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1. Agoquim said: These are My divisions for the twelve feasts of the Gods of heaven. Observe ye them in My name, for they are My inheritance, bestowed to enrich the wisdom of men.

2. All labor is Mine, saith Agoquim. By My hand moveth all that is.

3. The earth is My footstool, and I have made it square to the north and south, east and west.

4. Three things made I: air, earth and water. The angle with three sides made I in remembrance thereof. Three things bestowed I on man: the earth body, which is dark, and none can see through it; the spirit which liveth after the earth body is dead; the third part I gave to man is the soul, which joineth him to Me.

5. The sun I made, and I set him high in the firmament that I might see from afar and behold My earth-born children. And the lakes and forests and rivers, and the caves in the earth, made I for man.

6. All that I have made is good, and round, or square, according to the place I made for it.

7. But in the very young days of the world, the impatience of men led them to perceive not Me and My good works, and they set about to do My labor. Thus came evil into the world; but I separated the evil from the good. Into the four corners of the world separated I them. I gave to the evil, where all is coldness and hunger; where they have invented the evil-killing bow and the flint-dart, destroying My living creatures.

8. My righteous shall live in mounds of earth and stone and wood, where the Ugha (serpent and tiger and all other evil-devouring beasts) can not come upon them.

9. But for the light of My angels to come and abide with My people, ye shall provide the hoogadoah,23 the well-covered house, and it shall have but one door, and pieces shall be put therein, so that when My chosen are within, all shall be dark, that My angels may teach them.

10. But the dwelling of the Hoonshawassie (the prophet) shall have one Ongji (window).

11. And he shall have a Mukagawin, the true sign of poverty, and it shall be his jewel, made of copper and gold. For whom I have made to live in poverty in this world will I exalt in heaven. Only the poor have I made to be My prophets.

12. Over the mounds My angels shall keep watch against the evil approaching Ugha, and they shall awaken My sleeping children, and they shall not suffer.

13. Agoquim said: Boats have I provided for the spirits of good men to rise to heaven in, and My angels shall accompany them to a place of light and rest.

14. Agoquim said: To the priests have I given authority to make My signs and symbols, and to bestow them on My righteous children.24

23 Many of the tribes of the North and Central American Indians still build their spiritual wigwams in this manner.
24 The jewels were made illustrative of the Gods. From one God to another were four moons. The sacred words, belonging to each and every God for the month, were repeated in concert, the sacred people trotted or danced around on the top of the mound, clapping their hands at every step. These ceremonies were often nightly, and never less than once for each quarter of the moon. On the following month the next verse (to other Gods of another month) was repeated in like manner. After the extermination of the sacred people (the Mound-Builders), the worshippers of Egoquim, i.e., E-lo-him, the succeeding people, the Indians, kept up the dance, and even to this day some of the tribes have preserved the whole twelve dances and the general spirit of the invocations. Although, however, they are slayers of the Ugha and of one another also.

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