1. Even as at the heavenly kingdoms of the other three false Gods, so was the alarm in Hapsendi, capital of the heavenly kingdom of Looeamong, who had falsely assumed to be Kriste.

2. After Looeamong's hundreds of messengers, from his various sub-kingdoms, had made their reports as to the appearance of the great light that had descended to Paradise, and of the consternation of the sub-Lords, then spake the Holy Council before the throne of Looeamong. Some magnified the omen as a menace; some suggested doubling the number of the standing armies of Looeamong's heavenly kingdoms, and yet others suggested numerous other things.

3. After thousands of them had spoken, then spake Looeamong, saying:

4. Wise and Holy Lords and Gods of the all highest heavenly kingdom, great have been your wisdom and suggestions. Now, therefore, by the light of the Holy Ghost, hear ye of my decrees:

5. I will send unto this stranger God, who hath come to Paradise, a fire-boat a million strong, and every one shall go crowned and arrayed with jewels and diadems, and weapons of warfare; and they shall have shields and figure-heads of tau (bull) and aries (lamb), as symbols of my attributes.

6. Behold, I send unto him as a lamb of peace, but I send also the spear and sword.

7. In command of the fire-boat and the hosts thereof I appoint, Ajudus, whom I will crown with the miter and the triangle and the cut ring.

8. And this shall be my message to the stranger God, to wit: In the name of the Holy Ghost and of the Son, greeting and love. Behold the kingdom of Hapsendi, the all highest holy heaven, is open, and free unto thee. The all highest God and ruler of the greatest heavenly kingdom would know thy will and pleasure. And if it be thy purpose to engage in a good and holy work, behold, I have employment for thee, for thy profit and honor and glory. And, for whatsoever thou canst accomplish for the resurrection of my people, shall receive a just reward from my hand.

9. Accordingly, a fire-boat of excellent workmanship was provided, and equipped in gorgeousness and splendor. And into it the million hosts, crowned as Lords, and commanded by Ajudus and Justin, embarked, and set sail for Paradise, the heavenly place of God, Jehovih's Son.

10. To work the fire-boat there were four hundred thousand slaves, composed of the spirits of such as had been on earth, popes, archbishops, bishops, cardinals, priests, and others who were serving their bondage of two hundred years (as they verily believed in purgatory), for the privilege of ultimately crawling on their bellies through the arena of the palace, and to approach near enough to look upon Looeamong, their supposed all highest God and Savior.

11. Such, then, was the magnificence and the object of the fire-boat sent to Paradise.



1. Es said: After the Light of Jehovih came to God, saying: Go, provide mortals to cross the ocean, to build up the western continent, God ceased striving to redeem the four heavenly kingdoms of the four false Gods, but directed his energies, to regain a broader earth-anchorage, for sake of Jehovih's kingdom.

2. So, God sent down from Paradise, one Melkazad, crowned as Lord, with ten thousand angels in his command to inspire migration to Guatama, and to make the country known to the eastern peoples.

3. And Melkazad, with his hosts, came and ascertained the grade and choice of mortals for such purpose. And Melkazad and his hosts did raise up Columbo (Columbus), a mortal from Genoa, together with crews, sufficient in number, whom they inspired to go with ships to the westward, across the ocean, in search of the lay and plan of the world.

4. And it came to pass, that Columbo, thus inspired of God, through his holy angels, did discover the western continent, not knowing, he was under inspiration.

5. It was shortly after this, that the angel hosts from etherea came down to the throne of God in Paradise, to labor with him in providing for the approach of the kosmon era.

6. Now, whilst God and his angels in the heavenly kingdom of Paradise were rejoicing because of the success of Columbo, which had been reported by Melkazad to God, behold, in that same time it was, that the etherean ship of Litabakathrava arrived.

7. And God received the ethereans with great rejoicing; and, after due ceremonies, God declared a recreation of three days, that the angels of Paradise might rejoice, before Jehovih, because the a'ji of so many hundreds of years was breaking away, and because of Columbo's success, and because of the coming of the ethereans.

8. Great, indeed, were the rejoicings, the praise, the music and glee of the thousand million angels of Paradise.

9. At the end of three days, the trumpet called the Holy Council of God, to resume labor before the throne. Then, the marshals from various places in Gods kingdoms called their students and laborers, and withdrew to their several departments. The Holy Council resumed their places before God, and God ascended the throne, and order was.

10. Then, God called the ethereans, Chonling, Thetchaya, Che Sin, Bornothetes, Atavia and Thotagawawa to come and honor the throne. Whereupon, these visiting Gods did as commanded.

11. Then spake God, saying: What tribute, O Jehovih, can I pay to Thy Son, Litabakathrava? For the light and glory of his presence provide Thou unto me and my Holy Council.

