Plate 71. Tablet of Kii.

1. Alphabetical sounds, Panic and Chine.

2. Gin, river. Woo, small lake. Long, large lake. Oak, house. Chan, city. Shan, country. F'da, the earth. Gwo, sun-light. Fung, wind. Dan, light, human understanding. Git'how, sun. Git, moon. Salock, stars. Fuche, the firmament.

3. M'bow, horse. Gow, cow. Gan, man. Du'gan, woman. Ji, boy. Du'ji, girl. Aden, sky. G'shan, life. Sa, death. Da, ground. Shak, rock. Foam, wind. Soo, square. Inq or inqu, round.

4. Gui or gu, street. Loo, road. Him, sweet. Soap, sour. Bai, sick. Eah, cure. Sam-shot, war. Du'ga, sword. Bek, weapon. Fox-ow, spear. So, dart, a stone, a sling. Em, to go before.

5. Hid, interview. Hout, dissatisfied. Work, spinal. Bow'mi, Goddess of cattle. Son or songa, one who gives alms grudgingly. Shawn or shon, a stone-cutter. Shaw, a servant. Go'ta, a plowman. Chon'gum, flax. Hark, dark. Kin, roots, edibles. Hoe or hoa, pressure. M'how, priestess.

6. Git'oo, light ahead, the way is clear. Wa'sha, darkness ahead, a melancholia. Seang, a river ford, a passage. Chin, a great ruler. Gone, pertaining to untruth, romance, fable. Gaup, a hostler, a lover of the turf; one who lives indecently with beasts. Show (o short), decline, falling or fallen. Gwo'oa, to weave, to make cloth, also cloth, a covering, a poet, one who clothes things. Min'bon, salutation, a prayer, supplication, especially standing. Kii, truth, a tribe called Kii, a religious tribe on the continent of Pan. An abused people are also Kii. Kii, learning, one who tries to understand. Gwom, sickness, a talisman. Laum, soil, a tiller, harvest, rich.

7. Lun, sleep, trance, somnambula, intoxicated. Hoo, a marshal, leader, organized, system. M'hoa or m'hoo, to shout. Baw, preach, sing. Di'sa, young and therefore foolish. Wa'shu, a tribe of hunters, serpent slayers, persons who feed on raw flesh. M'shu, makers of stone weapons, also stone weapons with handles, axes. Ken'ong or ben'ang, young healer of the sick, the gift of spirits. Chawnt, to sing a song, a monotonous sound of not more than three notes, continued from sunrise to sunset without ceasing. A method of inducing the trance state. C'yu, a lawyer, an arbiter; one who fills the place of both lawyer and judge (a modern referee). Hook, to make fast, a bond sworn on the sacred wheel, Eoin. So'che, epidemic, a scourge, a judgment.

8. Sai, faithful. Hon'yi, multitude, followers, rabble, fete of sacrifice. Sung'soup, miscellany, variety, a people who marry with strangers. Law, the feathered tribe, feathers. Shoe'ji, a gosling or young aquatic bird, a man who can not go to the hunt or to war without his mother; a shame-faced people. Shon, sharp, particularly witty, to cut right and left, evil prophecy. Bog'wi, a circus, an exhibition of trained animals, civilization, learning. M'wi, a tattling woman. Es, spirit, the unseen world. Es'fom, the wind that is good. Sa'fom, evil wind. Gut, a plague, a famine, black-rot, scabs, lepers.


1. Emp'agatu said: I am the son of Se'moin, son of Jehovih. I am the change of voice of the Seen and Unseen. No man can measure my mysteries. I travel with the growth of mortals. Think not this is my all; it is not my all. I am like the consuming fire that never ceases to burn. I was with the ancients; am today and will be forever. I am he that receiveth new signs and symbols; the old I cast away as a worn cloth, and the new is my house of idols. Mortals are my working tools, and my records the food of all nations.

2. Emp'agatu said: When my people are grown in the tongue; grown in the lips; grown in the throat; grown in the nose, then I come in a chariot of fire and consume their libraries. With a stealthy tread and silent whisper I say unto men: Go not back to the ancients, O my beloved, nor seal up your souls, that Eolin may enter and give you light. Know ye that words are but idols and graven images? But they will not hear, and the Es that is in them cries out with bondage, and I send the burning flame and burn their books into ashes, for I will deliver them from the bondage of the ancients.

