1. God said: In the name of Jehovih, wherein shall I find an excuse for your behavior?

2. When my angels taught man how to make a capstan and a screw and a telescope and a compass, behold, your emissaries inspired my chosen to be tortured, or put to death.

3. When my angels inspired man to comprehend and announce the glory of the stars and planets, ye put my chosen to death; through your vindictive angels against Jehovih were these things accomplished.

4. When my angels taught man by inspiration that the earth was round instead of flat, ye sent spirits of darkness to inspire the death of my philosophers.

5. Because, forsooth, my inspiration agreed not with the sacred books which ye compounded for your own glory.

6. Yea, ye palmed off your compilations from other false Gods as being Jehovih's; and ye played upon the honest innocence of man's understanding, contrary to the will of the Almighty.

7. Ye have holden your sacred books up, and said: Here is the ultimate; beyond this, no man shall go!

8. And ye knew, the while, that any fixed revelation could not be true, because all the universe is in constant progress.

9. Ye have holden up your own sacred books, and said: Here are rules and a sure guide to reach the all highest heavens!

10. Knowing the while that your heavens were the lowest of the bound heavens of the earth.

11. Now, behold, the same rules apply unto you as to the least of Jehovih's children; which are, that whoso setteth up a mark, with himself as the highest, and he, the interpreter thereof, is already on the downward grade.

12. And whoso seeketh to glorify himself by his kingdoms, or by the magnificence of his possessions, taketh a burden upon his shoulders, that will, soon or late, fall upon him, and crush him.

13. And whoso fortifieth himself by armies, whether in the heavens or on the earth, bindeth himself therewith for his ultimate sorrow.

14. And whoso turneth away from Jehovih, and saith: I will go not after Him, nor search to find Him more; but I will build unto myself, planneth an edifice that will tumble down upon him in time to come.



1. In the name of the Almighty, my brothers, look at the glory ye boast of!

2. Ye say: Behold, we have scattered Jehovih's Faithists into all the places of the earth; they are without a kingdom; they have not left one community to themselves on the whole earth!

3. Think ye, Jehovih hath appropriated them?

4. Behold, it is true, ye have despoiled them, and scattered them abroad.

5. Ye have hunted them down in Chine'ya, Vind'yu, Arabin'ya, Parsi'e, Heleste and Uropa.

6. Ye have denied them the right to own lands, the right to follow their choice of avocations.

7. Ye have denied them justice, and even a hearing, in courts of trial [justice].

8. And your accusation against them was: They worship not Gods born of woman.

9. But behold the wisdom of Jehovih; because ye thus dispossessed His people, and they were scattered abroad, they have sown the doctrine of the All One over all the earth and in the heavens thereof.

10. They have been as a leaven, to work in the foundations of mighty kingdoms and empires.

11. They have given learning [education] unto all peoples, to show the magnificence of Jehovih's universe.

12. Behold, inhabitants of the earth now look upward, and ask: May there not be other worlds? How long hath been the earth standing? Could the Creator of thousands of millions of worlds, which have stood for thousands of millions of years, be so young as any one of these pretended Gods? And descend to earth, and do a work so imperfectly that only one small kingdom heard of him?



1. God said: In the name of the All Highest, greeting, my brothers.

2. When ye first established your Holy Confederacy, behold, ye professed to be in service of Jehovih, and that your confederation was to raise up sons and daughters for the etherean heavens.

3. But, even before ye had completed your organization, ye modified the name, Jehovih, signifying the All Person, to the name, Holy Ghost, signifying no person, but a principle only.

4. Thus, in the very outset, ye prepared your kingdoms without distinctive purpose, and resurrection guided toward unity:

5. For, to declare, all things are not parts and principles comprising one universal All is to found a base for discord.

6. (As the players, when each one turneth away from the tune, playing a strain on his own account.)

7. Whereas, what ye declared of Jehovih, will also be declared of you, as ye denied His Person, substituting that which was void; and, as an incomprehensible state, so shall the same judgment come upon you all.

8. As ye put away Jehovih, so will mortals put you away.

9. As ye declare the Creator to be but a principle, a nonentity, without sense or unity of purpose, so shall mortals declare of you all.

10. They will say: Behold, Brahma is not a person, but a principle; Budha is not a person, but a principle; Kriste is not a person, but a principle; God-Gabriel is not a person, but a principle.

11. Because ye labored to pull down Jehovih's name, behold, the names which ye falsely assumed, will be pulled down, and cast out also, both on earth and in heaven.

12. Because ye have sought to confine in Jehovih's firmament the spirits that rise up from the earth, your kingdoms are falling lower and lower.

13. Because ye sought to confine the talents of mortals to your sacred books, your sacred books have become worthless before Jehovih.

14. Mortals, as well as angels, will repudiate you and your books. Only druks and drujas will be your followers.

15. And thou, Thoth, shalt be the first to be cast down, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

16. And thou, Ennochissa, shalt be next, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

17. And thou, Kabalactes, shalt be third, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

18. And, last of all, thou, Looeamong, shalt go down, and thy heavenly kingdoms with thee.

19. Nevertheless, thou shalt conquer all the earth, and trail it round with mortal blood. And, after that, thou shalt be hated above all other false Gods, that have ever been.

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