12. Thereupon, all the Holy Council, one million, rose to their feet, and then all the Gods rose up also. God said: Come thou, honor my throne.

13. Then, Litabakathrava walked up, and sat on the throne of God. When he was seated, God commanded all the rest to be seated. And thereupon, Litabakathrava rose up, and said:

14. Thou hast given me great honor, O God of the earth and her heavens. May be light of the Person of Jehovih dawn upon all the kingdoms of heaven and earth.

15. Yet, O God, be not puffed up with the hope of sudden success. I have seen many corporeal worlds arrive at the kosmon era. But it is like a new birth, brought forth in pain, and with much labor.

16. Thou hast yet several generations of mortals to be born ere kosmon come. The four dark corners of the lodge will bound upon thee, to destroy the work of thy hand and of Jehovih's.

17. The four false Gods will fight thee to the death; only till they go down in hell, can Jehovih's kingdom come.

18. On all the planetary worlds it is ever the same; certain four false Gods rise up to possess the corporeal worlds and her heavens.

19. They will profess truth, but practice falsehood; profess peace, but practice war. They will incite mortals and angels to all manner of evil for sake of thwarting Jehovih's Person and proceedings. Yea, they will even yet assume that they themselves are Jehovih, the veritable Creator. And they will inspire mortals, to consider them as such.

20. And when thy people profess Jehovih and not them, behold, they will inspire others to fall upon thy people to destroy them, or to torture them with great suffering.

21. Nevertheless, it shall come to pass with thee, Jehovih shall triumph over all the earth and in the heavens of the earth. Men and angels shall be free, and none shall make them afraid.

22. Litabakathrava ceased, and sat down, and suddenly a great shining light gathered above his head, and a Voice spake out of the light saying:

23. All the earth is Mine, and the waters, and the air above the earth. These are members of My body and Person. Man I created not to possess them, but to dwell thereon and therein. Unto all men alike gave I of these inheritances; nor to any man a part, nor to any nation or people a part.

24. But with liberty and privilege unto these, gave I man the right to draw sustenance and support.

25. All men are My children; into conscious being created I them alike, privileged unto all the earth, and the waters of the earth, and the air in the firmament above the earth.

26. Brothers and sisters created I them; of various tribes and races and colors and sizes, but nevertheless, in Mine own way I created them, every one for a glory in the way I made them.

27. In the early days, behold, I kept man on certain continents and places, that I might unfold him in the glory for which I designed him.

28. But in kosmon, I open the gates of the oceans, and the seas, and the rivers, and I say unto all My people: Come forth, behold your brethren; go ye into this country, and into that, and learn wisdom from that which I have proved in the family of My house. Be ye profitable unto one another, in the experience and practice of My hand upon all peoples.

29. In one, tallness; in another, shortness; in one, sound teeth and bones and well-formed limbs; in another, sagacity; in one, a dense population and well-tilled lands; in another, plain food and long life; for in kosmon, man shall go abroad into all countries, one nation with another; and they shall profit by wisdom, to bring forth a new race with all the glories selected from the whole.

30. Neither shall man be bound more by the doctrines of this God or that God, or by this Savior or that Savior, nor by any of the ancient books, nor by inspirations of the olden times. But he shall know how to obtain inspirations from My Gods, and My heavens for his own good, and for his own wisdom.

31. Neither shall one nation judge another, and cry out, heathen; nor one people judge another and cry out, pagan.

32. Behold, I alone shall judge; My mark is upon all those that engage in war, or who keep warriors; or who keep forts and arsenals, and use weapons of death; and upon all who kill, and eat the flesh of anything I created alive; for all such are pagan and heathen in My sight.

33. Neither shall they go from nation to nation to find evil, but to find goodness and wisdom and virtue.

34. My Gods shall minister unto all nations and peoples to these ends, to bring them together in peace and harmony, to open the ports of those that have been seclusive nations and peoples, to persuade them to put away war and the glory of destruction, to make nations and peoples acceptable to one another.

35. The Voice of the Light ceased, and all about the throne of God was like a sea of golden fire.

36. The time for the departure of Litabakathrava and his hosts had arrived. Accordingly, he went down, and sat on the foot of the throne, and then, God descended, and took his hand, saying: Arise, Orian Chief, Jehovih's Son, and go thy way. The Father calleth thee and thy people.

37. So Litabakathrava passed down into the arena, and saluted on the sign, DAWN OF KOSMON, and God answered in the sign, FORTIFIED IN JEHOVIH’S NAME!

38. Litabakathrava and his hosts then went into the otevan, the monster ship, with its photosphere, large as a continent. And presently, whilst the es'enaurs and the trumpeters chanted, PRAISE TO THE ALMIGHTY, the vessel started from its foundation, and rose slowly upward, applauded by the thousands of millions assembled in Paradise.