3. Jehovih, the mighty Eolin of old, saith: Go, My son, Emp'agatu, give to the swift-growing Es of mortals, larger signs and words. Behold, they grope in the ruins of the past for the idols of old.

4. Emp'agatu said: By the angels in high heaven, the Sons of Jehovih, am I called forth in this day to yield up the records of the past. Think not that I yield up all. I yield up only to show the way of my labors. The learned men of Corpor shall also search me out of the earth and buried monuments, and my tablets shall read in the East, and West, and the North and South.


[Read from left to right. Refer to Tablet Se’moin, for explanation in numbers and meaning].


Sa'ga 72. Pe 58. Foi'su 14, 21. Be 74. Chu 15. Fin 16, 17, 10. His 35, 19, 22. Te 50, 69. Te 62. Te 54. Chok 73. Mowth 62, 120. Les 85, 104. Zei 31. Ez or es 3. Thus: Jehovih one, Corpor two, Es three, or third entity; the unseen, the air and ether. Go 120, that that lifts up. Ego 68. Muk 88. Hiss 19. Bo 93. M'bo 94, 17. Wot, the seasons. Zhe, 62. Kain, to kill. My 55. Yim 55, 5. N'os 58, 25, 99. Dawn 42, 43, 44. Dan 77. Git 39. Git'don 58, 70. Toe 95. Hand, hand, X'hand, palmistry 91. M'hand, pledge. Chaw, to scratch, treachery 22, 89. N'sau, infidel. F'se 62, 64, 65, 66. Roe 90, 56. Anube 37, 24, 25. Fi 54, 73. Jew or Ju 75, 76, 47, 48. Sisu 79. Ho'am 81, 11. Rit 23, 3. Lodge 21, 78, 79, 80. Por 28, 29, 59, 22. Cha'pop 59. Umb, plumb, 28. Er 25. Ya 98. Owif (Aleph) 1, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, a prefix. Fow 67, 71. Die or D 93, 94. B'dan or eb'dan 17, 87. A'ye 60, 68, 69. Eh's 40, 37. Cep or see, ep 9, 1. Un, deaf. F'uni, downward, earthly. More or mare 10, 121, 49. S'ore, less. Thus, if a man be called mare, his picture would be called s'ore or s'are. Frew'd or frued, a working tool. Eigy, incomplete. Gan'd 71. Hoo 71. Lo'tak, three in one. Qui, force 7. Nqui 86, desirous of light. Fi'bo or ti'ba, beast-like. Sam'do 3, 43. Da'sam, the great lights, Jehovih, the sun and burning flame, and the three lesser lights, angels, mortals and beasts. X'sam, the three great and three less darknesses. Dan't 24, 77, 39. Eo'dan 87, 9, 72. Ose 9, 116, 106. Tu 78, 79, 38. Ka 83, 13. Ha 1, 32, 57. He 17. Dom 7, 11, 47. All the world save the Great Spirit. Let any man enumerate the things thereof. Sam'aoms 23, 70. Sig 68, 58, 26, 27. G'ex 41, 14, 18. D or dix 4, 6, 67. But or bat, corner-stone. Li, beginning. Alef, especially laying a foundation for a house. Ga, an earthly house. Vil, invention. Sias, altar of incense 72. Kiyi, faithful. Esk'gan 3, 111. O 2, sky. On'm or om, all things under the sky. All the corporeal world is a womb and the voice thereof is the sum of all. Ioo, the Mover of all. Gan'iss 22, 111. Sa 41. Uss 41, i.e., Sa'uss, all things are against all things. Why repineth my soul for peace and love, O Eolin? The four O's being the four entities, soul, peace, love and Eolin. Es'nau, spirit and love underlie all. Bil 82. Me 55, 20. Roar, a loud noise. Gan'bau, a man like a lion; when he speaketh others tremble. Gan'ben, a fallen foe. Gon 118. Os'so, stone instruments. Ax, hatchet, a threat of war. Do'wa 33. Qu'ag, food. Ax'm, sword, knife. Dan'hiss, even in darkness, the light of the Father shines. Sue, His voice is in the birds. Ray, truth. Con or kon, low down. Jaf, that that unfoldeth the two great lights, Om and Jehovih. Owng, all growth cometh out of darkness. Hoa'u'in'u 6, 78. Pi'su, earth-man and angel man. Who shall find the way for their coming together? Toi, time. Bek 66. Sacx, harvest. W, all for man.

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