and sixty-six, the number of the beast. In Thy name are we assembled, O Jehovih! Give us strength, wisdom and love, that we may avoid the fatal numbers; and that we may glorify Thee and Thy dominions. Amen!

6. There is no such thing as separating science and religion. To obtain knowledge and to do good; these are valuable.

7. Without discipline knowledge can not be obtained; without discipline little good can be accomplished. Forms and ceremonies must accompany discipline; otherwise inharmony overcometh all. These are religion.

8. To be not puffed up with self-concern; and to be willing to become good; these are the foundations for a good prophet.

9. But in all gifts, the rules of prophecy should apply. If a man be gifted in music, he should study music, and not rely wholly on inspiration (the vortexian tide). If gifted in healing he should study, and learn to apply the researches of others, and not rely wholly on the vortexian currents. If gifted in prophecy, he should also learn the rules of vortices and planets. The combination of gifts with good learning, this is the highest.

10. He that healeth by laying-on of hands, only giveth off the vortexya he hath previously received. Let him see to it that he replenish himself by sunlight (so-called), and trees and herbs and ground to walk upon. For giving away, without replenishing, will soon result in nothing.

11. As a young child sleeping with a very old person loseth its vortexya, becoming emaciated; or as a negative husband is devoured by a positive wife; or a negative wife devoured by a positive husband, so is the prophet consumed by the multitude.

12. When a prophet hath attained to discharge vortexya, so as to make raps at will, he is also subject to the presence of people from the unseen worlds. And these people, spirits, or angels, use this vortexya for a foundation for sar'gis.

13. The ancient prophet caused the worshipers to sit in the dark, because all people give off the negative current in the dark (which they received as positive in the light), and bade them sit in crescent, whilst he sat betwixt the horns. Wherefore the decrees of the prophet were called Tau. In this form of the altar the prophet was supplied somewhat with vortexya by the audience.

14. It cometh to this: Vortexya is unseen power, but it is without sense or judgment. Next back of this standeth the life of every living thing; and next back of all standeth the Creator, Jehovih. All learning, science and religion are but far-off stepping-stones to lead man up to Him. To acknowledge this, and to call on him constantly, is to keep open the road to receive His hand and hear His voice.


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