1. Es said: Now, behold, just as the ship of Litabakathrava had risen upward, and was on its way starting forth, the fire-boats of the four false Gods arrived in Paradise.

2. And the hosts, in the boats, were discomfited and angry withal, because their boasted audacity was thwarted from having an interview with the Orian Chief and his hosts.

3. And they of the fire-boats saw one another, and were incensed and jealous, and puzzled to know what to do. Neither would any of them confer with God, Jehovih's Son, for they had been thus commanded by the respective false Gods.

4. Now, therefore, after the fire-boats had cruised about awhile, displaying their splendor, three of them departed, leaving only the fire-boat of Looeamong's hosts remaining.

5. The captain of this boat had said: It is not sufficient that I come hither, and find the foreign God departed. I will ascertain what hath been said and done, and what these Jehovih worshipers are up to.

6. So, he went aside, and made his boat fast and he and his hosts, arrayed in splendor, went and talked with the inhabitants of Paradise, inquiring, amongst other things, the cause of such great rejoicing amongst the people.

7. And one of the people, being unguarded, said: Behold, it is well with us that we rejoice; God, Jehovih's Son, hath inspired a new mortal anchorage. He hath taken Columbo, across the ocean, and showed him a new country, where only the Great Spirit, Jehovih, is worshipped.

8. The captain of the fire-boat thus discovered one of the plans of God for redeeming the world; but the captain disclosed not his joy, though presently, he and his hosts went aboard and departed, making all haste to Hapsendi, the heaven of Looeamong, the false Kriste.

9. On the day after Looeamong learned this matter, he sent a war-ship with seven million warring angels to stir up a mutiny amongst mortals in countries whence Columbo sailed.

10. And, by inspiration, Looeamong's warrior angels did set the rulers of Spain against Columbo, and had him cast in prison, thus breaking the chain of inspiration betwixt Columbo and the throne of God.

11. In the meantime, Looeamong's angels made all haste to have mortal ships and shipmasters of their own kind cross the ocean to the countries Columbo had discovered.

12. Thus did Looeamong's mortal worshipers cross over to Guatama, and, with them, Looeamong landed and stationed in Guatama one thousand million angel warriors, sworn laborers to the false Kriste, to establish him in these great lands.

13. When God saw how evil had already taken root in these countries, behold, he was doubly resolved to obey Jehovih's commandment, in regard to the inquisitions, in which Jehovih had said:

14. Suffer Looeamong to carry out the inquisitions, to put to death whosoever he will. For it shall come to pass that the spirits of those he slayeth in Roma and Venice and Napla and all other cities and countries will remain in their places with vengeance on their souls. And the time shall come when thou shalt withdraw thy protecting angel hosts from these cities; and, behold, these angels of vengeance will come forth and visit their wrath upon this false God and his kingdoms.

15. So, God was strong in resolution to let evil take its course; and, so, in all countries where the false Kriste had been afflicting mortals, God withdrew his protecting hosts, leaving those countries and those heavens to take their course.

16. And it came to pass, the angels of vengeance came forth for battle; to battle other angels, and to obsess mortals unto battle also, and all against the false Kriste.

17. Thus was opened the door for the split in Looeamong's doctrines, which was to ultimate in the entire overthrow of the Trinity, and of the Holy Ghost, and of Looeamong also, under his false name.

18. Thus did war begin again on earth, and in Looeamong's heavens, about himself and his doctrines.

19. To make matters worse for himself, he established angel emissaries in his earthly kingdom, in Roma, to inspire the popes to cause mortals to be scourged, imprisoned and put to death for heresy, and these things were done in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost.

20. And it came to pass that no man could express a word, or thought, reflecting upon Looeamong's earthly doctrines or government, without falling a victim to mortal and angel emissaries of this false Kriste. Verily were many of these mortal cities obsessed by angels of darkness and evil.

21. In course of time, behold, mortals, inspired by vengeance-loving spirits, rose up against Looeamong's popes and cardinals, and protested against the abnegation of man's right to think for himself; and these people called themselves, protestants, professing that there were two Kristes, a true one and a false one, and, moreover, that they themselves were worshipers of the true Kriste.

22. Nevertheless, they were also under the inspiration of evil angels, for they fell to work burning and flaying their opponents also.

23. And God foresaw that now was the time to inspire the western nations of Uropa to great learning and to science and to philosophy and to western migration.

24. So, God sent angels to teach man once more the telescope and the art of printing; and to inspire man to question the spiritual powers of kings.

25. Thus was Looeamong's power in great measure locked up in managing his disrupted kingdoms, whilst God's holy angels pursued the road of righteous development for the coming era of kosmon.

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